Other Names Li-Li, Lifey/Lifie, Dawnstreamisleader ~ deviantart
Relatives Pixelpaw
Affiliation School, library monitor
Biographical information
Mentor Almost Crystie
Apprentice N/A
Rank Apprentice
Physical description
Gender Female
Breed British Shorthair
Fur Color Blue
Eye Color Green

Fursona Edit

I am a blue-grey she cat with a white paw & tail.

My former fursonas are Vixenheart, a orang-red she-cat with a white patch on her tail and Ashdrift, a burnt-brown she-cat then burnt brown with a white paw & ear THEN white with a burnt brown ear & paw.


I absolutely love to read. I'm a total bookworm And I will read almost anything you put in front of me.

(I'm a Hufflepuff, Gryffindor and Ravenclaw in that order)

On the blogEdit

I joined the blog on June 1 2019. I think first commented on the allegiances chat page.

I pretty sure I will have Crystie as my mentor when she becomes seinor warrior.



Add yourself! I'll be really sad if u don't 'cause I have practically no blogclan friends sadly


  • Sandy
  • Cloudpaw/song
  • Lynxpaw/pelt
  • Frdpaw/bear
  • Toykit/flower
  • Swiftkit/dusk
  • Olivekit/morning
  • Opalkit/Leap
  • lavenderkit/morning
  • darkkit/blood
  • Rainkit/eyes (may come to blogclan)


"Sup." - greeting someone

"*happy mood*" - Every day Ash

"Clever ducky" or "clever Bucky" - Saying someone is smart or clever about something

"Geez Louise" -When shocked


Feel free to add a ship if you want!

Sandy x Li-Li (Lindy)


PowerClan's beginning (Join plz, form is on name generators and fanfic page)

Dawnstar's Kitting in progress

The Eruption coming soon (a collab with Sandy)

Gingerstar's Problem coming soon

The 7 gems by MlpClanners. link to join:

Gallery Edit

Feel free to add a drawing! Li-Li will love your drawings <3


  • She has a lives in Australia.
  • Her birthday is in December.
  • She has a brother called Pixelpaw/blaze
  • She was formerly called Midnightpaw (Mid), Rubypaw (Rub), Goldpaw (Goldeen), Ravenpaw (Rav), Phoenixpaw (Fawkes), Quartzpaw (Quazzy), Ashpaw (Ash), Vixenpaw (Vix)
  • Sandy told her about BlogClan.
  • Her pen name is … lighté
  • She is on scratch.

Coding done by Sandy </div>

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