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Bloodfang- DuskClan's word for murderer or one who killed a cat, even on accident, but was not exiled from the Clan

The camp was silent. Outside, crickets were chirping faintly, the moonlight bathed the camp in a silvery shine, and the stars shone brightly. Undisturbed, Kestrelheart laid in her nest, sleeping. Her comfort didn't last long though as a cry echoed through the clearing. Waking up, the she-cat heard a tom's voice.

"Wake up, everyone wake up," a tom shouted. Groggily, Kestrelheart and a few other cats began to awake.

"What is it Brackenflight," Mosspelt, Kestrelheart's sister, asked with annoyance. The light brown she-cat waited for an answer, but none came. All Brackenflight could let out was a feeble sob.

"H-He's dead. My brother is dead." At the mention of death, Kestrelheart saw what the tom was talking about. At his side was the limp body of Bumblestep, their deputy. Kestrelheart and Mosspelt gazed at each other in shock before turning their attention back to Brackenflight.

"Someone needs to get Gorsestar," a cat called from the back. Kestrelheart saw her sister nod before running off to do so. As Sunshade, Kestrelheart's and Mosspelt's mother and herb cat, guided Brackenflight to the herb cat den. As the other warriors prepared Bumblestep's body, a queen entered the clearing.

"Wh-What happened," Lilyshine, the deputy's mate, asked. Before anyone could explain, the queen let out a yowl, spotting her mate's body.

"Bumblestep, Bumblestep please wake up," she begged. As the queen mourned over her mate, two bundles pounced out of the nursery. One was a ginger tabby tom with white paws and the other was a grey spotted she-cat, much like her father.

“Lilyshine, what’s wrong,” the grey she-cat, Fernkit, asked while her brother, Ferretkit, caught up. Before the queen could reply, Fernkit spotted her father on the ground. “Mama, why isn’t Bumblestep moving? Is he sleeping?” the she-cat asked. Lilyshine held back a sob as she gazed at her kits.

“Oh Fernkit and Ferretkit. I-I’m sorry, but Bumblestep is…your father is gone. He’s with the Star Watchers now,” the queen replied. Kestrelheart sighed. Watching the kits made her feel sorry for them, they’d never grow up with their father. Padding away, the warrior sat by the camp entrance with a small sparrow. As she ate, she glance to her side to see two apprentices, Softpaw and Falconpaw, plus the newest warrior, Marshstrike, sharing tongues. Listening in on the conversation, Kestrelheart wondered what they were gossiping about.

“So, who do you think did it,” Softpaw asked while glancing around nervously.

“Did what? K-Kill Bumblestep,” her brother asked with a stutter. The apprentice nodded.

“Well I for one think it was some…passing loner. After all, who else could’ve done it? I bet none of our Clan mates could do such a thing,” the tom replied, clearly hoping it was true. Marshstrike shrugged.

“I have to agree. It was obviously a c-cat, but I highly doubt it was one from our Clan,” Marshstrike agreed, trying to convince the others. Or was it himself?

“Okay, if it was a loner, w…what happen to their scent,” Softpaw half challenged.

“Well if you remember, there was a slight scent of mint on Bumblestep. W-W-When I was at the spot he was…murdered, you can smell mint there too. It smelled something like cat mint or another herb…,” the warrior replied trailing off. Softpaw shrugged shakily.

“Okay that is an idea, but what about someone else? Like…someone from our Clan?”

“Like who,” Falconpaw asked with a shutter.

“I-I don’t know. Maybe someone like Sunshade. She’s our herb cat who works and knows many kinds of herbs,” Softpaw exclaimed. She seemed to hate the thought of it. Her brother gulped in fear of a killer herb cat while Marshstrike shook his head. “B-But she would never do anything like that. S-She doesn’t have an apprentice, though she should get one soon, so that only leaves t-three possibilities and we can already rule out two of them. I believe it c-c-could be Mosspelt, Rabbitnose, or Kestrelheart.” Both Marshstrike and Falconpaw were confused by her choices, but none the less fearful. Kestrelheart listened in stunned silence as the apprentices and warrior spoke.

“Can you explain,” Falconpaw asked with worry planted on his face.

“You see, Mosspelt and Kestrelheart are the daughters of Sunshade. Rabbitnose was going to be Sunshade’s apprentice, but he decided against it. I say it can’t be M-Mosspelt because she doesn’t have the heart for it and Rabbitnose doesn’t have the intelligence. That only leaves…Kestrelheart,” Softpaw concluded. The brown tabby let out a quiet gaps when she heard her name. Were the three young cats really accusing her of murder?

“Where did you get that fly-brained conclusion,” Falconpaw challenged angrily.

“Well Kestrelheart is amazing, but I-I honestly think she killed him. After all, we all know she was an option for deputy. By getting rid of Bumblestep, she now has that option back. In fact she-,” Softpaw was intruppted while stating in her frightening theory.

“You three stop it! How dare you accuse one of your Clan mates of committing such an awful crime?! As punishment, Falconpaw and Softpaw you are to take care of the queens and elders for the rest of the day. Marshstrike you have to hunt until dusk, understood,” a senior camp guard, Dawnfern, scolded.

“S-Sorry Dawnfern. We-We’re just so scared, it was the only way to-”

“Shut-up Softpaw! You dare accuse your own Clanmate of committing such an awful thing?! Just go before you get in even more trouble,” the senior camp guard spat. Looking ashamed, the three cats padded away. After they left, the creamy she-cat spotted Kestrelheart and padded up to the brown she-cat.

“Did you hear what they were talking about?” The brown tabby nodded and the older warrior sighed.

“Don’t let them get to you, okay? They’re just stupid, young cats wanting to cause trouble,” Dawnfern tried to comfort. The tabby nodded, but still wasn’t convinced.

“Hey, the new deputy is going to be called soon. Why don’t we share some prey while we wait. Are you up for that?”

“Sure,” Kestrelheart sighed with a shrug. The two she-cats padded to the fresh-kill pile and pulled out a rabbit. Oh Star Watchers, I hope Softpaw, Falconpaw, and Marshstrike still don’t believe it’s me. That’s the last thing I want; for my Clanmates to fear me, the she-cat prayed silently.


The brown tabby awoke with a yawn. Blinking her golden eyes open, she padded out of the patrol guards’ den. The new deputy, Dawnfern, was calling out patrols.

“Brackenflight, you will lead a hunting patrol with Spiderfoot, Rowansong, and Softpaw. Finally, Kestrelheart, Minnowpelt, and Nightfeather, you three will go on patrol with Weaselclaw, Mintnose, and Ivyfoot. Nightfeather you will be leading the patrol,” the new deputy concluded. The dark tabby nodded, then padded towards the other patrollers and patrol guards.

“Everyone ready,” Nightfeather asked. The cats gathered nodded and the black she-cat lead them out. There was nothing interesting on the patrol. Borders were quickly checked and marked, no scents of loner, rouge, or kittypet were found, and it had no trace of badger, fox, or even dog. They even went back to camp with no problem. When she got back into camp, Kestrelheart spotted Lilyshine watching her kits. Though it had been more than seven sunrises since Bumblesteps’ death, the queen was still mourning the loss of her mate. She had begun to drift away from her kits and was looking too thin. Kestrelheart sighed. She hated seeing anyone like that, but still didn’t do anything to help. Sitting herself down, the patrol guard picked at a small robin. As she ate, the she-cat spotted Dawnfern going out. What is she doing, the camp guard thought. Shrugging, the brown tabby went on eating. Until Sunhigh, Kestrelheart rested in the warm, sunlight. Soon however, she grew bored and went for a walk. The brown she-cat enjoyed the quiet and calm of the forest. As she walked around, the brown tabby heard a voice.

“No I-I’ll never join you! We...This was never meant to happen,” Dawnfern hissed. Kestrelheart pricked her ears. Following the voice of the deputy, she tried to stay silent. She stopped and tried to listen for any other sound. There was none. For a few moments, the patrol guard sat still and tried to listen around. When no more voices were heard, she turned and padded back to camp.

“Wh-What are you…ahhh,” Dawnfern screamed. Kestrelheart gasped.

“Dawnfern,” she called, her voice echoing. No reply. Rushing through the forest, the she-cat tasted in the air in hopes of finding the deputy. Thankfully she caught a scent though it was faint. Chasing the scent, Kestrelheart didn’t think about where she was going. Finally, she reached the deputy. All she could do was stand there, gaping in horror. The scene was covered in crimson blood. Dawnferns’ blood. A shiver rolled down Kestrelheart’s back. Another dead cat. Another dead deputy. The tabby shook her head and padded over to the body. Why did you have to die, she thought. Kestrelheart began to drag the cream she-cat back. Soon she entered camp and everything was still as they watched her.

“What happened,” the leader, Gorsestar, demanded.

“I-I don’t know,” the she-cat replied nervously.

“What do you mean,” the tom questioned while glancing at Kestrelhearts’ bloodied paws.

“Well I-I herd Dawnfern and another cat talking. I-I d-didn’t know who t-the other cat was. Before I knew what was g-going on, I heard her…scream. By the t-time I got to Dawnfern she was already…like this. Dead,” the patrol guard replied, retelling the haunting tell of her walk. The camp was unnaturally still and silent, not one DuskClan cat making a sound. As Kestrelheart waited for someone to speak, she saw disapproving glares from her Clanmates.

“Murder,” Brackenflight called out in anger. The tabby whipped around.

“What? I-I didn’t kill Dawnf-”

“You did! You killed my brother and now you killed the other deputy! Just look, there are blood on your own paws! Her blood,” the tom accused. Kestrelheart backed away, fear piercing her pelt. Soon more of DuskClan began to hiss in agreement with the tom. Gorsestar growled. “Enough,” the large ginger leader ordered. Everyone was silent once more. Turing to face the leader, Kestrelheart gulped.

“Kestrelheart the Clan has spoken. The evidence is obvious and there’s no other way you can’t have committed the crimes. Kestrelheart, I hereby exile from DuskClan. You are no longer welcomed here. If anyone sees you by sunset, they have every right to kill you,” Gorsestar growled. The tabby stumbled back, feeling as though everything was taken from her and that she just died ten times. Mosspelt and Sunshade ran to Kestrelhearts’ aid.

“I-I didn’t do it,” was all the golden eyed she-cat could say.

“K-Kestrelheart, there’s nothing we can do,” Mosspelt replied quietly. Sunshade didn’t say anything. The herb cat stood there with sorrow in her eyes.

“Kestrelheart, go now and never return,” the ginger leader hissed. Angry yowls came from her Clanmates as she padded out of camp. Turning her back to her friends and family, the she-cat ran off, not looking back once. The brown tabby awoke with a yawn. Her vision was dimmed and she couldn’t see any of her Clanmates around.


“H-Hello,” Kestrelheart dared to call out. No answer. Getting up, the she-cat shook her fur and blinked her golden eyes. As she stumbled out of the den, Kestrelheart remembered the events of the night before. The former camp guard hung her head in shame. She hadn’t committed the crime or even thought of it. And yet, she was framed somehow. The rouge scuffed the dirt around her paws wishing things could’ve been different. Getting up, Kestrelheart knew she needed food which meant hunting. Of course, she use to be a patrol guard and didn’t know how to hunt. Sniffing around for some prey, Kestrelheart thought she’d give it a try. As she searched around, the scent of rabbit drifted to her. Licking her jaw hungrily, Kestrelheart made her way towards the prey. Slowly she stalked it, trying her best to mimic the moves of a hunter. Finally she pounced on the unsuspecting mouse and missed.

“Foxdung,” the former warrior hissed. The tabby dug her claws into the earth in anger. Letting out a long sigh, Kestrelheart decide to try again. She tasted the air for prey like before. This time, she caught scent of a bird. Following the scent, the loner reached an old hickory where the bird-a sparrow–was perched. The she-cat slowly clawed up the tree, ready to catch the sparrow. Steadily, Kestrelheart entered onto the branch, quietly she stalked the bird. Moving forward, the tabby finally pounced and missed once more. Startled, the sparrow flapped away leaving a growling Kestrelheart. The she-cat lashed her tail as she climbed down the old hickory.

“I had them both and they escaped my claws,” she hissed to herself. As the sun went down, the tabby padded back to her den. It had been three moons since Kestrelheart was exiled. She survived on whatever crowfood she found and the occasional insect, the she-cat was getting weaker and slowly giving up. The brown tabby hadn’t even gotten out of her nest yet. What’s the point, she thought, I’m not with my Clan and they believe I’m a killer. Kestrelheart sighed wishing she was back with her Clan. Why would you want to go back?! They’re the ones who exiled you, a voice replied growling. The brown cat shook her head. No, if they stood up they-they could’ve been exiled as well, Kestrelheart countered. The voice didn’t give up though. They were scared and cowards! How can you stand up for something like that?! Face it, the Clan hates you, your friends hate you, and even your family hates you! Kestrelheart nothing can change. You’re already framed and no one will believe you, the voice in her head hissed back.

“Why should I listen to you,” the she-cat finally yowled.

“Why? Because I’m the only one out here with you Kestrelheart. It’s just you and me. Think about it though. What did that Clan do for you? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. You see, you need to get revenge on them. If they think you’re a murder, why don’t you prove it,” the voice tempted. The tabby shook her head.

“No! I will not betray my Clan, friends, or family,” the she-cat defied. The cats simply laughed.

“Oh Kestrelheart why do you still stand for them? What did they ever do for you? They didn’t stand up for you when you needed them most. The same thing applies to your friends. If any of the actually cared, then why didn’t they stand with you,” the cat asked. Kestrelheart was ready to reply, but no words came out. The tabby began to think of a comeback, but she thought of nothing. Giving up, Kestrelheart finally responded.

“Y-You’re right,” she breathed. The cat laughed.

“Of course I am. Now you need revenge Kestrelheart. What will you do,” the voice tempted. The she-cat smiled wickedly.

“I-I’ll make them pay. I’ll have my revenge and they will feel the full force of my fury,” Kestrelheart yowled. The strange cat laughed knowing she had won.


The dark she-cat awoke with a wicked smile. Today was the day she’d begin her revenge. Shaking her fur off, Kestrelheart began to make her way towards her old territory. With her claws unsheathe, she tasted the air trying to find an unlucky cat. She caught a scent and grinned. Perfect, she thought. The tabby padded towards the scent getting closer and closer by the second. Finally she reached her former Clanmate. The crunch of leaves crackled through the dense forest. As they did, Rowansong turned from her hunt.

“W-Who’s there,” she asked fearfully. No reply. The ginger tabby glanced around the clearing once more.

“I-I’m warning you. Step out now and we’ll just see if I spare your life,” the she-cat hissed. Chuckling softly, Kestrelheart stepped out. Rowantsong gasped when her former Clanmate revealed herself.

“K-Kestrelheart,” she stuttered out. The tabby nodded slowly, but kept her silence.

“Wh-What are you doing here? You were exiled remember,” the hunter hissed. Kestrelheart laughed.

“Oh I know I was Rowansong, but revenge is needed. Thank you for being the first,” Kestrelheart laughed. The ginger tabby was confused.

“What‘s so funny,” the hunter challenged.

“Oh nothing much, but goodbye!” Before Rowansong had time to react, Kestrelheart pounced on the dark tabby. The brown she-cat began to claw madly at her former Clanmate hitting flesh at every blow. With a wicked smile and a new love for bloodlust, the tabby had stopped with Rowansong clinging to life. “Wh-Why are you doing this,” the hunter asked, begging for an answer. Kestrelheart shook her head.

“You know why. Goodbye Rowansong, you are the first victim of me, Bloodfang,” the tabby yowled into the sky. Quickly, she delivered the final blow, instantly killing the ginger cat. Chuckling to herself Bloodfang padded away to clean up in the stream.

Another moon had gone by since the murder of Rowansong. Already, Bloodfang had killed five more cats; Rabbitnose, Ferretkit, an elder named Streamberry, the herb cat apprentice Leafpaw, and a queen Flowertail. The brown she-cat was growing crazier as the days rolled by, but it never stopped her. She still killed even if she was diving deeper into the unknown corners of her mind. Even with her skillfully killing, every killer makes mistakes.

The brown she-cat quietly stalked her prey. In front of her was an all too familiar gray figure. Mosspelt. Wickedly, Bloodfang stalked her sister, not caring if she made a sound. That was her first mistake. While Bloodfang nosily made her way through the forest, the hunter was prepared for whatever came at her. Mosspelt, like the rest of her Clan, knew of the violent killings and was ready. The tabby began to get closer to her sister, ready to tear at her like she did with the other killings. Bloodfang was blinded by the need for bloodlust. That was her second mistake. Finally, the brown tabby leaped at the hunter with a need to kill. The two she-cats struggled each trying to hold her own. Bloodfang, like before, clawed blindly at her victim, wanting nothing more but to have the crimson liquid rushing down her claws. The she-cats tussled a bit more before breaking apart, leaving a moment to catch their breaths. As Mosspelt prepared to go at Bloodfang again, she stopped dead in her tracks.

“Kestrelheart,” the hunter gasped. The tabby snarled.

“My name is not Kestrelheart! It’s Bloodfang,” the brown cat hissed angrily. Mosspelt growled.

“What happened to you Kestrelheart? Why did you change,” the hunter asked. Bloodfang ignored her sister. That was her third mistake. As the littermates glared at each other, voices began to echo through the forest getting louder by the second. Finally the faces of her former Clanmates surrounded the clearing.

“Mosspelt are you alright,” Gorsestar asked clearly worried as the leader padded towards the she-cat.

“Yes, don’t worry,” the hunter purred. The ginger tom nodded before padding towards Bloodfang. He gasped when he recognized her.

“K-Kestrelheart is it really you,” the tom asked shocked. Bloodfang growled.

“No it’s not Kestrelheart anymore foxdung. It’s Bloodfang,” the former Clan cat hissed. Gorsestar growled.

“Bloodfang, have you been behind all these killings,” the leader demanded. The she-cat laughed.

“Should we tell them,” Bloodfang asked.

“Yes, yes we should. They need to know why we needed revenge. Why we did it,” the voice replied. As the voice and Bloodfang spoke to each other, the Clan cats gazed in horror as the former Kestrelheart spoke to herself! Gorsestar, though astonished, stepped closer to the lost rouge.

“Bloodfang what kind of revenge are you talking about?”

“Revenge on the Clan! You exiled us, blamed us for something we didn’t do, and you still didn’t care, so we needed revenge with any means necessary,” the she-cat replied.

“Even if it meant killing my mate, your own sister,” Gorsestar asked. Bloodfang didn’t respond, only laughed with it slowly getting louder and louder. She didn’t stop, so someone did it for her. That’d be last time Bloodfang would ever laugh. At least when she was alive.

The Shaded TruthEdit

The spotted tom gazed around for him associate. As he did so, a golden tabby stalked out slowly, watching Bumblestep. The spotted tom dipped his head as the golden eyed cat nodded.

“So what do you want? It’s bad enough Dawnfern woke me up from a comforting dream, but it’s worse you decided to meet at this time of night,” the tom grumbled. The cat didn’t answer for a few moments making Bumblestep even more annoyed.

“Come on you wanted me out here for a reason. What is it,” he pressed.

“Well I needed to go over the plan with you once more Bumblestep. First we’ll lure Gorsestar into the forest. I’ll tell him I needed to speak to him about something. After that you come out and we’ll attack him. When that happens you become leader and I become deputy. Deal,” the Duskclan cat asked. The gray tom heisted before replying.

“Well I’ve been thinking lately and I want to say the deal’s off. I’m sorry, but I’m a father now and my kits don’t need this! They don’t need to know or live with the fact their father is some sort of murder. I-I suggest you find someone else. I’m sorry, but goodbye,” the tom finished. As he turned the other cat growled and pounced on the tom. The cat had former training as a patroller and knew of many ways to kill. The golden cat sliced the tom’s neck which killed him instantly.

“Perfect,” the DuskClan cat whispered before padding back to camp and laying in their moss nest. What felt like only moments later was longer. Bumblestep was found. The cat padded out of the den and into the DuskClan clearing. Already other cats were out in the clearing mourning over the loss of their deputy. Brackenflight seemed the worse of all. The bracken colored tom was sobbing over his brother’s body. All the golden cat could feel was pity for him. Padding up to the tom, the tabby guided Brackenflight to the herb cat den to have Leafpaw give him something to calm him. After everything had calmed down, the tabby went into the clearing. From the side of the buzzing camp, the golden cat sat in the shade while eating a mouse. From afar, she watched as Softpaw, her brother, Falconpaw, and Marshstrike spoke to each other with Kestrelheart not too far off. Close to them were Fernkit, her brother, Ferretkit, Dapplekit, Frostkit, and Mousekit, the kits of Grasspetal, and Snowkit, the daughter of Flowertail. Glancing away she watched the rest of the Clan wondering who the next deputy would be. As she finished up her mouse, Gorsestar called for a meeting.

“Those who can serve their Clan gather around the leader's den for a Clan meeting." As soon as everyone gathered, the tom continued on with the ceremony. “Today our trusted deputy has fallen,” the tom began. “In their place, Dawnfern will serve in their place.” The DuskClan cats cheered the name of their new deputy as the tabby smiled. Perfect. Now I have a fresh start on my plan, the golden eyed cat thought with a sickening glee. As the sun went down, the cat knew what they had to do. Plan harder. They’d start soon.


It was over seven sunrises after Dawnfern became deputy. The golden cat thought it was time to reveal her plan to the senior she-cat. The tabby padded up to Dawnfern quickly. “Can you meet me out in the forest at Sunhigh,” the cat asked. Dawnfern nodded before getting up to call patrols. As she did so, the tabby moved quietly out of camp to the meeting spot. When Sunhigh rolled in, the deputy had come to the meeting spot.

“What do you want,” Dawnfern asked curiously.

“I just wanted to bring you an…opportunity,” the she-cat began. “You see Dawnfern, you and I come from similar backgrounds. Both my parents were loners while yours was a loner while the other was a Clan cat. With that we weren’t treated well. We were scorned our Clanmates just because of where we came from.”

“Okay what does that have to do with anything? Our Clanmates mistrusted us for a while, but grew to realize we were good cats. We earned our ranks accordingly with loyalty, so what more is there,” the former camp guard asked.

“Well remember that night when I told you to have Bumblestep meet me? Well I thank you for that,” the she-cat purred icily. Dawnfern shrugged.

“So was that all, you just wanted to thank me for letting Bumblestep know you,” the she-cat paused as a thought dawned on her.

“N-No i-i-it was you who killed him, wasn’t it,” she hissed. The tabby nodded slowly as Dawnfern stepped back.

“Listen it was for a good cause. I wanted to…dispose of Gorsestar and he said he’d help me. When he meted me, Bumblestep bailed so I had to get rid of him otherwise he’d tell our precious leader. Now that he’s gone why don’t you join me Dawnfern? Together you can become leader and me deputy. You can rule the Clan with my help and advice. What do you say,” the tabby asked with a grin. Dawnfern stepped back with a growl.

“No I-I’ll never join you! We…This was never meant to happen,” she hissed. “You know what? I’m going back to camp to tell Gorsestar what you’ve done. You’ll regret this,” the deputy growled darkly. The golden she-cat laughed.

“Oh really? Well then I guess you’re next,” the golden cat purred with amusement.

“Wh-What are you…ahh,” Dawnfern screamed as the golden tabby darted forward. Like she did with Bumblestep, she sliced the throat of the she-cat without a care. The deputy died almost instantly. As the tabby stood over the lifeless body, she heard a yell through the forest.

“Dawnfern,” a Clan cat called. Knowing she had no time to stay, the golden cat darted from the scene and raced back to camp not looking back once. A couple of minutes later, Kestrelheart entered the camp with a limp Dawnfern by her side. Gasps and shocked meows erupted through the clearing as the brown tabby padded into camp. By that time, Gorsestar had padded out of his den and was addressing his Clan. At that moment, the tom was trying to figure out what happened to the former deputy. As the meeting went on, the golden she-cat realized what was going to happen. Kestrelehart was going to be exiled. Guilt instantly hit the tabby hard. The dark she-cat was going to be kicked out of the Clan and it’d be the tabby’s fault. Finally the words had been uttered, “Kestrelheart the Clan has spoken. The evidence is obvious and there’s no other way you can’t have committed the crimes. Kestrelheart, I hereby exile from DuskClan. You are no longer welcomed here. If anyone sees you by sunset, they have every right to kill you.” The tabby gasped with guilt, fear, and sorrow hitting her instantly. When she was close enough, she felt like her heart shattered even more.

“I-I didn’t do it,” Kestrelheart repeated. Mosspelt tried to comfort her sister while the golden cat did nothing, but look at her paws feeling guilty. Finally Gorsestar had enough of Kestrelheart and the tabby watched as the she-cat left.


It had been three moons after the exile of Kestrelheart. Everything was going great, but the tabby’s health was detreating. Though the golden cats’ murdering spree had stopped, the guilt had caught up with her. She watched as Lilyshine starved herself while growing distant from her kits. It was almost like the queen was slowly killing herself. That made the tabby feel worse. As the golden cat rested outside her den, the camp seemed to buzz to life. An out of breath Nightfeather entered camp with Softbreeze and Brackenflight not too far behind. At the center of camp, was the still body of Rowansong.

“What happened,” Gorsestar demanded.

“We were hunting and decided to split up. We went our separate ways so we’d cover more ground. As I hunter however, I heart a scream and ran towards the sight. When I got there, s-she was dead,” Softbreeze sighed shakily. Gorsestar nodded then turned to the herb cats.

“Can you prepare her for burial,” he asked. The herb cats nodded and went to work. The tabby sighed after Rowansong was prepared. The she-cat had died too young and unfairly. As the golden she-cat ate a rabbit, she heard the queens talking.

“How could someone do that? Why? Who knows who will be next? Heck for all we know it could be my kits,” Mosspelt meowed with worry. Flowertail sighed.

“I don’t know, but we shouldn’t worry. After all, how could someone break into camp? Not only are we protected, but so are out kits,” the queen replied. The pale gray she-cat nodded, but was clearly unconvinced. As the Clan mourned the loss of the hunter, the golden tabby decided to check out the crime scene herself. Quickly, the she-cat rushed through the forest hoping to get any evidence from the scene. As she sniffed around, the she-cat caught a faint scent of an outsider, yet there was something all too familiar about it. As she searched through the scene, the golden cat found a brown tuft of fur. Instantly she knew who it belonged to. Fresh guilt crashed through her like a wave making her legs grow weak. The tabby quickly buried the tuft before heading back to camp. Whatever else happened would be the tabby’s fault.


It was over five sunrises after the death of Rowansong. Another cat had died, this time it was Rabbitnose the former herb cat apprentice. Another death she blamed on herself. Soon after his death, Lilyshine passed on due to her eating little. It had been tough on the Clan losing two cats so soon, but when they were both the golden cats’ fault, it made things worse. For the time being, the golden tabby didn’t know what to do. As she rested outside the herb cat den, a cry split through the air. All eyes turned to the camp entrance where Mintnose and Ivyfoot with Fernkit and a limp Ferretkit. The cats of DuskClan rushed forward, each wondering what happened.

“What’s going on,” Gorsestar demanded as he glanced at the cats by the entrance. Before the older cats had a chance to speak, Fernkit stepped forward and faced the intimidating leader.

“F-Ferrtekit and I were board and we wanted to do something fun. He-He suggested we go out of camp, so we did. We decided to play hide-and-seek. While I’ll hid in the bushes, Ferretkit was going to try and find me. As he tried to find me though, a strange cat came out. I-I watched her speak to Ferretkit before she-she…,” the kit couldn’t finish her sentence. Gorsestar nodded with a sigh. Yet another murder because of me, the she-cat thought with a shake of her head. Guilt once again pierced her heart. As she sat by her den, Gorsestar talked about the newest death.

“What will we do about this? We can’t have our cats running around and getting killed,” Minnowpelt, the deputy, stated. The tom nodded.

“From now on, no cat is to leave camp without at least three other cats. When hunting, there has to be three cats together with at least one of them being a patrol guard,” the tom decided. The cats nodded. Before the meeting ended, a cat spoke up.

“Will Fernkit be punished for leaving?”

“No, she’s suffered enough. Meeting dismissed,” Gorsestar replied. As the cats began to disperse, the golden cat sighed. Already there were many deaths on her heart, how could she live on if more happened?


It had been about eight sunrises after the death of Ferretkit. Stremberry, an elder, and Flowertail had both been killed together when they went on a walk. Now in the center of camp was the body of the herb cat apprentice, Leafpaw. The pale brown tom had went out alone to pick herbs and didn’t tell anyone. They found his mangled body and once again the golden cat felt immense guilt. Slowly the tabby couldn’t take it any longer. With all the secrets, all the guilt, and all the failures, who knows how much longer she had.

It was only three days later that the murder was found. He brown tabby had called herself Bloodfang, but that was all the tabby knew.

“M-Mother you should’ve seen her. I-It was like she was Kestrelheart, but wasn’t. Her brown fur was matted and unkempt, her paws had been lightly stained with blood, and her golden eyes were so dull. It was like the life from her was all gone,” Mosspelt sighed as she relived the memory. The two she-cats sat in silence.

“Mother what’s wrong,” a kit asked. Turning around, Mosspelt’s son, Kestrelkit, was stading by her side confused.

“O-Oh nothing Kestrelkit. Hey, why don’t we check on your brother and sister,” the queen asked. As they walked away, the golden eyed cat knew what she had to do. Padding into the herb cat den, the tabby prepared for a confession.

The dark tabby padded up to her leader. “Can I talk to you,” the golden cat asked. Gorsestar nodded, following the she-cat into his den. When they entered, both cats sat down in the den.

“What do you want,” the ginger tom asked. The golden cat didn’t know how to start her confession because her mind was on her murders and lies.

“Gorsestar, as you know Kestrelheart killed many cats. The thing is though, all those deaths are my fault,” she began. The large tabby gasped. “What do you mean,” the tom asked.

“You see as you know I was a loner brought into the Clan. My father hated you Clan cats and wanted to kill every one of you. After we were separated, I wanted to fulfill his dreams, but I knew it’d take a while. Before Bumblestep’s death, I was planning with him. Planning to kill and take you down. When he became leader, I’d be deputy, but I planned to kill Bumblestep before he’d get his lives. However he backed out and I-I killed him,” the she-cat admitted. Before Gorsestar had a chance to say anything, the tabby moved on.

“After he was gone, I waited before I spoke to Dawnfern. I told her my plan to murder you and she didn’t want any part with it, so I killed her as well. When Kestrelheart was blamed for it, I-I didn’t know what to do. You see, because of my mistakes she went crazy and killed many cats. Because of me Lilyshine died. Because of me an elder and queen died. Because of me a kit was killed, even my own apprentice,” the she-cat exclaimed. For a few moments, the DuskClan cats sat in a stunned silence. Shaking his head, Gorsestar finally was able to reply.

“You know, this will not go unpunished. I-I’m sorry, but after I make an announcement, you will be publically executed for your crimes,” the ginger tom sighed. The tabby shook her head.

“Before I came to talk to you, I ate some water hemlock which we both know is poisonous. D-During our con-conversation, the herb was-was taking e-e-effect. There’s nothing you can do now, it’s only a m-matter of-of time before I-I,” the she-cat stopped. Foam began to escape from her mouth as a violent shake erupted from her body. Slowly, the shakes only got more violent with her thrashing and foaming, but it quickly stopped and the tabby was still.

It was only seconds after she died. The tabby was in a dark, misty territory unknown to her. As she wandered around, the she-cat heard a crazed laugh from behind.

“Welcome Sunshade,” Bloodfang greeted with a wicked grin. Sunshade backed away from her daughter, with fresh guilt tearing at her. She was with the cat who took her blame and now that cat would have her revenge.

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