Juniperpool is a unusually small, semi-longhaired tuxedo cat with one yellow-green eye, and one blue eye.

on the blogEdit

Juni found BlogClan via the TAQ page on the Warriors Wikia on March 31st, 2015. That year they joined under the name of Sootpaw on the first of June. They changed their name many times that year (Stormypaw and Altopaw are the best known examples).

During 2016-2017, they started going semi to inactive on the blog because they used the wikia much more, but sort of returned at the end of 2017. now inactive as heck lmao

They have participated in almost all the Gatherings since the year she has joined.

on the wikiaEdit

Juni joined the wikia on October 15, 2015, and was like the 5th?? member to join, under the name of SoulWeaver618. Afterwards, they changed her name to XxJuniperleaf618~xX or something cringy like that, and joined with her first RP cat, Silver (who was one godawful character).

On February 11th, 2016, they made a new account under the name of Juniper'sLeaf555, and changed that account's name as well lmao. After a hiatus from the main RP, they rejoined with a bunch of cats (idk forgot their names). also semi-inactive here

Currently, they and Wint are the editors of the allegiances of the roleplays.

on discordEdit

She joined Discord on December 23, 2017 (aka FOOTY!!!'s bday). Juni later joined a bunch of other people's servers, and has a boring one herself.


(scrolly box here)

  • likes obscure personality tests
  • istp 7wp6 9w1 2w1 so/sx
  • sucky violist
  • lives in Texas yeehaw motherheckers
  • korean
  • agnostic, grew up christian
  • scorpio (nov. 21, 2003) and born in the year of the sheep
  • pokemon is good
  • likes alternative and 80s music
    • k-indie is also pretty chill too
  • also a fan of the below:
    • gravity falls
    • miraculous ladybug
    • harry potter (slytherclaw, cedar wand, 10 1/2 in. brittle flexibility, phoenix feather core, horned serpent/thunderbird, fox/black mamba/insert random animal here patronus)
    • amazing world of gumball
    • little witch academia
    • steven universe
    • dont hug me im scared (not for younger audiences)
    • club penguin ripperoni


  • not sure if i can advertise my tumblr here but im @jadeleavedjuniper (swearing warning)
    * flight rising- impishsnivy