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Kat is a fluffy cream she-cat with brown tortoiseshell points and gray eyes. She is bulkier and slightly taller than most cats, and has large paws. Her fur is mostly medium-long length along her body, but is longest and forms a thick mane around her neck. Her tail is 1/4 the length of a normal tail, slightly longer than bobbed. Her ears are much like that of a Ragdoll, where they are wide-set and far apart. She has very soft claws and a friendly expression. She is polydactyl on her front paws.

On the Blog

On the blog, Kat is usually online and contributes. Kat draws fanart sometimes, and often draws other BlogClan members. Notably, she was the second medicine cat of BlogClan, and her apprentice was Winterwhisper . Kat used to write many fanfictions, the most recent being ThunderClan's Despair as a collaboration with Jayfrost . She was also a member of the former BlogClan roleplay sites.

Trailing Stars

Kat first appears in Chapter 4 of Trailing Stars, when she is found alongside Hazelburrow. She then stands guard over camp alongside Dappleleaf.

Chapter 5 was written by Kat's cousin Leafpaw, who mentions their relation often in the chapter. She is noted as having a fear of water.

In Chapter 6, Kat raids garbage cans for food alongside Copperclaw.

In Chapter 7, Kat guards the entrance alongside Swiftfire.

In Chapter 9, Kat helps to calm the quarreling Clan alongside Rainsong.

Kat helps build the apprentice's den in Chapter 10.

She reappears in Chapter 14, when she and Jayfrost catch a squirrel while on a hunting patrol.

Kat narrates Chapter 16, where she first leads a hunting class with Jayfrost. This class turns unsuccessful when the apprentices become emotional upon missing their lives as humans. When they return to camp, Kat's primal instincts take over and she lashes out during a gathering. When Copperclaw attempts to calm her down, she attacks her. Upon getting her senses back and realizing what she has done, she runs away.

The narrator of Chapter 17, Meadowpaw, finds Kat in the forest after she had run away. She is noticeably embarrassed by her previous behavior. By the end of the chapter, she has become calm again and returns to her motherly status in the nursery, telling stories to kits.

In Chapter 19, she is mentioned among many other warriors as having responded to a cry for help.

In Chapter 21, Kat is one of the cats that greets Jayfrost in camp after her fox escapade.

Official Reference Sheet

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Trailing Stars Graphic Novel

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  • Kat is her nickname.
  • She was elected medicine cat on October 31, 2015.