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Fading Futures Edit

There are four Clans in the lands near the coast: BlogClan, the Dusk Syndicate, the Tribe of Melting Ice, and MarshClan.

The first three Clans lived in relative harmony for years, but that peace was shaken by the arrival of MarshClan, who, after a long trek, settled down in the unclaimed marshes. While they have long since accepted them as a Clan, everyone is still adjusting to having four groups living and interacting with each other.

Can these cats learn to live with each other, or will chaos and distrust worm their way into their hearts?

Rules: Fading Futures - Official Roleplay Rules

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Northern Stars Edit

In a land far north of the four Clans by the sea, leaf-bare’s clutches on life last longer. Nights stretch on as the Shell Society, the Frostpath Alliance, and the Tribe of Whistling Pines try to survive in this frigid mountain valley.

While each group acknowledges the others’ existences by means of Gatherings, they’re mostly independent of each other; the Shell Society live on a fairly isolated island; the Tribe has found home on a large outcropping of a mountain; and the Frostpath Alliance resides underneath the earth’s surface in a network of constructed tunnels and caves.

But the more things stay the same, the more things change. This precarious balance of life is starting to tip, and no one can say if life will ever return to normal.

Rules: Northern Stars - Official Roleplay Rules

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