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last edit by me: friday, march 5. 2021

Turtlepaw edit: Interestingly, March 5th 2021 was the day I actually started liking Hamilton! :0 purrsona: spiky-furred dark-gray komaeda kinnie with darker spots ☆ white dash above nose ☆ white chest, belly, and legs ☆ striped tail ☆ medium gray eyes
pronouns: she/her (to avoid confusion but i dont care enough to correct)

personality: socially anxious, awkward, shy, dramatic, and inattentive. ISFP-T according to 16personalities if that helps. probably socially anxious extrovert? i just learned about it and feels like me way more than introvert
also i just want to be clear, if it seems like i'm ignoring you then it's either my bad attention span or shyness, if that happens i'm sorryyyyy
blog history: i joined in mid february 2016 as thundersong. went through multiple name changes, from swiftclover to lupinetail to obliviondawn to lupinecloud (a lovely name blogclanners helped me come up with so thanks to them for my name), and finally back to lupinetail. joined as a (apprentice-aged) kit, activity peaked around 2016 / 2017, before becoming inactive. now have periods of activity and inactivity. as of march 5 ive been pretty inactive in the blog because gaming l0l
wikia (or fandom) history: joined around early june 2016, think phoenixpool might've been my first account, though for very very very short. then i made my Lupinepaw account (iirc it was formerly called Silentflare90 Lup'), which broke when began to tread the dark path towards becoming now there's my current account, Lupinetail. wiki chat was the time
discord history: i forgot when i joined but i'm pretty sure it was when the discord server was new. i mostly stalk the servers i'm in. i have an account for blogclan, which is my 1st account, a 2nd account to communicate with real life people and few other things, and a 3rd account for everything else (aka my general account). i have like 4 other accounts that i use just for gacha purposes ecksdee l0l anyway i am on my blogclan account for most of the time
i like:



i dislike:

v-mit because phobia

trivia/other info:

☆ nice

note: thank you for being cool with me xd have a great day/night

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