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Legends of the Clans is a fanfiction written by Wavepaw, about the two ThunderClan apprentices Silverpaw and Rainpaw. They are as close as Squirrelflight and Leafpool, but when Silverpaw starts having weird dreams about a gorge and unfamiliar cats, the two sisters face an unforgettable journey. As Silverpaw, along with three other chosen apprentices and one warrior along for the ride, quest to find out what their dreams mean, Rainpaw is forced to learn life without her sister-and fulfill her part in this mysterious prophecy. When two abandoned rogue kits, a strange glowing stone come into play, and a group of Twolegplace rouges that designate themselves as enemies of the Clans come into play, the sisters must learn what they are meant to do. But just when it seems as if everything is clear, a fifth apprentice comes and changes everything.

Allegiances Edit



Sandstar-pale ginger she-cat with amber eyes


Willowsong-smoky gray she-cat with green eyes


Leafpelt-dark brown tabby she-cat with leaf-green eyes



 Nightstrike-black tom with amber eyes

Wildstorm-small brown tabby tom with a fluffy tail

Redflower-dark red tom with amber eyes


Sparrowfrost-golden tabby tom


Spottedwing-gray she-cat with darker flecks

Blazeflight-flame-colored she-cat with blue eyes

Hailfall-gray tabby tom with amber eyes


Snowstorm-pure-white she-cat with green eyes

Sedgewing-ginger-and-white she-cat with amber eyes

Mintflight-ginger-and-white she-cat with green eyes

Aspenflame- long-furred black, white, and ginger she-cat with one blue eye and one green eye


Ivypelt-thick-furred white-and-tan she-cat with green eyes


Seedwing-tan tabby she-cat with green eyes


Thrushfeather-black-and-white tom with amber eyes

Stonestripe- gray she-cat with blue eyes and a striped face

Rosefur-dappled golden she-cat


Hollypaw-gray tabby she-cat with green eyes, medicine cat apprentice

Honeypaw-light brown she-cat with white paws

Hazelpaw-small light brown she-cat

Ripplepaw-gray-and-white tom with blue eyes

Duskpaw-orange-brown she-cat with green eyes

Silverpaw-silver-and-white she-cat with green eyes

Rainpaw-light brown tabby-and-white she-cat


Addercloud-reddish-brown she-cat (mother to Goldenkit, a white-and-ginger she-cat with a ginger tail, Hawkkit, a brown tom with amber eyes, and Dewkit, a brown tabby tom)


Featherberry-gray she-cat with long fur

Boulderpelt-gray tom with amber eyes

Mistystripe-dark ginger tabby she-cat with a fluffy tail

Sorrelblaze-gray dappled she-cat with green eyes



Smokestar-smoky gray tom with a small tail


Shadewing- pale gray she-cat with blue eyes

APPRENTICE, SPIDERPAW (black tom with green eyes)


Flowerpetal- ginger tabby she-cat with green eyes

APPRENTICE, DOVESONG (pale gray she-cat)


Alderpelt- gray-and-white tom

Nightbird- pure-black she-cat with long ears

APPRENTICE, YELLOWPAW (golden she-cat with a white tail-tip)

Mudtail-white tom with a brown tail

Eagleclaw-black tom with bold blue eyes

Grayfall-gray tabby tom

APPRENTICE, PINEPAW (golden brown tabby she-cat)

Foxflight-reddish-brown tabby she-cat

Maplestream-long-furred dark grey tabby tom with amber eyes

Nightshade-black she-cat with green eyes

Whitefall-white tom with gray patches

Nutfang-brown tabby tom

APPRENTICE, TIGERPAW (brown tabby tom)

Volewhisker-ginger-and-white tom with green eyes

Snowshine-pure-white she-cat


Raintail-gray-and-white she-cat, (mother to Raggedkit and Cherrykit)

Flamespots-ginger-and-white she-cat with amber eyes, (mother to Mossykit, Leafkit, and Bramblekit)


 Ratfoot-old black tom with amber eyes

Dawnwhisker-pale gray tabby she-cat

Cloudflight-gray-and-white she-cat with a fluffy tail

Tawnyfeather-dappled golden she-cat



Hazelstar-dark ginger she-cat


Moonstrike-black, battle-scarred she-cat


Silvercloud-gray-and-white she-cat


Grayleaf-gray tabby tom with green eyes

APPRENTICE, SMALLPAW (gray tabby tom with small paws)

Swiftbird-fast ginger she-cat with white patches

APPRENTICE, BLUEPAW (gray she-cat)

Mousefeather-tawny she-cat with blue eyes

Owlheart-a long-tailed dark grey tabby she-cat with green eyes.

Kindspirit-brown tabby she-cat with brown eyes

Appleflower-brown she-cat with amber eyes

APPRENTICE, BREEZEPAW (white she-cat with a gray tail-tip)

Firepelt-ginger tom with a long, fluffy tail

APPRENTICE, BARKPAW (brown tabby tom)

Wolfshade-dark brown tabby tom

Daisypelt-pale gray she-cat with white patches

Wildfire-ginger tom with white tail-tip and paws


Nutflight-brown she-cat, (mother to Cinderkit, Redkit, and Dawnkit)

Cedarstorm-light brown she-cat with amber eyes, (mother to Ravenkit and Emberkit)

Russetpelt-dark ginger she-cat with a fluffy tail


Willowclaw-pale brown tabby she-cat

Spiderstep-pure-black tom with amber eyes



Wolfstar-pure-black tom


Tansyleaf-small golden she-cat


Pineflight-broad-shouldered red tom


Browncloud-small brown tabby tom

APPRENTICE, RUSSETPAW (dark ginger tom)

Rowantail-dark brown tom with green eyes

Amberstrike-pale ginger tabby she-cat with blue eyes

APPRENTICE, WILLOWPAW (black she-cat with blue eyes)

Mudstep-brown tabby tom with darker paws

Raggedoak- light brown Abyssinian with dark green eyes, unusually long legs and a short thin coarse pelt

Ravenlight-pure-black she-cat with amber eyes

Jaycloud-reddish-brown tabby she-cat

Whitesky-very pale gray, almost white, tom

Poppyshine-pale ginger tabby she-cat

APPRENTICE, CEDARPAW (brown tabby tom with blue eyes)

Berryclaw-gray tabby she-cat

APPRENTICE, REDPAW (reddish tabby tom)

Tallfeather-black tom with long legs

Ashspring-smoky gray she-cat with green eyes

APPRENTICE, BIRCHPAW (broad-shouldered black tom)

Cloudburr-white tom with black ears and tail-tip


Sparrowfall-gray-and-white she-cat, mother to Heatherkit and Daisykit

Cherrywhisker-ginger-and-white she-cat with green eyes


Robinleaf-small brown tabby tom

Stormflight-thick-furred gray tom with blue eyes

Mothpool-old light gray she-cat with long legs


Fang-brown tabby tom with amber eyes

Blackie-black she-cat with a twisted hind paw

Stone-dark gray tabby tom 

Brokenclaw-dark ginger tabby tom with a jagged front claw

Robin-dusky gray she-cat

Fern-light gray she-kit with green eyes

Feather-speckled gray she-kit with blue eyes

Ferrari-aggressive ginger kittypet tom

Rainy-small black she-cat with green eyes

Zoey-pale ginger tabby kittypet she-cat

Ziggy-black kittypet she-cat with golden flecks

Ollie-old black kittypet tom 

Story Edit

Prologue Edit

The setting sun cast a glow as if fire was spreading across the sky. Any cat in the forest would say it was beautiful, but in the Twolegplace beyond, it cast an odd light, as if flames were spreading to devour the Twolegplace. It seemed fitting, though, in a small alleyway camp. Boxes were stacked around the alley, and a cat padded out of one. He was a dark gray tabby tom, and he walked with authority, as if he was this group's leader. But instead, he walked over to a brown tabby tom with amber eyes, who was pacing along some crumbled stones near what seemed to be the main entrance, and crouched.

The brown tabby straightened. "Stone. Any news?" He jerked his head toward the entrance. 

The gray tabby shook his head. "No, Fang, we have not yet heard from the warrior. It should be soon, though." 

Fang unsheathed his claws. "He knows what will happen if he tries to break away from us, to be loyal to his Clan again." 

Stone nodded. "We will not let him live as a cat loyal to his Clan. If he does not show up the day after tomorrow, I will lead a patrol myself to find him." He spoke the words with a menacing growl rumbling in his throat. 

"But that is not your decision." Fang meowed smoothly. "But yes, you are right, we will." 

He broke off as a cat padded through the entrance. The newcomer was a powerful-looking dark ginger tabby tom, but a closer glimpse gave away a jagged front claw, as if it had been nearly ripped off. His eyes were alight with tension. 

"Fang, Stone!" he called. "There is a patrol of Clan cats on our territory! Not the spy's Clan. Another Clan is finding their way toward the camp!" His words shook the boxes, and a moment later a dusky gray she-cat slid out, her belly heavily swollen. 

"Brokenclaw, will our camp still be safe?"she mewed worriedly. 

"Of course, Robin, if we secure it. Nothing will get to our kits!" he promised. 

Robin shook her head. "I know you will do your best, Brokenclaw, Fang, Stone. But my kits will not be safe. I must leave to have them. When they are old enough to travel I will return." Her words seemed to shake Brokenclaw, and all three cats stared at her as if she had sprouted an extra paw.

Fang was the first to speak. "Disloyal cat." he growled. 

Brokenclaw stiffened, but Fang went on. "You want to leave us when we need all our cats? Clan cats are in our territory!" 

Robin nodded. "Exactly why I need to leave. There will be a battle. Not today. But I need to leave before it happens. My kits will not be safe. I will bring them back so they can train and grow up to become Twolegplace cats. Your cats." She nodded to Fang. 

Brokenclaw stared at her. "But I would die to protect you and our kits!"  

Robin dipped her head to him. "I will be back. I promise." 

Another cat slid out of the boxes, a she-cat with a twisted paw. "Greetings." she mewed, then blinked at the tension in the air. "What's going on?" 

Fang slid out his claws. "Robin wants to leave us to have her kits." he growled. 

The she-cat glanced at Robin. "Why?" 

Robin ducked her head. "Because they will be safe, Blackie." 

Blackie stared at her. 

"A patrol of Clan warriors was found in our territory today. I must leave. Goodbye." 

With that, the she-cat padded to the entrance and left with the other four cats staring after her.


Under a starry sky, a young white she-cat sat alone, nudging the water of the circular pool with one starry paw. "I will not give up hope. There will always be something to save the Clans." she mewed determinedly. 

The bushes rustled at the entrance and another starry cat padded down, a light brown tabby with a crooked jaw. "Then you're wrong, Snowfur. There is no way the Clans can fight this alone. They don't have the strength. They will have to leave to survive, and many will die before that happens." 

Snowfur's head snapped up and she glared at the tabby. "I can't believe you, Crookedstar. Where's the cat who was always loyal to his Clan? StarClan is your Clan as well as RiverClan!" 

Crookedstar glared at her. "I'm trying to save the Clans!" 

"And who told you that, Yellowfang? Spottedleaf? Tigerstar?" Snowfur sneered. 

Another cat burst in. "Stop fighting! We'll never get anything done if we fight amongst ourselves!" the yellow she-cat yowled. 

"There isn't anything to do, Lionstar." Crookedstar hissed. 

"Yes, there is always something that will save the Clans that has never been used before." Both Crookedstar and Snowfur shot Lionstar confused looks. 

"There is nothing, Lionstar!" Another cat's voice broke in as a black tom hurried down the slope to the pool. "Stop trying to convince us you've got an amazing idea while you try and think of one!" the tom meowed crossly. 

Lionstar glared at him. "I do have an idea, Larkstorm!" she hissed. 

"Then let's hear it." Larkstorm challenged her. 

Lionstar opened her mouth, but before she could speak, two more cats padded through the bushes. 

"We could hear you arguing." The blue-gray she-cat meowed. 

"It won't solve anything." the faded white she-cat added.

"Mothflight!" Lionstar mewed. "Do you know what I'm talking about?" 

The white she-cat gazed into Lionstar's amber eyes. "Yes, I believe I do." she meowed at last.

"Waaaait!" Larkstorm gasped. "I think I know!" 

Crookedstar and the blue-gray she-cat nodded. 

In the Twolegplace, Stone's patrol slunk through the shadows until they found the Clan cats. Stone flicked his tail, a clear order. Then they leaped.

It had begun.

Chapter 1 Edit

"Silverkit! Silverkit, what are you doing?" 

Silverkit turned around to see Ripplepaw staring at her. "Why are you sneaking up on Hazelpaw? She's busy." the apprentice informed her.

"I was not sneaking up on Hazelpaw!" Silverkit exclaimed hotly. "Rainkit and I are looking in the apprentices' den. We want to have an idea of where to sleep." 

Ripplepaw flicked his tail. "Okay, then" he mewed as he padded away.

Silverkit sighed. "Why does he always act like he's Clan leader?" she complained. 

"Oh, lighten up, Silverkit! It's our apprentice ceremony today!" her sister, Rainkit, mewed as she slid out of the den. 

"I know, Rainkit, but I'm not looking forward to sharing a den with Ripplepaw." Silverkit muttered, swishing her tail irritably.

"It'll be fine," Rainkit soothed. "I'm sure he'll respect us when we're apprentices instead of silly kits. And you should be happy today!"

"Yeah, I guess," Silverkit muttered.


Silverkit squirmed as Spottedwing gave her another lick. "Sit still, Silverkit!" he mother meowed calmly, though her tail twitched with irritation. "There." she mewed, satisfied. "You two will look nice for your apprentice ceremony. You're six moons already!" Spottedwing sighed sadly.

Rainkit twitched an ear. "Don't worry. We'll be apprentices!"

"Yeah!" Silverkit squeaked. "We'll be fine!"


Silverkit padded out of the nursery, her head held high. She emerged into the clearing to see most of the Clan gathered already. Sandstar stood on the Highledge, green eyes glowing proudly, not just because Silverkit and Rainkit were kits of her Clan, they were her nieces. She was Spottedwing's sister. Her father, Wildstorm, was watching her with an expression so proud, Silverkit thought he would burst! The Clan deputy, Willowsong, was sitting beneath the Highledge with her tail wrapped over her paws. Rosefur, Silverkit's close friend and Spottedwing's sister from a younger litter, smiled proudly at her. The apprentices sat in a close bunch. Honeypaw and Hazelpaw exchanged happy glances while Hollypaw, the medicine cat apprentice, was pointing to a leaf on the ground as Duskpaw watched, looking interested. 

"We'll have the most apprentices out of any Clan at this rate!" Thrushfeather purred to Stonestripe. 

The young warrior nodded. "And there's still Addercloud's three in the nursery." She cast a glance at Goldenkit tussling with Hawkkit and Dewkit as they waited. 

Hailfall sat down near them. "And Willowsong's expecting." He cast a proud glance at his mate. 

"Sparrowfrost and Snowstorm are talking about it." Thrushfeather added.

Sandstar turned to Spottedwing and her kits. "Today, two kits have reached their sixth moon. Silverkit, Rainkit, come forward." Silverkit followed her sister excitedly into the center of the circle. I'll be an apprentice today!

"Rainkit." Sandstar touched the kit with her tail. "From this moment on, you shall be known as Rainpaw." She turned and beckoned with her tail to an unseen cat in the crowd. "Seedwing, you are ready for your first apprentice. Redflower trained you well, and I expect that you will pass all he taught you on to Rainpaw."

Silverkit padded forward as Sandstar called her. "Silverkit, from this moment on you shall be known as Silverpaw. Ivypelt, you are also ready for you first apprentice. You will be mentor to Silverpaw, and I know that you will train her as well as Sorrelblaze trained you." Silverpaw stepped over to her new mentor and touched noses with her. "I'll make you into the best warrior you can be." Ivypelt promised quietly. 

Aspenflame got to her paws. "Congratulations." she mewed. "Duskpaw, you ready for battle training?" 

"Yes!" the orange-brown apprentice mewed excitedly. 

Silverpaw smiled. That's me now! She and Ivypelt padded over to Seedwing and Rainpaw. "So, what are we doing first?" the new apprentice mewed.


"This is the border with WindClan. Breathe deeply so you can recognize their scent." Seedwing mewed to the two apprentices. 

Like her sister, Silverpaw inhaled the scent of rabbits, wind, and grass, as well as something else that must be WindClan. A small trace of rouge scent reached her nose. Let WindClan deal with it. It wasn't ThunderClan's problem. She followed Ivypelt back into the trees.


"How was your first day as an apprentice?" Rosefur asked as Silverpaw padded over to the fresh-kill pile. 

"Long." she answered her friend. "But cool! We explored the whole territory. I can't believe RiverClan actually swims and eats stinky fish!" 

"Me too!" Rosefur purred. "But at my second Gathering, a RiverClan cat named Wolfpaw-Wolfshade, now-actually caught a fish! It was cool, but he was just showing off. His sister, Daisypelt, says that he's been a show-off since he was a kit!" 

Silverpaw purred. "Funny! I wonder who I'll meet at my first Gathering..." she mewed wistfully. 

Rosefur smiled. "I won't be long now. The moon's nearly full, and most new apprentices and warriors go to hear their names announced by their leaders." 

Silverpaw smiled as she took a bite of her mouse.

"Silverpaw!" The apprentice turned to see Rainpaw at the entrance to the apprentices' den. It's our den now! "Ivypelt said we're getting up at dawn to train. We'd better go to sleep now!" 

Rosefur nodded. "She's right." The young warrior nuzzled Silverpaw's head swiftly. "Get some sleep."

Saying a quick goodbye to Rosefur, Silverpaw followed Rainpaw into the den. Honeypaw was settling down to sleep. Hazelpaw and Duskpaw were already snoring. Ripplepaw was curled in his nest, eyes open. Silverpaw padded over to a spare spot of moss at one end of the den and curled into it, next to Rainpaw. "Sleep well, Silverpaw." her sister murmured sleepily. 

"You too, Rainpaw." Silverpaw replied happily.


Silverpaw was padding along a steep gorge. Where am I? She'd never seen these hunting grounds before. She scrambled around, but there seemed to be no way out, and nothing familiar, just the steep, gray sides of the gorge. She was about to give up looking for a way down and go to the forest when she spotted a flash of gray fur, a different shade than the everlasting stone, on some rocks. Another cat! She raced down the rocks lightly, as if her paws were made of air. Silverpaw opened her mouth to call out to the strange cat, but then everything faded to black.

Silverpaw blinked open her eyes. She was lying in her new nest in the apprentices' den with dawn light seeping through the walls. Around her, the other apprentices were stirring, and sounds of the Clan slipped through the walls. It had been a dream! But Silverpaw was left in her nest with only questions and a new day.


Chapter 2 Edit

Rainpaw followed her mentor as Seedwing padded over to where Willowsong was standing beneath the Highledge, giving instructions and patrols for the day. As a kit, she had seen this many times from the nursery with Silverkit, wishing it were her already. Now it is! She glanced around to see the other apprentices. She spotted Honeypaw beside her mentor, Redflower, and Hazelpaw talking to Duskpaw and Aspenflame. Silverpaw was looking excitedly up at Ivypelt. Ripplepaw stood still beside Hailfall, looking grumpy as ever. Rainpaw shook herself. It’s my first full day as an apprentice, not theirs. Except Silverpaw, and I can’t do everything with her anymore…

She looked at Seedwing. “I know what we do. I’ve seen it from the nursery.” she told her mentor. “We wait for our patrols for the day. Apprentices go with their mentors.” Seedwing gave her an approving nod. “Right, so quiet so we can hear what Willowsong’s saying.” her mentor mewed. Rainpaw fell silent and listened. “Nightstrike, take Honeypaw, Rosefur, and Snowstorm to patrol the WindClan border. Wildstorm, you take Mintflight, Stonestripe, and Thrushfeather hunting. Sedgewing will lead the other.” she gave the young warrior a nod. “Take Sparrowfrost, Hailfall, and Ripplepaw.” Willowsong turned at looked at Redflower. “At sunhigh, take Spottedwing, Aspenflame, Duskpaw, and Hazelpaw to patrol the ShadowClan border. I’ll lead the other hunting patrol, and take Blazeflight, Snowstorm, and…” the deputy trailed off, looking around the circle of cats. “I’ll go!” called a voice from the nursery. It was Addercloud. “I haven’t been out of the camp in moons!” Willowsong nodded. “And Addercloud.” she finished. The ThunderClan deputy flicked her tail in dismissal. Rainpaw watched Nightstrike gather his patrol and head out of camp. Wildstorm’s patrol followed him. She turned to Seedwing. “What are we doing now?” she mewed. Her mentor twitched her ears. “I thought we’d do some hunting so you can join a patrol in a couple of days.” Seedwing meowed. “No battle training?” Rainpaw complained. “Sandstar won’t send you out on any battle patrols as a new apprentice. The best thing you can do is hunt for your Clan.”

“Keep your pawsteps light, Rainpaw!” Seedwing called from the clump for bracken she was in. Rainpaw flicked her ears to show that she heard and padded as silently as she could after the mouse. She crouched down to leap, but the mouse managed to hear her tail brushing the ferns in her leap and raced away, toward Seedwing. Her mentor made a wild leap and grabbed the mouse in her claws. She gave it a quick bite and raised her head, the dead mouse dangling from her jaws. Rainpaw dipped her head. “Sorry, I missed it.” Seedwing looked up. “But you drove it to me. It’s your second day, Rainpaw.” She gestured with her tail toward some trees. “See if there’s anything in there.” Rainpaw padded over, then raised her head and sniffed the air. Shrew! She knew that smell. She lifted a paw lightly, keeping her tail low but off the ground, and leaped. She barely grapsed it in her claws and scratched its neck to kill it. She lifted it off the ground, feeling light with pride. She saw an identical expression on Seedwing’s face. “Well done!” Her mentor mewed. “Now, let’s get this prey back to camp.”

“You caught something!” Rosefur gave Rainpaw a smile. The young warrior had always been more Silverpaw’s friend than hers, but she was always friendly to Rainpaw. She nodded, her mouth full of shrew, and dropped it on the fresh-kill pile, along with Seedwing’s mouse. Ivypelt had called her mentor over as soon as they arrived. They were talking now over by the warriors’ den. They looked worried. Rainpaw’s stomach churned. Had she or Silverpaw done something wrong? She glanced over at her sister. Silverpaw was sitting by the fresh-kill pile, a mouse in front of her. Rainpaw grabbed a thrush and padded over. “Hi!” she mewed when she reached Silverpaw. “How was training? Seedwing took me hunting. I’m starving!” she mewed excitedly. “That’s nice.” her sister mewed distactedly. Rainpaw blinked. Silverpaw was staring into space, not processing anything Rainpaw seemed to say. “Silverpaw, are you okay?” she asked. It took a second for Silverpaw to reply. “Fine, fine.” Rainpaw sniffed the thrush. “Silverpaw, you should eat.” When her sister didn’t reply, she glanced at Rosefur, who was just leaving. She signaled to the young warrior with her tail. “Silverpaw, what happened?” Frustrated, she lashed her tail. “Silverpaw, I’m your sister! You can tell me anything!” She realized how loud her voice had gotten. The young warriors sharing tounges were stealing quick glances over and whispering. She caught Thrushfeather’s whisper to Stonestripe and Sparrowfrost. “She’s gotta learn that apprentices don’t do everything together. It’s too bad it’s this hard. Rainpaw has always been a levelheaded cat.” I know that! But Silverpaw doesn’t have to act like we’re enemies now!  She huffed and stalked off to the apprentices’ den.

Rainpaw glanced at Hazelpaw. The young she-cat was the one apprentice who was acting like everything was normal. Honeypaw meant well, she knew, but the apprentice gave her pitying looks and whispered as if Silverpaw wasn’t there. Her sister was curled in her nest, oblivious to the stares. Duskpaw had asked if she wanted to help her with Addercloud’s kits to get her mind off it, which had been nice, but hadn’t worked. Hollypaw and Leafpelt had told her that it was normal for littermates to grow farther apart as new apprentices, but usually rekindled their bond. Featherberry and Mistystripe had told her the story of Dovewing and Ivypool, who were really close as kits but not so close as apprentices, and close again as warriors. But Dovewing was in the famous Prophecy of Three, and Ivypool was training in the Dark Forest. Then again, she became a spy for her sister and Lionblaze and Jayfeather and helped save the Clans. She and her sister had planned on being as close as Squirrelflight and Leafpool, who shared a bond even when Squirrelflight went on a quest with Brambleclaw, Crowfeather, Feathertail, Stormfur, and Tawnypelt to find the lake. They didn’t even train together, because Leafpool was a medicine cat. Squirrelflight even took her sister’s forbidden kits Lionblaze, Jayfeather, and Hollyleaf and raised them as her own. Rainpaw wished with all her heart that she and Silverpaw would be like that again.

Rainpaw looked up. Dawn was breaking through the walls of the apprentices’ den. Three days had passed. Silverpaw hadn’t changed, still distant and distracted. But today Rainpaw couldn’t worry about her sister. She was going on her first patrol!

She stood with Seedwing in the circle of cats around Willowsong. “Blazeflight, take Snowstorm, Thrushfeather, Nightstrike, and Hazelpaw to patrol the ShadowClan border. Hailfall, take Ripplepaw, Stonestripe, and Mintflight hunting. Redflower, take the sunhigh patrol to the WindClan border. Take Sedgewing, Ivypelt, and Honeypaw.” Rainpaw glanced at Ivypelt. With Silverpaw being too distracted for training, Sandstar had Willowsong but her sister’s mentor on normal patrols. Ivypelt looked like she hated it. Rainpaw was snapped out of her thoughts by Willowsong’s mew. “Aspenflame, take Duskpaw, Seedwing, and Rainpaw hunting.” Rainpaw shared an excited glance with Duskpaw. The orange-brown apprentice was always friendly and helpful. She padded after Aspenflame with a spring in her step. /I’m going on my first patrol!/ No worry about Silverpaw could stop her from enjoying this day.

Chapter 3 Edit

Silverpaw was done.

She couldn’t stop worrying about her dreams. She was trying to do her normal patrols and training, but she knew it wasn’t working. She had caught nothing but a lecture from Ivypelt while Rainpaw and Seedwing had come back to camp with two pieces of prey each. When they had gone to report to Sandstar, she knew that Ivypelt’s report on her wouldn’t be good. She knew Rainpaw was hurt because Silverpaw wasn’t sharing. I wish I could, dear sister. Spottedwing was worried. Wildstorm had taken to avoiding her. Rosefur now spent all of her time with Rainpaw. Duskpaw and Honeypaw kept talking to Rainpaw in quiet tones, shooting pitying glances over at her. It was hard to pretend that she didn’t care. They used to be my friends... Even Goldenkit didn’t want to play with her anymore. Ripplepaw only teased her even more.

Silverpaw looked outside the apprentices’ den. The thong of cats around Willowsong was breaking up. She saw Ivypelt padding after Sedgewing in Redflower’s patrol, head and tail down. She must think that she failed me. I’m her first apprentice. She flattened her ears. Ivypelt was a great mentor. She didn’t deserve this. But she had tried. She glanced at Rainpaw. Her sister and Duskpaw were talking excitedly. Seedwing and Aspenflame shared an amused glance. Then she caught Aspenflame’s mew. “Come on, Duskpaw. It’s Rainpaw’s first patrol. Do you want to miss it?” Even though the she-cat’s mew was sharp, Silverpaw knew that she and Duskpaw were close. She felt a pang of sadness. It would have been my first patrol too... Suddenly a bolt of determination shot through her. I can go too! She leaped to her paws and padded after Ivypelt, ignoring the Clan’s stares. “Ivypelt?” she called. Her paws trembled. Thinking about doing it had turned out to be a LOT easier than actually walking over to Ivypelt and talking to her in front of the whole Clan. Her mentor turned around. “Silverpaw?” she mewed, sounding surprised. Silverpaw saw her mentor’s eyes search hers, looking for any trace of distraction. I won’t think about my dreams today. They won’t take over my life! “Ca-can I come too?” she mewed. Ivypelt looked at her paws. “No, Silverpaw.” she meowed quietly. “I want you to see Leafpelt and Hollypaw. If they say you’re fine, you can come with me on the dawn patrol tomorrow.” Silverpaw dipped her head. It’s a start...

“Hello, Silverpaw.” Leafpelt mewed when Silverpaw reached the medicine den. The medicine cat and her apprentice had been sitting outside the den and had seen the whole thing. Leafpelt urshed Silverpaw inside her den and checked her over. “You’re all healthy.” she mewed at last. “Can you tell me why you’ve been so distracted lately?” Silverpaw took a deep breath. She’s a medicine cat. They share dreams with StarClan too. She sat down and the story of her dreams spilled out, from the first one on her first day as an apprentice to her dream last night, where she had almost reached the gray she-cat. And sometimes there were different cats too. “Those are definitely dreams from StarClan.” Leafpelt mewed at last. “I don’t know what they mean, or why they sent them to you. But don’t let it worry you. We’ll figure it out. Now, you should tell your sister. I’ll have to tell Ivypelt and Sandstar, but it’s up to you to tell Rainpaw. But no one else. Make sure Rainpaw understands that. Not even Spottedwing and Wildstorm.” Silverpaw dipped her head. She raced off to the apprentices’ den. I can’t wait to tell Rainpaw!

“Here are the cats who will go to the Gathering,” Sandstar began. Silverpaw looked up. The Gathering! She’d forgotten, but as a new apprentice, she would go. She looked up at Sandstar as the ThunderClan leader began to say names. “Silverpaw and Rainpaw, of course. And Ivypelt and Seedwing. And Spottedwing. Redflower, Blazeflight, Stonestripe, Rosefur, Snowstorm, Aspenflame, Addercloud, Mistystripe, Boulderpelt, Thurshfeather, Honeypaw, and Duskpaw.” Sandstar dipped her head to Nightstrike. “You are senior warrior tonight. You are in charge. All cats coming to the Gathering, eat and then we’ll leave.” She dipped her head and ran lightly down the tumbled rocks to Willowsong. The ThunderClan leader and deputy put their heads together and murmured to each other quietly. Silverpaw turned to Rainpaw. “Our first Gathering!” she mewed. Rainpaw shot her a relieved glance. “So you’re, uh, feeling better?” her sister mewed awkwardly. Silverpaw looked at her paws. She beckoned to Rainpaw to follow her behind the apprentices’ den. “Rainpaw, I’m sorry, but I’ve been having some dreams,” she began. When she finished, Rainpaw dipped her head. “I understand. But Silverpaw, you can always tell me. Tell me next time you have one, okay?” her sister mewed worriedly. Silverpaw nodded. “Okay,” she mewed. The two sisters headed off to the fresh-kill pile to get something to eat before the Gathering.

Silverpaw gazed at the tree-bridge uncertainly. It was so high! I can do it! She leaped onto it. It wobbled under her weight, but she headed on slowly until she jumped down onto the island shore. “See?” mewed Honeypaw. “That was easy!” Duskpaw gave the older apprentice a nudge. “It’s only your second time doing it!” Honeypaw’s eyes sparkled with mischief. “Yours too!” Before Duskpaw could reply, Redflower padded over. “This is a Gathering! Behave! You too,” he mewed, looking at Silverpaw and Rainpaw. Then Sandstar lifted her tail, and the ranks of ThunderClan padded into the Gathering.

“RiverClan’s already here,” Rosefur told them. A bunch of cats that smelled like fish were gathered in the clearing. “There’s Hazelstar,” she mewed, pointing with her tail to a dark ginger she-cat seated already on the Great Oak. “And there’s the deputy, Moonstrike,” Rosefur dipped her head. “She’s a great fighter, according to ShadowClan. They fought a lot when I was an apprentice.” A gray-and-white she-cat padded over to them. “Rosefur!” she called. Rosefur’s head snapped up. “Daisypelt! How’s RiverClan?” The two she-cats touched noses. Daisypelt dipped her head. “Good. We have new apprentices.” Rosefur turned her gaze on Silverpaw and Rainpaw. “We do, too. These are Spottedwing’s kits, Silverpaw and Rainpaw.” Silverpaw dipped her head. Then Duskpaw bounded over. “Come meet Bluepaw and Breezepaw!” she mewed. “Sure!” Silverpaw replied, and followed the apprentice. She heard Rainpaw’s pawsteps behind her. Duskpaw lead them over to a small cluster of trees at the edge of the clearing. Honeypaw was there, along with a white she-cat with a gray tail tip, and…

The gray she-cat from my dreams!

From the look on the she-cat’s face, she recognized Silverpaw too.

Silverpaw glanced at Rainpaw. Her sister was giving her a look. Is it her? Silverpaw gave her sister a slight nod. Rainpaw turned back to the other apprentices. “He-” she started, but the other apprentice butted in. “I’m Breezepaw. Sorry,” she mewed with a glance at Rainpaw, “I didn’t realize.” Her sister dipped her head. “It’s okay. I was just going to say, here comes WindClan!” Rainpaw was right. The scent of rabbits, wind, and grass floated on the breeze, and a heartbeat later, a new group of cats burst in. Rainpaw lead the other apprentices over to greet the WindClan ones, leaving Silverpaw and the gray she-cat alone. “I’m Silverpaw,” she mewed to break the silence. “I’m Bluepaw,” the other cat replied shyly. “Have you…” she trailed off. “Had dreams? Yes,” Silverpaw replied. Bluepaw brightened. “About me, and other cats, and a stange gorge?” Silverpaw straightened. “Yes!” Bluepaw started to say more, but then a WindClan cat bounded over. “Hi, Bluepaw! Hi, ThunderClan apprentice! I’m Eagleclaw!” Silverpaw dipped her head, smiling at the WindClan cat’s friendliness. “I’m Silverpaw,” she mewed. “Let’s meet some other cats,” She bounded away to find Spottedwing.

Spottedwing was touching noses with a light brown she-cat. “Cedarstorm! How are Ravenkit and Dawnkit?” her mother mewed. “Great! Two days ago, Cinderkit, Emberkit, and Dawnkit tried to sneak out of camp. I don’t know how Nutflight manages the two of them plus Redkit!” the RiverClan queen purred. “How are your kits?” “They’re apprentices now! Oh, there’s one of them. Silverpaw!” Spottedwing called. “Come meet Cedarstorm of RiverClan.” Silverpaw padded over. “Hi,” she mewed shyly. “Hello!” Cedarstorm meowed. “Hey, there’s Raggedoak! ShadowClan’s here!” the two queens bounded over to a light brown she-cat. Silverpaw was looking around, wondering who to talk to next, when a call sounded from the Great Oak.

“Let the Gathering begin!”

Chapter 4 Edit

It’s starting! Silverpaw turned to the Great Oak. She was just wondering where to sit when a voice called her over. “Silverpaw! Over here!” She turned to see Duskpaw and Honeypaw sitting with Rosefur, Daisypelt, another RiverClan cat, Breezepaw, and some other apprentices she had met. She padded over to join them. Just as she was settling down beside Willowpaw, Rainpaw came rushing over. “Hi,” she mewed breathlessly. “I was on the other side of the clearing, talking to Russetpaw.” Her sister opened her jaws to say more but at that moment Bluepaw hurried over and one of the leaders called again. “That’s Wolfstar,” Rosefur told them The ShadowClan leader!

“ShadowClan has been rich in prey this moon,” Wolfstar announced. “We have a new apprentice, Birchpaw.” Silverpaw turned to the apprentice sitting near her and yowled “Birchpaw! Birchpaw!” along with the crowd. Birchpaw sat up as straight as possible, looking nervous but also excited. Silverpaw turned back to the Great Oak as Wolfstar continued. “Raggedoak and Amberstrike chased away a fox!” Willowpaw smiled. “Amberstrike’s my mentor!” she mewed. Silverpaw followed Willowpaw’s gaze across the clearing to a pale ginger tabby she-cat, blue eyes flashing with pride.

Wolfstar stepped back to let Hazelstar take his place. “Like ShadowClan, RiverClan has had good hunting, but also some mischievous kits in camp. Just yesterday, Cinderkit, Emberkit, and Dawnkit snuck out of camp. If it weren’t for Moonstrike, they would be gone. Firepelt, Wolfshade, and Barkpaw discovered a badger set, but Kindspirit, Appleflower, and Grayleaf chased them away. And we have a new warrior, Wildfire!” “Wildfire! Wildfire!” the Clans called.

A smoky gray tom padded forward on his branch. That must be Smokestar, leader of WindClan. “Newleaf has treated us all well, it seems. We have a new apprentice, Pinepaw. And Raintail has given birth to Raggedkit and Cherrykit.” Silverpaw joined in with the Clans as they called, “Pinepaw! Raintail! Pinepaw! Raintail!”

Our turn! Silverpaw thought as Sandstar stood on her branch. “ThunderClan is well. We have two new apprentices,” Here it comes! “Silverpaw and Rainpaw,” the ThunderClan leader mewed. “Aspenflame, Duskpaw, and Stonestripe brought a huge bird back to camp. It fed the whole Clan!” Murmurs of congratulations wove among the Clans, and then they raised their muzzles to StarClan. “Silverpaw! Rainpaw! Silverpaw! Rainpaw!” Sandstar and the other leaders leaped down from the Great Oak.

“Hey!” Silverpaw turned to see a black WindClan apprentice glaring at her. “What are you doing here?” he meowed rudely. “Uhh, didn’t you hear Sandstar?” she spat back. “I’m the new ThunderClan apprentice. Of course I should go to this Gathering!” The tom stared at her. “But you live in a gorge! I saw you!” Silverpaw stared at him. “I had dreams of a gorge, with Bluepaw and some other cats. One of them might’ve been you. But I don’t live there!” The tom opened his mouth to say something, but then a call silenced him. “Spiderpaw! We’re leaving!” Spiderpaw cursed under his breath. “Coming, Shadewing.” he replied, and bounded away. Silverpaw turned to see that ThunderClan was also gathering together. She padded after Redflower and fell in beside Rainpaw and Honeypaw. “What was that all about?” the other apprentice mewed curiously. “What did Spiderpaw want? He’s a pain in the tail.” Silverpaw glanced at Rainpaw. Honeypaw doesn’t know my secret. But Rainpaw does. I’ll tell you later, sister. “Just being annoying.” Honeypaw nodded. “Thought so. Come on,” she mewed, picking up the pace. “We’re getting left behind!” But Silverpaw would’ve been content to discuss this new opening with Rainpaw. Just have to wait until we’re safely back at camp… But as Silverpaw quickened her pace and padded beside Duskpaw, she couldn’t help being impatient for her dreams to reveal themselves. Unfortunately, she had no way of speeding the process up.

Chapter 5 Edit

Rainpaw turned in her nest. It was three days after the Gathering, and Ivypelt, Seedwing, and Willowsong had agreed that Silverpaw and Rainpaw could go on patrol together today! Rainpaw lifted her head to look at her sister. She was curled neatly in a ball, but Rainpaw saw that her green eyes were open and her tail-tip was twitching impatiently. She rolled over, desperate to get at least a little sleep before dawn. Hazelpaw stirred. “Stop fidgeting so much, Rainpaw!” her denmate murmured sleepily. “Sorry,” Rainpaw muttered, and tried to stay in one position.

At last, the light of sunrise swept over the apprentices’ den, and Rainpaw’s denmates began to stir. Honeypaw stretched and accidentally hit Ripplepaw in the flank with her hind paw. Duskpaw leaped to her paws, instantly awake. Rainpaw glanced at the apprentice. She always seemed to have more energy than a rabbit being chased by WindClan! But today Rainpaw and Silverpaw shared their denmate’s enthusiasm. Our first patrol!

“Nightstrike will take Hazelpaw, Blazeflight, and Stonestripe on the sunhigh patrol to check the border with ShadowClan,” Willowsong announced in the middle of camp. Rainpaw stretched and exchanged an excited glance with her sister. Silverpaw stood with Ivypelt on the other side of the circle, but every cat in the Clan could tell they were excited, just as if they’d stood and yowled it from the Highledge.

“Snowstorm, take Thrushfeather, Aspenflame, and Duskpaw to the WindClan border,” Willowsong mewed, snapping Rainpaw out of her thoughts. “Sparrowfrost, take Seedwing, Rainpaw, Ivypelt, and Silverpaw hunting.” Rainpaw glanced at her sister. This was their patrol! She didn’t pay attention to the rest of Willowsong’s patrols. As the cats broke up, Rainpaw and Seedwing padded over to where Ivypelt, Silverpaw, and Sparrowfrost were standing. Silverpaw gave an excited bounce. “Let’s go!” her sister mewed excitedly. Ivypelt rested her tail on her apprentice’s shoulder. “Not so fast,” she meowed warningly. Rainpaw smiled. Ivypelt seemed to have forgiven Silverpaw for being so distracted about her dreams. She shivered as she remembered what Silverpaw had told her after the Gathering. “I met Bluepaw, who was the gray she-cat. And I think Spiderpaw was in one of them, but he seems to have seen me for sure. I know that these dreams are real now. I have no idea what to do!” Rainpaw had taken her to talk to Leafpelt and Hollypaw, but they didn’t know anything either.

Rainpaw was jolted out of her thoughts by Seedwing. Her mentor beckoned her with her tail. “Come on, Rainpaw, you’re getting left behind! Stop acting like Sorrelblaze,” she teased. The cranky elder sometimes stood by the fresh-kill pile staring off into space. Rainpaw dipped her head and bounded after the patrol. She burst into a small clearing as the mouse that Sparrowfrost was stalking leaped away, straight into Ivypelt’s claws. “Hey!” Sparrowfrost protested. “We caught it, didn’t we?” Seedwing asked him sharply. He only ducked his head and headed off into the undergrowth. “Sorry,” Rainpaw muttered. “It doesn’t matter,” Seedwing responded, warmth in her tone. “Ivypelt caught it, and it was an honest mistake. But pay attention, and I expect to see at least a mouse to make up for the one you scared away to Ivypelt, plus your usual prey.” Rainpaw dipped her head. “Yes, Seedwing,” she mewed, and then headed off into the undergrowth after a mouse.

As the patrol padded into camp, Rainpaw could tell Seedwing, Ivypelt, and Sparrowfrost were happy with their prey. She had caught a squirrel plus a mouse to make up for scaring Sparrowfrost’s, and Silverpaw had caught a blackbird and a vole. The warriors had done well too, with a couple pieces of prey each as well. Rainpaw had a relatively quiet day after that, going to training, sharing a nice thrush with Silverpaw, and play-fighting with Hazelpaw outside the den. Silverpaw had gone to the nursery to visit Addercloud’s kits, and she and Duskpaw played moss-ball with them outside the nursery. Honeypaw was sitting outside the medicine den, sharing a squirrel with Hollypaw. Ripplepaw was sitting by the fresh-kill pile, watching Hailfall share Silverpaw’s blackbird with Willowsong beneath the Highledge. Then Sandstar and Snowstorm padded out of her den. “Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey join here for a Clan meeting beneath the Highledge,” the ThunderClan leader called. “What’s this all about?” Rainpaw asked Rosefur as she settled down beside the young warrior and Silverpaw. “No idea,” she replied. “Except that Snowstorm came back from the WindClan border patrol and went into Sandstar’s den, and didn’t come out until now.” Rainpaw opened her mouth to respond but at that moment Sandstar began to speak.

“I have good news, ThunderClan! Snowstorm is having Sparrowfrost’s kits,” she announced. Rosefur hit her head with a front paw. “Mouse dung! I should have thought of that!” she muttered. Silverpaw rested her tail on her friend’s shoulders and joined in the congratulations. Snowstorm and Sparrowfrost stood together near the Highledge, looking a little overwhelmed but also proud and happy. No wonder. They’re both pretty young. This is probably their first litter. Hawkkit jumped to his paws beside Addercloud. “New denmates! I can’t wait!” he squeaked. “When will Snowstorm move to the nursery? Will it be this moon?” he asked Addercloud. The queen opened her mouth to answer her kit, but Sandstar spoke before she could. “Thanks, Hawkkit, that brings us to the other news. Willowsong is moving to the nursery. At this point she will still organize patrols, but when it gets to the point where she can’t, Nightstrike, Redflower, and Wildstorm can share the duties.” Rainpaw and Silverpaw pushed their way past Stonestripe to their father. He was sitting beside Spottedwing with a proud expression on his face. Silverpaw touched her nose to his while Rainpaw pressed against his flank. “Congratulations,” she and Silverpaw murmured. Spottedwing purred, and at that moment, the world seemed to hold no harm, all worries gone. The only thing that mattered was right there.

Rainpaw shifted in her nest. Silverpaw crouched over it, nudging Rainpaw with her paw. “Shh. I have to tell you something,” her sister hissed quietly. Rainpaw stood up carefully and stepped over Duskpaw, out into the night. She glanced at Aspenflame, on guard, but the warrior didn’t turn around as Silverpaw led her to a sheltered spot near the medicine cats’ den. “Rainpaw, listen. I had a dream. A StarClan she-cat named Ravenflight-” she didn’t finish, because Hollypaw sped out of the medicine den. “Ravenflight?! Did you say Ravenflight?” she asked quietly and urgently. Silverpaw twitched an ear. “Did I wake you?” she mewed nervously. Maybe they needed to move. “No,” Hollypaw meowed, lowering her voice. “I couldn’t sleep and was getting some water from the pool near the entrance. I thought I heard you say Ravenflight.” Silverpaw exhaled. “I did. I had a dream about her. Have you seen her at the Moonpool or in dreams?” Hollypaw’s eyes were wide. “She was my mother, and Nightstrike’s sister.” A bolt of shock slid through Rainpaw. She had heard all about Hollypaw, Honeypaw, and Hazelpaw’s mother, who had died when they were almost apprentices. She was killed by a fox, defending the nursery. According to Featherberry, that was one of the reasons Hollypaw had become Leafpelt’s apprentice. Silverpaw turned back to the two apprentices. “She was there, along with another ginger cat I didn’t recognize. She told me that I had to go on a journey with Bluepaw, Spiderpaw, and Russetpaw. We have to meet at the Moonpool tomorrow night!”

Chapter 6 Edit

Hollypaw and Rainpaw stared at her. They think I’m crazy! But then Hollypaw slowly nodded. “It does explain the dreams. All your dreams have been in a gorge, right?” At Silverpaw’s nod she continued. “So you probably have to head for that gorge, and whatever’s there. I have a hard time believing that StarClan would send you to an empty gorge. The Clans aren’t in danger. You should head for the mountains. The Tribe might have some answers for you on where this gorge is. After that, try the old forest and the Moonstone. If StarClan wanted you to meet at the Moonpool, they might have answers there, or at the Moonstone. I can’t give you any more help.” The medicine cat apprentice exhaled.

“Will you guys come with me?” she mewed, suddenly feeling very nervous. It had all seemed very far away, as if not telling Rainpaw could delay it. She had told herself that she would feel better after telling her sister, but now it seemed very real and close. And Hollypaw’s advice, though she meant well, only made it worse. She would feel safe with her sister and close friend. And Hollypaw knew the Moonpool. She sighed with relief as Hollypaw nodded. Rainpaw dipped her head. “Of course. Silverpaw, I don’t want you to go, though!” Her sister flattened her ears and pressed her head on Silverpaw’s shoulder. “Please,” she murmured. Silverpaw felt tears coming to her eyes, blurring her vision, and she wished she had something to say to her sister, to comfort her. She wished she could say it was all a joke. But it was very real.

The day seemed to pass as slowly as a snail and as quick as a breeze at the same time. Silverpaw tried her hardest in training, wanting to make a good impression in case she didn’t come back. But I don’t want to think about that… She hunted as best as she could and tried to push through training as quick as she could, to learn everything she could in the small time she had. Sparrowfrost asked her if she was planning on becoming a warrior tomorrow. Oh, I sure wish it were that easy…

Silverpaw stood outside of her den, staring at the moon. It would be half-moon soon, and the medicine cats would make their trek to the Moonpool. Lucky for us, StarClan didn’t ask us to do it on that night. Or maybe not so lucky… She glanced at her sister, standing a few tail-lengths away next to the medicine cats’ den as they waited for Hollypaw. Rainpaw’s expression was unreadable, but Silverpaw knew her sister well enough to know that she was trying very hard to cope with the fact that her only sister was leaving, and might never come back. She took a step toward Rainpaw, ready to say something, anything. But just that moment, the brambles swished and Hollypaw slid out of the den. “Ready?” she mewed quietly. Silverpaw looked around the camp. She hated to think that it might be the last time she ever saw it. She looked at the nursery, where she’d been born, the apprentices’ den, where she slept, the warriors’ den, where Spottedwing, Wildstorm, Rosefur, and Ivypelt slept right now, the medicine cats’ den, where Leafpelt and Hollypaw had been so helpful when she’d been confused and distracted about her dreams, the elders’ den, with cranky yet lovable cats who’d always been willing to tell her a story, and Sandstar’s den, where her mother’s sister was sleeping, not knowing that three of her apprentices were sneaking out of camp, and only two would come back. The fresh-kill pile, the fallen tree, the entrance where Blazeflight sat on guard, back to the apprentices. In the middle of her sentimental sadness, Silverpaw found it funny that she was diligently watching outside the camp, while the real “problem” was inside. The amusement was quickly swallowed by the sadness and anxiety that she felt when she realized that she might never see Blazeflight again. She glanced at Hollypaw. The medicine cat apprentice clearly guessed her feelings. “We should go,” she murmured softly. Silverpaw dipped her head. “I’m ready.”

The trek to the Moonpool was long, that was all Silverpaw could say. She tried to memorize every tree and bush in case she didn’t come back. It seemed like no time had passed when the three apprentices padded down the slope of the Moonpool cave. Silverpaw looked around, and as her eyes adjusted to the darkness she saw three other cats. One was Russetpaw, a ShadowClan apprentice. He sat a little ways away from the other two cats. Silverpaw blinked. One was Spiderpaw, the WindClan cat. The other was his Clanmate Snowshine. Hollypaw, as a diplomatic medicine cat apprentice, was the first to break the silence. “Greetings,” she meowed formally, dipping her head. Russetpaw glared at her. “I hope they aren’t coming, too,” he growled. “Snowshine coming is bad enough.” He glared at the white WindClan she-cat, who only dipped her head to him. “I want to make sure that Spiderpaw is safe. A patrol full of apprentices doesn’t seem like the best idea.” Russetpaw bristled. “We were chosen by StarClan!” Rainpaw broke in before the fighting could continue. “We’re just here to see Silverpaw off. But it would be useful to have a medicine cat apprentice with you.” her sister mewed, glancing at Hollypaw. The gray-furred she-cat shook her head. “No, I’m needed here. What if something happened to Leafpelt? But I will tell you my theories, what I told Silverpaw when she first told me. And I gave her some basic training in herbs and medicine.” “You did?” another voice asked from above. Bluepaw headed down to the Moonpool. “That will be useful.” Her gaze swept around the group. “Are you all coming, aside from Hollypaw, or are you guys just here to see us off?” she asked. “Snowshine’s coming, but Rainpaw and Hollypaw aren’t.” Spiderpaw answered. “She shouldn’t come.” Russetpaw meowed flatly. Silverpaw turned to look at him. “But it would be useful to have a fully trained warrior with us. Plus Stormfur and Squirrelflight came with Bramblestar, Tawnypelt, Feathertail, and Crowfeather on their journey to find the lake.” Russetpaw shrugged. “I guess. But if StarClan decides to send her into a fire or something, or if one of us gets killed trying to save her, don’t look at me.” Spiderpaw flattened his ears. “She’s coming, Russetpaw.” Russetpaw glared at him but said nothing.

Silverpaw turned to Rainpaw and Hollypaw. She knew the moment had come. Hollypaw pressed her nose into her fur and Rainpaw wrapped her tail over her back. “Please come back,” her sister whispered. “I’ll try my hardest.” Silverpaw murmured. “If you do die, make it heroic, something that you will be remembered for even if every other cat on this journey is remembered for deserting their Clans.” Rainpaw mewed quietly. Hollypaw gently nudged the light brown tabby away from her. “This is the advice I gave Silverpaw,” the medicine cat apprentice began. “Head for the mountains, and see if the Tribe has any idea where this gorge is. If you don’t get any clue there, go to the old forest. The Tribe will point you in the right direction. Go to the Moonstone, and see if StarClan has any answers for you there. Then, look for the gorge near RiverClan’s old territory. I doubt it’s the right one, but try. Then, follow the river away from the old forest. Gorges usually have rivers, so the one you’re looking for might be farther up it. Good luck.” she meowed. Silverpaw dipped her head. “Thanks, Hollypaw,” she mewed, and the group meowed their thanks too. “It’s time,” Bluepaw murmured. Rainpaw dipped her head. “We’ll give Sandstar an excuse for your disappearance,” her sister mewed. “Thanks,” Silverpaw whispered, all she could manage. Russetpaw rose to his paws and padded out of the Moonpool. Snowshine and Spiderpaw followed him, and then Bluepaw, and finally Silverpaw walked up the path of the Moonpool. She glanced back once, and saw Hollypaw and Rainpaw standing together at the edge of the Moonpool, expressions a mixture of sadness and pride. Silverpaw flicked her ears in farewell.

Then she headed off into the night.

Chapter 7 Edit

Rainpaw stared at the bushes where her sister’s silver tail had vanished. Silverpaw was long gone by now, but it still felt like she could race up the path and push through the bushes, and there she would be, with the other apprentices and Snowshine, waiting patiently outside for her to find them, like the games they had played when they were kits. Part of her wanted to believe it, but her paws were rooted to the stone.

“Rainpaw, we should go,” Hollypaw murmured. The medicine cat apprentice was still pressed comfortingly against Rainpaw’s side. She moved away and looked at the Moonpool. “We don’t want any cat suspecting anything,” Rainpaw nodded numbly and followed her up the path.

Outside, the whole forest seemed different. Rainpaw knew that she just hadn’t seen the forest when dawn was just starting, the tiniest of light, yet not night, but it seemed as if the whole forest shared her sadness and fear.

Of course she was proud of her sister. Silverpaw had been chosen to go on a great journey. She might change the course of the Clans forever, or save them. She might do something so amazing, no one would ever forget her, like Stormfur, Squirrelflight, Bramblestar, Tawnypelt, Crowfeather, and Feathertail. Even Squirrelflight and Stormfur, who hadn’t been chosen by StarClan, were still remembered for that journey. But then, Stormfur joined the Tribe because he fell in love with a Tribe cat, and his parents were ThunderClan and RiverClan. And Squirrelflight went on to become the deputy of ThunderClan, and her father was a kittypet, the famous Firestar.

“Come, on, Rainpaw!” Hollypaw mewed. “We have to go!” Rainpaw dipped her head and raced up the path, suddenly wanting to leave the Moonpool far behind. She shot farther into the forest, Hollypaw on her tail, and zipped easily among the undergrowth. She felt a pull toward the border into unknown territory, but away from the Moonpool. I guess I don’t want to see ThunderClan just yet. She raced through a bush and over the border, yet the pull didn’t stop. She heard Hollypaw call to her, but she kept running, and she heard the medicine cat apprentice’s pawsteps behind her. At last she stopped in a small clearing and pricked her ears.

“You hear that?” she whispered to Hollypaw. The other apprentice stopped beside her and flicked up her ears. “Yes,” she murmured quietly, but the sounds stopped anyway. It was the mewling of kits. Rainpaw padded out toward a large clump of bracken shielded by a large tree root as if she were stalking prey, then pushed her way into the bush.

The first thing she saw was the kit. It was a gray speckled she-kit, crouched over another kit, a pale gray one. All of her fur was fluffed out, but her green eyes were wide with fear. “G-go away!” she squeaked. “My mother will come back and rip your pelt to shreds!” Rainpaw looked around. She could catch the scent of another cat, a grown one, but it was stale. “Your mother hasn’t been here for a couple of days, has she?” she asked. The gray kit only glared fearfully at her. “Don’t worry, I’m not going to hurt you,” she murmured softly. “I’m Rainpaw. What are your names?” The speckled she-kit glared at her for a moment longer before relaxing. “I’m Fern,” she mewed. “And this is my sister Feather. You were right about our mother. Her name is Robin. Have you seen her?” Fern asked hopefully. Rainpaw shook her head. “I just got here. My sister, Silverpaw, just left my Clan with some other cats.” Fern’s eyes widened. “You’re from a Clan?” she asked. When Rainpaw nodded, she went on. “Robin told us about the Clans who live nearby. She said they have weird names.” she squeaked. Rainpaw purred. “We change our names. It’s really quite cool.” she told her. “I brought a friend with me. Her name is Hollypaw. She’s a medicine cat apprentice, which means that she’s learning how to heal and communicate with StarClan, our warrior ancestors. She’s outside, because she found a patch of marigold. It’s an herb, but I don’t remember what it’s used for.” Fern sat straight up. “She might be able to cure Feather! My sister’s sick,” she explained. “She’s really weak and Robin hasn’t come by since she went out to hunt four days ago. I don’t think it’s helping and I don’t know how to cure her!” Rainpaw stuck her head out of the den. Hollypaw sat nearby, organizing some marigold stems into a neat pile. “Hollypaw!” Rainpaw called. The medicine cat apprentice turned. “There’s a kit in here. She’s sick. Can you help?” Hollypaw leaped to her paws and bounded over, the marigold forgotten. “Hi,” she mewed to Fern. She nosed Feather gently onto her belly. “Fever,” she meowed after a couple of heartbeats. “She’s pretty weak but I can cure her. Rainpaw, she needs food, can you go and hunt? I need some feverfew, too. Take the kit, she needs to be away from the sick one. “I have a name, you know!” Fern squeaked indignantly. “And I can’t hunt!” Rainpaw glanced at her. “Do you know what feverfew looks like?” she asked gently. “Yes,” Fern mewed. “Okay, we need that. Come on!” Rainpaw bounced on her paws, suddenly excited. “Okay,” Fern turned and charged into the forest. Rainpaw glanced at Hollypaw, then followed the excited kit.

“Here!” Fern was already standing proudly beside a plant. “This is feverfew,” the kit told her. Rainpaw dipped her head to pick some stems, but then she saw the horizon. The sun glowed brightly above the grassy plain next to them.Oh, no! Rainpaw panicked. It’s dawn! We’re too late! She looked in the direction of the ThunderClan border, and then at the excited kit pushing feverfew leaves into a pile beside her.

What will we do? Should we go back to ThunderClan or keep on helping Fern and Feather?

Chapter 8 Edit

“Don’t let any cat see us!”

Silverpaw rolled her eyes. Russetpaw’s meow. It had been helpful when they were crossing ThunderClan territory, but now they had gone through ShadowClan’s and were just into RiverClan’s, and every cat who somehow hadn’t known that knew it by heart now.

“Russetpaw, we get it.” Spiderpaw meowed. Silverpaw exchaged a glance with Bluepaw. The two toms had been arguing about everything since Spiderpaw had put his paw down about Snowshine coming. The white she-cat padded at the back of the group. Silverpaw guessed that she felt awkward being the only warrior and having pretty much caused Spiderpaw’s and Russetpaw’s argument.


Silverpaw’s heart stopped. Running behind them was another shape. She recognized the scent of WindClan, but she didn’t know who it was. “Run!” Russetpaw yowled. The group took off through RiverClan territory. Silverpaw wove through the trees behind Snowshine. The white warrior raced with ease, showing off her speed as a WindClan warrior, but she could sense her frustration at being contained inside the trees. I guess WindClan cats would rather be able to run in an open space than hide in a dense forest. Bluepaw ran at the front of the group, comfortable in her own territory. Soon the trees in front of Silverpaw began to thin out, and she crossed into a small plain. She glanced around them.

No sign of the cat who had been following them.

“Let’s go,” Russetpaw mewed quietly. “We don’t want to alert them to where we are.” The group murmured agreement, and set off.

“Wow,” Silverpaw gasped. “You can see everything from here!” She was standing on top of a ridge overlooking the lake. She stared down at the territories. She could see the island. It seemes as small as a kit’s paw from here! “You’re right!” Bluepaw purred. Silverpaw turned in surprise. She hadn’t seen Bluepaw come up.

“Hey, Silverpaw! Bluepaw! You’re getting left behind!” Silverpaw turned at Spiderpaw’s call. He, Russetpaw, and Snowshine were standing on the path, waiting. Russetpaw’s tail was flicking impatiently, but Snowshine was watching them with a clear blue gaze. Huh. She’s very patient, and puts up with Russetpaw. I don’t know if I could do that.

Silverpaw glanced at a mouse scuffling beneath the trees. She didn’t feel the pull to catch it as usual. This was the third day traveling through this forest, and it was prey-rich.You can live, mouse. For now. Silverpaw’s paws felt like they would fall off, but prey was plentiful here, and they were getting closer to the mountains every day. She gazed up at the gray peaks, high above their heads. She let out a low growl. “Hear that?” The group stopped, pricking their ears and opening their mouths. For a moment all was silent. Then Snowshine spoke. “We’ve got a stalker.” At that moment, the shape of a cat slipped out of the bushes. Spiderpaw gasped. “Yellow-”

Chapter 9

Rainpaw stared at the horizon. Oh, StarClan, no! She turned to Fern. “Let’s go get some prey and go back,” she mewed.We need to get back as fast as possible. Spotting a mouse between the trees, she raced after it, panic making her technique worse, but in her anger with time she caught it. Fern had already picked up the feverfew and they headed back to the den.

“You’re back!” Hollypaw mewed as Rainpaw and Fern padded into the den. The medicine cat apprentice was sitting near Feather, who was awake.. “Did you-Yes, you did! Thanks!” Rainpaw set the mouse down by Feather, who began to eat. Hollypaw began chewing up the feverfew and giving Feather some of it. Rainpaw took Fern into the forest again and caught another mouse, which the other kit devoured. Obviously she was as hungry as her sister, even if she wasn’t sick.

As Rainpaw and Hollypaw padded back into the forest, her mind was filled with worries. What will Seedwing think? Sandstar? Spottedwing & Wildstorm? Willowsong? Leafpelt? Ivypelt?

Rainpaw padded into camp, worry churning in her belly. In her jaws she carried a shrew. Hollypaw was carrying marigold. At least now it doesn’t look like we’ve been out for no reason. “Rainpaw!” Spottedwing yowled. “There you are! Where have you been??” Rainpaw ducked her head. “I couldn’t sleep, so I went hunting,” she mewed. “And Hollypaw?” Nightstrike’s deep voice boomed next to her. Rainpaw turned around to see the black warrior standing stiffly at the edge of the crowd. Hollypaw turned to Nightstrike. “Rainpaw passed by the medicine den on her way out. I was getting a drink and I heard her, and I decided to go with her and get some marigold, since we were low.” Leafpelt padded up and took the marigold. “But next time you should have woken me.” Hollypaw nodded. “Okay.”

“Wait!” Rainpaw turned to see Ivypelt. Oh, no. “Where’s Silverpaw?” her sister’s mentor asked urgently. Rainpaw tried to creep a note of uncertainty into her voice. “Silverpaw? Why? Isn’t she here?” Ivypelt shook her head. “No! We thought she was with you. But she’s not.” Rainpaw frowned. “I don’t know, sorry.”

Sandstar turned to the Clan. “We’ll send out a search party for Silverpaw. Ivypelt, you can go, and Spottedwing. Take Redflower and Snowstorm.” The search party grouped together and raced out of camp, Ivypelt and Spottedwing in the lead.

The group began to separate. Cats headed off on patrols and training. She saw Hazelpaw padding toward the elders’ den, and Duskpaw and Aspenflame were leaving camp, no doubt to train. “Wait!” Rainpaw called. Thrushfeather turned toward her. “What, Rainpaw?” he asked. Rainpaw took a deep breath. “When we were out hunting, we went near the border after some marigold that grew just over it. We heard a cat crying. We followed it and found two rogue kits. One of them is really sick, and they’re both hungry. It looks like their mother left them. The reason why we were so late is that we helped them. But I… I was wondering if we could take them into the Clan.” Rainpaw looked at her paws, embarrassed.

“Well, what if their mother comes back?” Stonestripe asked. Rainpaw blinked. “It doesn’t look like she will. Fern-that’s one of the kits-said that her mother, Robin, hadn’t been there for a while, and her scent was really stale. She and her sister, Feather, have been basically starving, and Feather is really sick. I caught them each a mouse and Hollypaw gave Feather feverfew, but they can’t hunt by themselves and we can’t visit them every day <em> and </em> keep up with hunting, patrols, and medicine cat duties.”

“I could feed them,” Rainpaw turned to see Addercloud. “My kits have grown out of milk, but I still have some left. And I’d be happy to help these kits survive. Train them right, and they could be an asset to ThunderClan.” The Clan began to whisper. Rainpaw caught a few. “More warriors is a good thing.” “But they’re rogues!” “What if they just die?”

At last Sandstar raised her tail for silence. “Rainpaw.” she mewed. “You should not have spent your time feeding rogues when you could be feeding your Clan.” Rainpaw’s tail drooped. She’s not going to let them join! What if they die?

But Sandstar went on. “However, the warrior code says we should show kindness to all kits, no matter what Clan. Including rogues. And I would not turn down an offer of two kits that can become loyal ThunderClan warriors. Your kindness toward them could make them trust us and be loyal to us.” She jogged down the tumbled rocks. “Take me to them.”

Chapter 10

Silverpaw stiffened. Who is this cat, what do they want, and how does Spiderpaw know them? She dipped her head. “Greetings. We are on a journey. Do you know where the Tribe of Rushing Water lives?” she inquired coolly. Yellow tipped her head. “Why would you want to go there?” she asked. Russetpaw scowled at her. “It’s none of your business!” he growled. Yellow tipped her head toward him. “It is. Snowsong and Spiderpaw are my Clanmates. I need to know they’re safe.”

Silverpaw froze. Oh, no! A WindClan cat! Bluepaw stared at her. “Why follow us?” she asked. Yellowpaw blinked. “I smelled Spiderpaw’s and Snowsong’s trail while I was hunting. I saw a group of cats, and figured it was you. So I followed you. I’m Yellowpaw. You’re Bluepaw, right?” Bluepaw nodded. “That’s Silverpaw of ThunderClan and Russetpaw of ShadowClan,” she mewed. Russetpaw glared at her. “Why are you telling her all this?” Bluepaw blinked at him. “Isn’t is obvious? She can’t go home, she’ll just tell our leaders and they’ll come and get us. She should come with us.” Silverpaw nodded. “Yeah. Hi,” she mewed awkwardly. Yellowpaw nodded to her. “We should get going.” Russetpaw fell in at the back of the group, growling softly.

“Here are the mountains,” Yellowpaw mewed. Snowsong was standing next to her Clanmate. They had obviously both been to the mountains. Silverpaw remembered that the WindClan leader, Smokestar, had decided to send Snowsong-Snowpaw them-along with some other cats. Yellowkit and her littermate, Tigerkit, had followed their mother, Foxflight. And now Yellowpaw’s an apprentice, so Tigerkit must be Tigerpaw now. She also knew that ThunderClan had sent one as well, back when Aspenflame was an apprentice and Featherberry was a warrior.

“Wait!” Spiderpaw’s hiss stopped them. He and Russetpaw were both tasting the air. Silverpaw did the same. She could smell more strange cat scent, but this one carried no trace of Clan. Bluepaw, Snowshine, and Yellowpaw were creeping around a bush. Silverpaw, Russetpaw, and Spiderpaw quickly followed them along the edge until a sharp yowl of surprise reached her ears from the front. The three cats leaped out to stand beside the others. A long-legged, muscular golden tom with hazel eyes was standing, bristling, backed against a bramble thicket. “Who are you?” the tom meowed with a thick accent, not the Tribe’s that Redflower had mimicked before, but an accent nonetheless. Silverpaw narrowed her eyes at him, Spiderpaw crouched like he was going to attack, Russetpaw unsheathing his claws, but Yellowpaw bounced up and down like a kit. “Ev!” she squealed. “Ev! It’s me!”

The tom’s eyes widened. “Yellowkit?” he gasped. “Where’s Tigerkit?” Yellowpaw grinned. “I’m Yellowpaw now!” she purred. “Tigerpaw is back in WindClan. I’m traveling with a bunch of apprentices from other Clans. They have a prophecy!” Ev’s eyes went even bigger. “Every Clan?” he asked. The cats nodded. “Even ThunderClan?” Silverpaw slipped past Russetpaw so Ev could see her. “I’m from ThunderClan. My name is Silverpaw,” she mewed shyly. Something told her that there was more to this cat then just knowing Yellowpaw. “Do you know an Aspenpaw?” he asked hopefully. Silverpaw frowned. Aspenpaw? “There’s an Aspenflame in my Clan,” she responded. “She’s a long-furred black, white, and ginger she-cat with one blue-” Ev nodded enthusiastically. “Yes, that’s her! I met her when she and her Clanmates came on their way to visit the Tribe.” Snowshine frowned. “You meet Clan cats when they travel to the Tribe? How come I’ve never met you, then?” Ev frowned. “What’s your name?” “That’s Snowpaw.” Yellowpaw jumped in. “She’s Snowshine now!” Ev nodded. “Yes, I remember you telling me about Snowpaw. Nice to meet ya,” he meowed, then turned to Silverpaw. “How’s Aspenp-flame, and Stonepaw and Sandbreeze and Redflower and Featherberry?” he asked. Silverpaw smiled. “They’re great! Stonepaw’s a warrior now, Stonestripe. Featherberry’s an elder. Aspenflame has her own apprentice now, Duskpaw. Sandbreeze…” She trailed off. Sandbreeze, Sandbreeze… Oh my StarClan, Sandstar! “She’s the leader now!” Silverpaw purred. “Sandstar.” Ev sighed. “I heard so much about Blossomstar.” Silverpaw squirmed, feeling uncomfortable. “She died just before I was born.” Ev nodded. “Is Spottedwing the deputy? Sandbreeze told me that she would like her sister to be a leader as well.” Silverpaw shook her head. “Spottedwing is my mother. Willowsong is the new deputy.” Ev nodded, and opened his mouth to say more, but Bluepaw interrupted him. “It’s getting late,” the RiverClan apprentice mewed, glancing at the sky. Ev waved his tail. “I know where y’all can sleep. Follow me!”

As Silverpaw followed Ev into the bushes, she couldn’t help thinking that something pivotal had just happened, something that would follow them home, linger after their journey was far behind them.

But what?

Silverpaw ignored it and closed her eyes.


  • the BlogClan cats Stonestripe, Raggedoak, Eagleclaw, Dawnkit, Emberkit, Duskpaw, Aspenflame, and Hobbitheart (as Kindspirit) are featured here
  • the name Nightshade is a reference to Zoe Nightshade from Percy Jackson
  • the names Hazelstar, Moonstrike, Silvercloud, Bluepaw (but not her warrior name), Silverleaf, Rosefur, Sandstar, Wildfire, and Willowsong came from various Animal Jam roleplay Clans