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BlogClan 2 Wikia


Warrior Cats Appearance[]

I am currently not on the Blogclan allegiances(I'm working on that ;) ).

I am Lapisdapple, a pure white she-cat with a pink nose and a small black spot on my nose. I have brilliant deep blue eyes, and the inside of my ears is pink.

Real Life Appearance[]

I am a very short girl with short brown hair(that everyone says looks like Black Widow), brilliant blue eyes, and peach skin. I wear glasses and, yeah. Cool. :)


I am... Hm... I always have trouble describing my own personality.

I am talkative and friendly and I love to laugh. I can be very sarcastic and silly, and I like to think I'm funny. I'm hard working and determined. I am VERY stubborn. I am a mega perfectionist, and struggle with the fact that not everything has to be perfect(Wow, it was hard to write that...).

On The Blog[]

I joined the blog on November 10th, 2018. I was so excited. I had been looking around the blog for a while and finally decided to join as Lapispaw. I participated in the Secret Santa and wrote a poem for the cat I got. I started a game on Warriors Games page called Murder Mystery!

I got a mentor, Cheetahspark! I had gone inactive once or twice because of school.

I temporarily left the Blog, not expecting to return. Ever, really. My life had gotten stressful with high school, my new job, etc. But I missed the Blog too much to NOT come back. Soon later, I had to leave agin, because my life went haywire with my job and college classes, but on June 22nd, 2020, I came back once and for all. Not as active as I was before, but not ready to give up on my precious Blogclan.

I absolutely love the blog with all my heart and it drives me through my day, through school, thinking about how after I'm done, I'll be able to get on and see my friends on there. Love you guys!

I am working on writing a few articles for the blog, and have considered starting a few games on the Warriors Games Page!

I am mentioned in Trailing Stars Chapter 24, written by Cheetahspark, my former mentor! Thank you so much, Cheetah! Mentioned as Lapispaw, with several other apprentices.

I am currently not scheduled to write any chapters, but I'm in Jerry the Jar, so, fingers crossed!

Blogclan Friends[]

I don't know if I really have any... I mean, I have some that I think I'm friends with, but, well, I'd hate to just assume we're friends... So if you think we're friends, feel free to add yourself! :D

What Others Say About Me[]

I don't know, what DO others say about me? Um, feel free to add it in here, guys!

  • Lapis is a kind, smart blogclanner, who is there for us!!! We luv u Lapis!!!!!- Flighty
  • Lappy is an AMAZING host of Murder Mystery :D! - Sandyyyyyy
  • LAPPY IS THE VERY BEST!!!! AShe's super duper awesome and amazing and her murder mystery game is GREAT! -Shadow :D
  • Lappy is the coolest most awesome friend in the world! - Navy
  • Lappy is awesome and a great friend! -Raven
  • Lapis is super duper awesome, and just generally amazing
  • Lapis is amazing and wonderful and totally awesome!!! She's super friendly and smart and BlogClan would not be BogClan without her!!!- Smokeyyyyyyyyy


About My Fanfiction[]

Okay, I love to write. I want to author many books when I'm older. For now, I'm writing lots and lots of fanfiction. I really hope you like them all. :) I usually end up writing like fifty at once, 'cause I have so many ideas, heh heh...

My Fanfictions[]

  • Through New Eyes (Finished)
  • The White Star (In Progress)
  • Charmed (In Progress)
  • Sour Sisters (Finished Rough Draft)
  • Deathberries (In Progress)
  • Seeing From the Heart (In Progress)
  • Daughter of Mine (In Progress)


I've played in multiple of Maple's RPs on the blog and... Two others. What? Maple's RPs are REALLY good. Props to you, Mapledaple!

Roleplays I've Participated In[]

  • Divided Society
  • Tests 2: Sophia's Revenge
  • Hopeful Futures
  • Navy's Harry Potter RP (I should really give it a name - Navy)
  • Divided Countries

My Roleplay Characters[]

  • Sand Stuck Upon Foot (Divided Society)
  • Emeraldclaw (Divided Society)
  • Littleleaf (Divided Society)
  • Avear (Divided Society)
  • Mint-Saheece (Divided Society)
  • Emberfoot (Hopeful Futures)
  • Mistake (Hopeful Futures)
  • Lilytrust (Hopeful Futures)
  • Beedi (Tests 2: Sophia's Revenge)
  • Jade (Tests 2: Sophia's Revenge)
  • Onyx (Tests 2: Sophia's Revenge)
  • Micky Granger-Weasly (Navy's Harry Potter RP)
  • Everest (Divided Countries)


My Ships[]

Hmmm, am I shipped with anyone? I don't think so. I hope this doesn't spark anyone to ship me with anyone. but if it does... Oh well. If you come up with a ship for me, or if you make one up, add it here.

Lighty!= Flighty x Lappy

Shapis (Lapis and Shadow)


Quotes, quotes, quotes... Um, quotey quote quote. Quotes. Quoteyyyyy. Okay, after typing "quote" so many times, it doesn't feel like a word anymore.

"I'm good. Is something wrong with your kitchen ceiling?"

"If I was a musician that dressed up, I'd dress up as a dragon. A magic rainbow dragon with magic rainbow powers."

"Yeah, or, like, a squeaky-voiced dragon! I've done a lot of research on magic dragons and many of them speak very squeakily."

"Yeah, its so cool to just... Let yourself out in something, whether it be a story, a poem, a picture, a video, its freeing."


"Yes, WordPress, I am commenting too quickly. No, I will not slow down."

"I'm great! Feeling very happy and sunshiny!"


My Clanniversary is November 10th, 2018

I love brownies, and all things chocolate!

I live in the US

I have participated in no gatherings

My birthday is May 12th

I had a fish named Anaklusmos, but she died

I am a black belt in karate

I love to sing!


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