last edit by me: thursday, january 7, 2021

purrsona: spiky-furred dark-gray she-cat with darker spots ☆ white dash above nose ☆ white chest, belly, and legs ☆ striped tail ☆ medium gray eyes
pronouns: she/her (idc if wrong pronouns are used tho i wont correct)

personality: socially anxious, awkward, shy, dramatic, and inattentive. ISFP-T according to 16personalities if that helps. probably socially anxious extrovert? i just learned about it and feels like me way more than introvert

also i just want to be clear, if it seems like i'm ignoring you then it's either my bad attention span or shyness, if that happens i'm sorryyyyy

blog history: i joined in mid february 2016 as thundersong. went through multiple name changes, from swiftclover to lupinetail to obliviondawn to lupinecloud (a lovely name blogclanners helped me come up with so thanks to them for my name), and finally back to lupinetail. joined as a (apprentice-aged) kit, activity peaked around 2016 / 2017, before becoming inactive. now have periods of activity and inactivity as of january 7, my activity is low, though i've been browsing daily. frequently visit blogclan art and hug page, sometimes check the tavern, blogchat, and generators. usually too lazy or too shy to comment/reply/join chat
wikia (or fandom) history: joined around early june 2016, think phoenixpool might've been my first account, though for very very very short. then i made my Lupinepaw account (iirc it was formerly called Silentflare90 Lup'), which broke when began to tread the dark path towards becoming now there's my current account, Lupinetail. wiki chat was the time
discord history: i forgot when i joined but i'm pretty sure it was when the discord server was new. i mostly stalk the servers i'm in. i have an account for blogclan, which is my 1st account, and another account, which is my account for everything outside of blogclan and to communicate with my brothers sometimes. usually i'm logged in to my blogclan account
the whatevers/whoevers i like:

♡ colors: dark gray, black, white, yellows, light pink ♡ music: from 1970s - 1980s, from video games (i don't know much about music tho) ♡ food ♡ birds ♡ people who aren't bad ♡ winters ♡ weathers: cloudy, rainy, windy, snow (from afar because i've only met with snow once) ♡ hobbies: playing video games, drawing, browsing communities ♡ weeb stuff ♡ and of course, blogclan

the whatevers/whoevers i dislike:

¤ vomit (emetophobia) ¤ horror ¤ my past selves ¤ bad people ¤ >sudden< loud noises ¤ being forced to socialize (group work l0l) ¤ my teachers making me read long documents that are only 1 paragraph (only applies to school for some reason, guess school bores me too much)

trivia/other info:

☆ have a gray tabby she-cat and three fantail pigeons ☆ i live in california, so i am in the pacific timezone ☆ 99% of the time i'm on my tablet, which is a (withering) samsung galaxy tab s2 (i feel like my tablet is judging me right now) ☆ i'm currently a junior (11th grade) in high school ☆ i speak español (as a native language though, my english is a million times better than my spanish)

note: thank you for dealing with me xd have a great day/night
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