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Chapter 1: Welcome to 'Survivor' the Cat Edition Edit

Jetclaw groaned as sunlight pressed insistently on her eyelids. Stupid sun, she wanted to sleep more. She’d been up super late last night working on her college homework she wasn’t ready to wake up.

So Jetclaw rolled over and attempted to throw up a hand to cover her eyes, only for something soft to smack her in the face making her hiss in surprise. Also something sharp decided to jab her in the side so needless to say sleep was quickly abandoned as Jetclaw rolled onto her back. Letting out a big yawn she  tried to stretch out her legs. She was  able to stretch them but they felt weird like her knees were the wrong way or something, but she’d had weird feelings in her limbs when she woke up and fell asleep before so she didn’t pay it much mind.

“Ugh fine stupid world, I’m up.” She grumbled opening her eyes and blinking in surprise. Instead of her room she was surrounded by tall trees and foliage all around. Jetclaw’s blue eyes stretched wide in shock.

“What the?” Jetclaw screeched immediately trying to get to her feet only to fall onto her ha-except she had no hands instead she had two black paws.

“AHHHHHH!” Jetclaw screeched lifting one paw and waving it about in the air. “I have paws!” She glanced back and took in the sight of a black tail as well as another set of paws in place of her feet. “And a tail! Am I a cat?” She asked no one in particular looking around wildly for some reflective surface and her blue eyes lit up when she spotted a clear puddle up ahead, Jetclaw dashed over to it and looked in and sure enough she was looking at a siamese cat, granted a bit more fluffy. At least she hoped that her fur was just super fluffy otherwise she might be fat. Fortunately cats still looked good even if they were fat, lucky little furballs.

Okay, enough paranoia about her weight Jetclaw needed to get back on topic, particularly the topic that she was now a cat, and she had no idea why.

“Is this a dream?” Jetclaw wondered aloud to no one in particular. She looked around frowning, or tried to at least. Cat anatomy was confusing. But if it was a dream then why did the ground beneath her paws feel so real, the scents seemed real, there was one other thing that she could test to see if this was real.

Jetclaw jumped to her paws and took off running, she was surprised that she had no trouble running on all fours. If anything it felt like the most natural thing. Jetclaw let out a cry of delight as she ran around a tree kicking up leaves as she went, the speed was delicious with the wind rushing past her pressing her fur and ears back tail streaming out behind her. For a brief moment Jetclaw was lost in the bliss of running, of pushing her muscles to their limits and letting the wind whip past her.

A shriek from somewhere to the left broke Jetclaw’s blissful reverie. The she-cat stopped dead her ears shooting up on her head pricked forwards. She could hear the pounding of paws and a low growl. For a moment Jetclaw was frozen, was someone in trouble? Then she recalled all her lifeguard training, if you don’t know go, and Jetclaw went racing towards the sounds of the commotion.

Jetclaw barreled through a bush wincing as the small branches scrapped through her pelt giving thin scratches to her skin underneath. Well she could feel pain so that was another point towards the ‘this is not a dream’ category. But Jetclaw quickly pushed that out of her mind as she came upon a path between the undergrowth. There running at full speed, fur fluffed up and eyes wild was a little creamy brown tabby cat with a white belly.

Jetclaw skidded to a halt opening her mouth to question what was wrong when the other creature thundered into view.

Jetclaw’s eyes stretched wide as she took in the sight of the beast. The beast was black with a white stripe extending down its back, its thin snout covered in blood and its tiny eyes gleaming with a desire to kill. Truth be told Jetclaw had never in her life seen a real live badger before, and suddenly the beast she saw was scarier than anything she’d ever seen before.

Fear gripped Jetclaw and the she cat’s ears flattened and she took a fearful step back for a moment. Maybe she should turn around and run, leave the little cat for herself…

No! Jetclaw barred her teeth and narrowed her eyes and she straightened up. She was no coward, and she couldn’t turn a blind eye on someone in need, plus the badger was gaining on the little cat.

“HEY!” Jetclaw yowled hoping to attract the badgers attention. The badger didn’t pause and continued to chase the smaller cat although it did slow a bit. Growling in frustration and her paws shaking with fear Jetclaw realized what she needed to do.

Sending up a prayer to StarClan hoping they were up there and they would protect her from the completely mousebrained thing she was about to do.

Screeching Jetclaw launched herself forwards rushing towards the badger. Faster than Jetclaw expected the badger rounded towards Jetclaw and reared up. Jetclaw’s eyes widening and fear sinking like a stone in her gut.

‘Oh crap, oh crap oh crap.’ Jetclaw thought as she skidded to a halt and jumped in the opposite direction. The badger bringing its massive claws down on the space she’d been in just moments before, its claws impacting with a loud thud. Jetclaw felt queasy with fear now. ‘This thing’s going to snap me in two!’ She thought before she tore off in the other direction the badger snarling before it lumbered after her.

Jetclaw spared a glance back seeing the little cat standing there frozen. “Get out of here!” Jetclaw bellowed. “Climb a tree or something!”

The little cat didn’t need to be told twice as she bobbed her head eyes still wide, before she turned tail and fled.

With the little cat safe Jetclaw turned her whole focus onto the badger that was out for her blood. Well she’d gone and gotten its attention, and now she was in a race for her life. She hoped her paws didn’t fail her now, and that all her running as a human would help her escape the badger. Up ahead there was a large tree with a wide trunk and an idea popped into Jetclaw’s mind.

When she was human Jetclaw had some experience with racing, and one particular mind trick was to turn a sharp corner taking you out of sight of your pursuers for a few seconds. So if Jetclaw could get around the tree and gain enough ground maybe the badger would be more inclined to give up.

Deciding it couldn’t hurt Jetclaw turned sharply to the left and sped up her paws a blur as she sprinted hard to the left, keeping close to the tree, her whiskers brushing up against it as she did so.

She started counting in her head until she reached 7 and slowed her pace marginally shooting a glance back. Sure enough her ‘check-out’ (the term for sprinting around a blind corner for seven seconds) had definitely given her a great deal of ground but the badger was still coming.

‘Yeah I suppose when there’s something more than a race on the line you’re more willing to keep going.’ Jetclaw thought with a growl of frustration turning her focus on what was up ahead. Cats were faster than badgers right? Plus her new lead should give her a chance to try another tactic.

Glancing up ahead Jetclaw looked around for a good sized tree her eyes settling on a large oak tree that was just to her right. Changing course for it Jetclaw sprinted towards it, her limbs beginning to burn and scream at her to stop from the effort. Jetclaw forced herself to fight through the pain, her limbs could whine and howl at her when she was away from the giant badger that wanted to take a bite out of her.

All too soon Jetclaw was upon the tree and it was time to sink or swim (or alternatively climb or die). Extending her claws and sending another prayer to StarClan for safety she leapt upwards onto the tree.

She hit the tree with a grunt and fought to grip the tree with her claws. For a terrible moment she thought she was going to slip but her claws dug into the bark and she got a grip on the bark holding herself in place a foot off the ground. Normally Jetclaw would’ve cheered at her feat but she could hear the badger drawing near and she forced her muscles to move. Instinctively her claws dug into the bark and she clawed her way upwards her claws moving so fast several flakes of bark rained down on the ground. Climbing was a blur to Jetclaw as she hurried to get up to one of the highest branches.  

When Jetclaw came back to herself she was shaking like a leaf on the first branch on the tree her two front paws placed on either side of the thick branch. She looked down at the base of the tree and shuddered at the sight of the vicious badger that was growling up at her.

The badger then turned to the trunk of the tree and reared up on its back legs and began to dig its claws into the bark. Fear filled Jetclaw’s heart, would the badger be able to climb up after her? Fortunately the badger only managed to claw uselessly at the bark for a moment. Then with a grunt and a glare in Jetclaw’s direction the badger lumbered off.

Jetclaw let out a sigh of relief when she saw that the beast was leaving.

‘I’d best prolly wait before I come down.’ She thought to herself and settled herself within the v of the branch and the trunk of the tree to wait.


Jetclaw stayed up in that tree for what felt like an hour. The sun had been high in the sky when she’d first woken up now it was beginning to dip in the sky. Jetclaw looked around noting the shadows stretching in the forest around her.

Sighing Jetclaw shifted on the branch she was on. She should probably get down soon before it got dark, she’d have to find somewhere to sleep, and a tree branch was probably not the safest place to sleep.

But first, she had to make sure that she wasn’t going to encounter that badger again. So lifting her muzzle she sniffed the air. The amount of scents that hit her nose amazed Jetclaw. She could smell the leaves on the tree, the dirt in the ground below, she could smell the rank odor of the badger although it wasn’t as strong as it had been when the thing had been hard on her paws, and she could also smell prey.

Jetclaw’s stomach growled and that was enough to encourage the she cat that it was definitely time to move. But now she was faced with a new problem. Jetclaw looked down gulping at the distance from the ground to the branch she was on. When Jetclaw had climbed up the tree her cat instincts had taken over thanks to her sheer panic, now she was completely calm and faced with the seemingly impossible task of climbing down from the tree.

She narrowed her blue eyes at the trunk and tilted her head. How should she approach this situation? Should she just climb down like a squirrel, or should she reverse herself and climb down like she would if she were human? After a moment of deliberation Jetclaw decided she’d try to climb down tail first. Mainly because knowing her luck if she went head first she’d probably lose her grip and crack her skull on the root.

‘And wouldn’t that be a way to go, I survive being chased by a badger only to die by failing to climb down a tree.’ Jetclaw mused as she turned and grabbed onto the tree with her claws. She sort of shimmied herself over to the side to avoid the branches before she slowly began to climb down. It was cautious and painfully slow, but Jetclaw really didn’t want to fall and hurt herself. If reading warriors had taught her anything, injuries like a broken leg or something could be fatal especially if you were on your own out in the wild.

Eventually Jetclaw came within a foot of the tree and she jumped off landing on all fours on the ground. She gave herself a little shake pleased to be done with the ordeal. But she’d spent a lot of time trying to navigate her way down from that tree. The sun was dipping farther in the sky painting it shades of orange and the few fluffy clouds pink.

Jetclaw tilted her head trying to think what she should do. She was hungry, unsurprising after all the energy she’d burned thanks to her run in with the badger, but she also would need to sleep. Shelter would be the most important thing for her right now.

Jetclaw sighed as she considered her surroundings. It would probably be best to move away from the tree she’d hidden in, although the badger was gone now there were no guarantees that it wouldn’t come back. Heaving a sigh Jetclaw turned and headed in the opposite direction.

Jetclaw hoped she wouldn’t have to travel far to find shelter for the night. She padded along sniffing the air occasionally. Maybe if she came across some prey scent she could catch something too! If she could climb a tree as a cat surely she could manage to hunt too!

However no mice decided to come out and walk into Jetclaw’s paws so the tan and black she cat continued to move quietly through the darkening forest.

After a bit of walking Jetclaw paused a strangely familiar scent filling her nostrils. She opened her mouth and drew the scent in across her scent glands, and some instinctive part of her mind recognized it as cat scent. Immediately Jetclaw’s hackles raised. Another cat could be a threat, so Jetclaw slowly stalked through the undergrowth pausing occasionally to sniff the air to keep track of the scent.

Tracking the scent led her to a small clearing. At the end of the clearing from Jetclaw was a bush by a tree. But what immediately grabbed Jetclaw’s attention was the small gap that was between the leafy bush and the ground.

Quiet voices that sounded like mews made Jetclaw’s ears prick forwards.

“I smell something weird!” One squeaky voice said.

“What is it?” A small voice asked.

“Maybe its something that wants to try and take our territory!” Another voice declared.

“What if it wants to eat us?” The second voice spoke up again!

“I’ll go check!” Jetclaw immediately ducked back into the undergrowth hoping to hide herself from sight. Sure enough a moment after the voice spoke up a tiny cat figure emerged from the hole, its kitten fur fluffed up making it look like an adorable little puff ball. A kitten!

The little kitten was a dark brown tabby and from the sound of the kits voice it was a she cat. She looked around with big blue eyes and sniffed the air.

“Do you see anything Thornkit?” One of the voices asked from within the den. Jetclaw’s eyes widened.

‘Thornkit? From BlogClan?’

Thornkit sniffed the air and turned all around clearly having some trouble pinpointing Jetclaw’s scent. “I definitely smell something Stoatkit.” She meowed. “But I don’t know where it is.”

“You should come back inside!” The frightened kit’s voice cried. “Its not safe out there.”

“Don’t worry Flowerkit we’ll protect you.”

“Kits.” Jetclaw breathed, three of BlogClan’s kits were holed up under a bush, all alone. Jetclaw’s thoughts went back to the cream colored tabby, was that another BlogClan cat? Had the members of BlogClan been brought to this strange world and turned into cats for some reason?

Deciding that the kits were no threat and it was best to try and calm them down,  Jetclaw stepped out of the undergrowth allowing herself to brush against some of the leaves making some noise. The little thornkit whipped around to face her and her blue eyes widened.

“I found them! It’s a bigger cat!” Thornkit cried to her friends.

“Get back in Thornkit!” Flowerkit cried while Stoatkit bravely rushed out of the den and stood beside her friend.

“You don’t scare us!” Stoatkit mewed bravely her white fur fluffed out and her green eyes wide with a glimmer of fear as she took in the sight of the much bigger Jetclaw.

Jetclaw sighed. “Don’t worry, I’m like you.” The kits blinked a moment and then Jetclaw decided to elaborate. “I’m from BlogClan too, I’m Jetclaw.” She said sitting down on the ground and wrapping her tail around her paws.

“Another BlogClan cat?” Flowerkit mewed poking her head out of the makeshift shelter the kits had found, she tilted her little white head towards Jetclaw studying her.

“Well that’s good!” Thornkit said sitting down as well her little tail sticking up in delight. “That means there’s even more of us out there!”

Jetclaw thought of the cat she’d helped and nodded. “It’s very likely,” She agreed narrowing her eyes thoughtfully. “Where did you all come from?”

“Well I woke up near where Stoatkit was!” Thornkit said nodding to Stoatkit who lifted her tail happily. “So we grouped up because well the forest is really big,” She said her eyes stretching wide. “And we figured we were best off in a group.”

“I woke up here.” Flowerkit said quietly nodding to the bush. “I was too afraid that something might attack me so I stayed here.”

Jetclaw nodded. “Well then StarClan must be on our side then, because now we’re all together.” She glanced up at the sky noting that the sun had dipped below the horizon and stars were beginning to appear in the sky. “Do you have room under there for one more?” She asked nodding to the bush.

“Well.” Flowerkit disappeared inside for a moment before she came back out. “I think so,”

Jetclaw tilted her head appraising the den for a moment, she had little desire to sleep out in the open and a part of her instinctively did not want to leave the kits alone even for a moment. “Let me have a look.” Jetclaw walked over to the den and crouched low to the ground and slipped inside.

The entrance was a bit tight but once Jetclaw was inside the bush she was able to stand up and move around rather comfortably. The leaves outside blocked out all the light and would provide decent shelter from the elements for the night. It wasn’t perfect nor ideal but it would have to do. As Jetclaw moved around her paw touched something soft making her glance down and she noted with surprise that there were soft leaves and even some moss scattered around the floor.

Her whiskers twitched slightly, the kits had tried to make themselves nests. Although they weren’t perfect they looked more comfortable than the bare earth. Satisfied with what she found Jetclaw turned back around and poked her head out of the den. “I think we’ll be fine.” She told the three kits, “Now come on in, I’m ready for a ‘cat nap’.” Jetclaw said her blue eyes sparkling before she disappeared inside.. Flowerkit heaved a sigh of relief before she trotted over to the den, Thornkit and Stoatkit purring as they entered as well.

Jetclaw curled up on the ground near the entrance after dragging some moss and leaves near her to make a makeshift nest for herself. The three kits curled up next to each other near the center of the bush their fur pressing against each other.

Jetclaw watched them for a moment seeing their breathing slow as they fell into sleep, before she began to surrender to her own need for rest.


Jetclaw awoke to a soft squeaking noise. Jetclaw groaned and lifted her head eyes opening as she looked around for the source. She poked her head out of their makeshift den and noticed that the moon was beginning to rise and the stars gleamed brightly above them.

‘StarClan,’ Jetclaw thought as her eyes shone with the gleam of starlight above her head. For a moment she almost imagined that she could feel StarClan’s presence around her and she let out a purr.

However a pitiful mewling that came from the den broke the moment, drawing Jetclaw’s attention back to the present. The she cat slipped back under the bush and looked around for the problem and realized that Flowerkit was rolling in her nest mewling pitifully, and occasionally she was bumping into Stoatkit who kept squeaking as a result.

Jetclaw tilted her head to the side, it was obvious that the kits were having trouble sleeping, well aside form Thornkit who was curled up into a tight tabby ball completely dead to the world. It was then that it hit Jetclaw. In real life Jetclaw was an adult, and she could be out living on her own if she really had to. But these kits were still in the age range where they needed their parents, and to be all alone, in a strange place without them, no wonder they were having trouble sleeping.

Sighing to herself an idea formed in Jetclaw’s mind, she moved near the kits and settled herself beside them. Then using her tail she swept them close to her belly so that they were close to her. Almost immediately the three kits curled closer to Jetclaw. Flowerkit’s mewling and movement stopping as she came into contact with Jetclaw.

Acting on instinct Jetclaw lifted her head and rasped her tongue over Flowerkit’s head in an effort to comfort the little kit. Then she paused blinking in surprise at her action, before shrugging to herself. She lowered her head so that her muzzle pressed against Stoatkit’s little body before she slipped back into sleep, keeping the kits close to her body and out of the clutches of nightmares.

Chapter 2: Hunting for rabbits, found cats instead. Edit

Jetclaw was lying in her bed, human again. Sunlight streamed in through her windows stirring her from her sleep. Suppressing a yawn the young woman turned and looked at her clock, she knew it was Monday and if it was early enough maybe she could-


Jetclaw’s blue eyes widened in horror at the green numbers her clock radio was showing. She tried rubbing her eyes to make the horrible vision disappear.

“OH NOOOO!!” She cried, turning and looking up at her ceiling, closing her eyes cursing her unfortunate luck. “I missed class- The horror, my professor will-“

Her thoughts trailed away as she opened her eyes, and rather than find the white ceiling of her bedroom above her head she was greeted with the sight of small pinpricks of sunlight through  the leafy canopy above. She was under the bush with the three kits. She heaved a sigh of relief and settled more comfortably in her spot. Thank goodness she wasn’t actually late for her class.

‘Or am I missing school right now?’ Jetclaw wondered narrowing her eyes. ‘If I am how the heck am I going to explain that to my professors? “Sorry I missed class prof, a clan of ancient cats decided to turn me into a cat along with a bunch of people on this blog too! No I’m not making up excuses for missing that class! No I’m not crazy! Don’t call the men to take me away! NOOO!”.’ Jetclaw frowned slightly at her thoughts and shook her head as her stomach growled. The she cat glanced towards her belly, that 3 kits were presently using as a pillow, but not only could she hear her stomach growling she could feel the beginning of hunger pangs. ‘I have much bigger problems than worrying about College right now, I have to make sure I don’t die or something.’ She studied the still asleep kits. If she was hungry, undoubtedly they too would be hungry too. Poor little scraps.

‘I suppose I’m going to have to find something to eat,’ Jetclaw thought carefully rising to her paws taking care to not disturb the kits as much as possible. Flowerkit shifted as Jetclaw moved, trying to stay close to the older she cats warmth before settling back comfortably besides Stoatkit. ‘But can I really leave these little kits on their own?’

Jetclaw frowned looking back at the kits, she could wake them up and bring them with her, but then there was the risk that they’d get lost or what if that badger attacked? As a human Jetclaw had received some extremely basic self-defense in a junior police club (and even then she still managed to get beaten by a training dummy), so she had no idea how well she’d fare in a fight against anything that might try to make the little kittens into a snack.

‘Maybe I could make a note in the ground telling them to stay.’ Jetclaw mused carefully stepping past the little kits and out into the small clearing she’d found yesterday and nearly jumped out of her pelt when she came face to face with another cat who was black and white.

Jetclaw jumped back with a yowl of surprise, her claws out in an instant the other cat jumping back as well. Immediately, Jetclaw crouched in front of the bush and barred her teeth her tail lashing behind her, spine arched and blue eyes blazing. Behind her she could hear the soft mewls of the kits waking up confused by the loud noise that roused them.

The cat before her cowered his green eyes wide, his tail between his legs. He crouched before her, Jetclaw opened her mouth exposing her sharp teeth, making the intruder flinch while Jetclaw tasted the air.

‘He has a similar scent that the kits had, is he of BlogClan too?’ She wondered, her spine relaxing slightly and she straightened up though her claws were still out.

“Who are you,” Jetclaw demanded, she could hear shuffling in the bush behind her and she moved her tail to block the entrance trying to keep the kits from coming out to see what was going on.

“W-winterpaw,” The young tom cat meowed his wide green eyes shifting from Jetclaw’s unsheathed claws to her narrowed blue eyes.

Immediately recognizing the name, Jetclaw relaxed. “From BlogClan right?” She asked sheathing her claws. Winterpaw paused before he nodded and Jetclaw sighed. “I’m Jetclaw, sorry about that Winterpaw, you startled me.”

Winterpaw ducked his head and looked down at his black and white paws. “Ah sorry about that, I found a cat’s scent trail and I thought maybe if I followed it they could help me. I followed it to this clearing and to the bush this morning so I stopped and figured I’d wait. Then when I heard rustling I went to look and well…”

Jetclaw sighed and gave her chest fur a few licks before looking at Winterpaw once more. “You shouldn’t go and stick your nose near a bush where you smell cats so strongly, didn’t you notice that there were 3 other scents there too?” She asked glancing back just as Thornkit wriggled out.

“Hey, what’s all the commotion about?” Thornkit asked turning her little head to look up at Winterpaw. “Who’s he?” She asked gesturing with a paw in Winterpaw’s direction.

Jetclaw looked at Winterpaw, who was gaping at the three kits who were now crawling out from their makeshift den. Then a thought occurred to her, the perfect way to resolve her needing to watch the kits and get some food (and also get back at Winterpaw for scaring her out of her fur). A grin appeared on her face, which really looked like she was baring her teeth making Winterpaw shiver.

“Stoatkit, Flowerkit, and Thornkit, this is Winterpaw, your kitsitter.”


Jetclaw hummed a tune to herself as she padded through the forest, she didn’t know cats could hum and maybe out loud it just sounded like she was purring but the she-cat really couldn’t care less. She was able to move about the beautiful forest, out to hunt for food to bring back to the kits and Winterpaw.

Granted, she had little to no experience hunting animals with or without a weapon. But, she’d managed to climb a tree easily enough so perhaps if she let instinct take over she would at least be able to catch something to bring back to her charges.

‘It would be nice if I could find more clanmates though, we would be a real clan then! There would be more cats to care for the kits, older cats to mentor the apprentices, a medicine cat to care for us when we’re sick and a leader to guide us.’ Jetclaw thought glancing back up at the sky. Was StarClan watching over her now?

Jetclaw wasn’t really paying attention where she placed her paws so when a twig cracked under her she nearly jumped when she saw a small blur of brown dart across the ground before disappearing down into a hole.

It took Jetclaw a moment to process what had just happened and when it hit her she scowled barring her teeth.

‘Dang it! That was a mouse! I’ve got to focus if I want to catch any food else the kits go hungry.’ Jetclaw glared at the path in front of her and pricked her ears keeping all her senses peeled for any signs of prey as she began to creep slowly through the forest. Every so often glancing down to check where she was placing her paws.

She strained her senses trying to detect any prey, when a mouthwatering scent reached her nose. Whipping around towards the source, Jetclaw’s eyes widened as a rabbit burst out from some undergrowth and was heading right for her.

Thinking fast Jetclaw crouched down beside the bush keeping her ears pricked tracking the rabbits progress, then just as the rabbit darted by her bush Jetclaw burst out digging her claws into its soft flesh and grabbing onto it.

She grunted as the rabbit kicked out at her getting her in her belly. Pain raced through her making her snarl, a red mist taking over her vision. She barred her teeth and went for the rabbit’s throat biting down hard, blood coating her teeth and tongue as it flowed freely from the rabbits wound. After a few moments the rabbit went limp in Jetclaw’s grasp and Jetclaw let it drop the red haze that had clouded her mind receding as the she-cat looked down stunned at what she’d done.

‘I killed it,’ Jetclaw thought stunned. Then a feeling of triumph rushed through her, she’d caught a rabbit! Plus, it was big and plump! It would easily feed the three kits and winterpaw and if they shared it well they could all eat well enough to at least be comfortable for a while. Jetclaw bowed her head to pick up the rabbit when her ears swiveled forwards detecting the sound of paw steps moving towards her.

She lifted her head rabbit gripped firmly in her jaws, and saw a group of three cats rushing over to her. They came to a halt in front of her their eyes narrowed and one cat was even beginning to growl at Jetclaw.

The oldest of the three, who was a small brown tabby she-cat who had brown eyes and one white forepaw stepped up to Jetclaw and fixed her with a glare. Jetclaw tensed but didn’t unsheathe her claws.

“Ahem, that rabbit you caught, we were chasing it,” The she cat meowed. “So it should be ours.”

Jetclaw narrowed her eyes and slowly she set the rabbit down. The two cats who looked to be about the same size as Winterpaw seemed to relax marginally assuming that Jetclaw was going to give them the rabbit. Instead Jetclaw placed her paw on the rabbit.

I caught this rabbit, I don’t care that you drove it to me, or what not because I have 3 hungry kittens and one young cat back at my den to feed.” Jetclaw growled barring her teeth arching her spine. “And if you don’t-“ She trailed off as a familiar scent hit her scent glands and she paused. She opened her mouth and tasted the air, and then closed her mouth. They smelled like BlogClan cats as well.

“I see…” The other she cat meowed looking uncertain and uncomfortable, and she glanced at the rabbit and at Jetclaw. “Well you need to understand, we have five mouths to feed as well, we need that rabbit. One of our apprentices was nearly mauled by a badger yesterday and-“

“Wait,” Jetclaw held up a paw to stop the other cat, the other cat falling silent. “One of your ‘apprentices’ was nearly mauled yesterday? Was she a cream colored tabby with white paws?” She asked.

The brown tabby nodded eyeing Jetclaw. “Yes, actually,”

“Hobbitheart!” One of the younger cats meowed making the brown tabby turn, while Jetclaw’s ears pricked up in recognition of the BlogClan name. The younger cat that spoke was a fluffy white she-cat with orange tabby splashes, dark brown paws. Her bright green eyes were wide, “Creampaw mentioned a tan and black cat that came to her aid! Maybe this cat is the same one who helped her?”

Jetclaw’s eyes widened at the mention of the cat who was her apprentice on BlogClan. “Creampaw? Creampaw was the one attacked by that badger?!” A growl built up in her throat. “How dare they attack my apprentice!” She turned away from the cats and glared at the undergrowth to the left as if the badger would emerge from it and let her flay it. “If I ever see that beast again, I’ll make it taste the wrath of my claws.” She snarled swiping her paw through the air imagining it ripping through the badgers black and white pelt.

Hobbitheart looked at Jetclaw quizzically her head tipped to the side her amber eyes narrowed. “Your apprentice?” She echoed, then her eyes widened. “Wait, are you Jetclaw?”

Jetclaw turned back to Hobbitheart and nodded. “Yes, I apologize if I’d known it was Creampaw I would’ve done more than just run away with the badger.”

“You let the badger chase you?” The other young cat who was with Hobbitheart gaped at Jetclaw. This cat was a long haired ash spotted silver she-cat with green eyes. She shook her head. “That’s crazy.”

“It sure felt crazy when I was doing it,” Jetclaw admitted shuffling her paws. Then she lifted her head, “So what are all your names?” She asked.

“Hobbitheart,” The oldest she cat meowed.

“I’m Meadowpaw, and that’s Geckopaw!” The silvery she-cat meowed gesturing to Geckopaw.

Geckopaw lifted her tail at Jetclaw, before looking to Hobbitheart. “What are we going to do about the rabbit?” She asked.

Hobbitheart looked troubled, “It’s the only promising prey, but Jetclaw you said you had kits.” Her eyes widened in shock at the implications of that, “I didn’t realize you were a mother! Congratulations!”

Jetclaw’s jaw dropped and she gaped at Hobbitheart and the two apprentices who echoed Hobbitheart’s words.  A sound similar to air escaping from a balloon passed from her mouth. Great StarClan she wasn’t even in her twenties yet!  Then she shook her head rapidly, “Oh no! No, they’re not mine!” She said laughing weakly her tail twitching about. The trio of cats looked at her quizzically and Jetclaw hastily added, “They’re BlogClan kits, StarClan knows I’m not ready to have children of my own!”

Hobbitheart relaxed slightly, “Ah, I see, that makes sense, where are they anyways?” She asked glancing about tasting the air, however when she came up with nothing besides the four cats gathered did she turn back to Jetclaw. “You didn’t leave them alone did you?” She asked sharply.

Jetclaw waved her tail, “I’m not that mousebrained,” She meowed easily slipping into clan speak, “Winterpaw came and scared me out of my fur this morning, so he’s stuck kitsitting at the moment,”

“Winterpaw’s with you too!” The two apprentices asked bouncing closer to Jetclaw, “Can we see him! How is he?!”

“So it would seem you have several cats with you too,” Hobbitheart noted,

Jetclaw frowned, “At the moment, ‘several’ cats are 3 kits, one apprentice and myself, and with that badger roaming around I’m a bit concerned…” Then she turned to Hobbitheart whose eyes were gleaming, and Jetclaw immediately tensed up seeing the gleam as a sign of hostility. “Hey, just because I might not have as many older cats doesn’t mean I need this prey any less than you do!” She said pawing the rabbit closer to her.

Hobbitheart’s eyes widened at Jetclaw and then she lifted her front paw to cover one of her eyes as she shook her head. “That wasn’t what I was thinking at all!”

“Oh,” Jetclaw moved her paw off the prey and looked a bit sheepish her ears lowering a bit. “Ah, what were you thinking then?” She asked.

Hobbitheart sighed and let out a chuckle glancing to the two apprentices nearby before turning to Jetclaw, “Isn’t it obvious? We have 3 apprentices, and 2 warriors in our group, we join your group we have more cats who can hunt, fight as well as someone who can look after the kits! We’ve already gotten a glimpse at what we can do together,” She meowed gesturing to the rabbit at Jetclaw’s paws, “Imagine if we were making a real concentrated team effort! We could catch more prey, keep a close eye on our kits, and be safe in each other’s company!” She lifted up a paw and gestured to the sky, “We’d be on the path to being a real clan,”

“Just like StarClan would want,” Jetclaw finished, her blue eyes lighting up, then the she cat jumped to her paws. “That’s a brilliant idea Hobbitheart!”

“Yeah! We’ll be a clan! I call for it to be called MeadowClan!” Meadowpaw declared lifting her tail.

Geckopaw laughed and batted at Meadowpaw’s tail, “No silly, it was Hobbitheart’s idea, it should be HobbitClan!”

Hobbitheart ducked her head at Geckopaw’s words,  she looked down and shuffled her paws a bit awkwardly on the dirt. “It was really Raggedoak who brought us all together… IF anything it should be RaggedClan in her honor.”

“How about we stick with BlogClan,” Jetclaw suggested with a purr. “We’re already all a part of it, and plus, we know that there’s at least 10 of us here, surely the others will be here too.”

“Yeah there’s probably way more members here!” Meadowpaw meowed bouncing up and down.

“Like Cakestar, and Copperclaw!” Geckopaw meowed, then her eyes went round and she looked at Hobbitheart and Jetclaw, “Do you think Cakestar will have 9 lives here like all the other clan leaders?” She asked.

Jetclaw tilted her head to the side and narrowed her eyes, “Hard to say, especially since we don’t even know if Cakestar even is here.” Then she chuckled, “Although if she was I bet she’d be excited, to have written about it for so long and to actually become a part of it? That’s like every writer’s biggest dream… Well depending on the kind of world they write…” She mused.

“We should head back to the others,” Hobbitheart meowed looking up at the sun that had just passed the highest point in the sky, “It will take time for one group to merge with the other, should we go back to your place Jetclaw or you come to ours?” Hobbitheart asked.

Jetclaw frowned, “I mean we have a nice clearing and plenty of bushes for us to use for dens, where I’m at. What about you guys?”

“We found a small sandy area by a small pond,” Hobbitheart meowed, “It’s a bit marshy though and the foliage isn’t the best…”

Jetclaw frowned, “How bout I follow you guys to your place, and we’ll figure out if it’d be a better place for kits or not.”

“What are we going to do about the rabbit?” Meadowpaw asked eyeing the rabbit at Jetclaw’s paws.

Jetclaw chuckled, “I can just carry it,” She said bending her head down to pick up the prey, “See?” She said before carefully biting on the rabbits neck, her teeth digging into the rabbits soft flesh. When Jetclaw was human occasionally she would bite into her food (mostly apples) and hold it in her mouth to keep her hands free for a moment. One problem with that was that her teeth would inevitably come together and she’d drop her food. She wondered if she really could manage to carry the rabbit back and forth between locations.

Hobbitheart looked at her, clearly able to pick up on Jetclaw’s inner troubles, “Truthfully we didn’t have much shelter where we’re at,” She said instead, “How bout you take Meadowpaw and Geckopaw back with you to where you are at and I’ll fetch Raggedoak and Creampaw,”

Jetclaw nodded in agreement setting down the rabbit once more. “Sounds good to me, you’ll be able to follow our scent trail back right?” She asked.

Hobbitheart chuckled and turned to head back the way she and the apprentices had come, “That’s why I’m sending you with Meadowpaw and Geckopaw, after being around those two for the past day and night, I’ve gotten quite familiar with their scent.”

Jetclaw dipped her head. “All right, but if I don’t see you guys before sunset I’m coming to get you,” She said picking up the rabbit and turning in the direction of the clearing where the kits and Winterpaw awaited.

Hobbitheart simply gave a sound of agreement before she disappeared into the foliage, her racing pawsteps disappearing into the distance.

Jetclaw then turned to the two eager apprentices she had been left with. Then she stepped forwards and beckoned the two to follow her with her tail, before the warrior took off into the forest in the direction of the clearing.

As she ran, her eyes darted up to the sky she could just see through the trees. Although there were no stars now she was certain StarClan was watching.

‘We’re uniting! I hope you’re watching StarClan ‘cause BlogClan’s about to make warriors history!’ Jetclaw thought with a purr.

It felt good to be a warrior.


A pale ginger she-cat panted as she raced up the hill, pushing through the gripping foliage. Every step she took, more and more scents flooded her mouth. The scents almost achingly familiar and getting stronger and stronger.

Just up ahead of her something was tugging her towards it. She was like a paper clip to a magnet, she was just drawn to whatever it was up ahead.

Finally, she reached a break in the greenery and came to the edge of what looked like a quarry. The she cat stopped and stood panting for a moment. Her eyes wandered down the edge to the clearing, or more importantly to the cats that were gathering below.  

There weren’t many at the moment, but they all seemed familiar. Three cats in particular gathered near the back of the quarry, one a long haired red cat, the other a copper colored tabby and the final one a graceful looking silver-gray tabby. The ginger cat could only gape her green eyes wide as they moved from the trio clustered in the back to the other cats of all shapes and sizes.

A rustling in the bushes made her jump and whip around. A silver gray she cat stepped out from the bushes, a fluffy tail lifted high behind her. She frowned when she saw the pale ginger cat coming to a stop before her. Then she leaned forwards sniffing the air for a moment before settling back to study the ginger she cat who was edging back, tail low to the ground.

“What’s your name?” The silver she cat asked, straightening up and wrapping her tail around her paws.

The pale ginger she cat blinked, “Sundance,” She meowed slowly pausing in her slow retreat.

The silver she cat seemed to smile slightly her green eyes shining, “Well, Sundance, I’m Flowerstream,” Sundance lifted her head eyes widening at the name. Flowerstream gestured with her tail to the quarry beside them, “Welcome to BlogClan!” She said with a purr.

Chapter 3: Form the Clan, Form, Form the Clan! Edit

(Coming when Jetclaw has time, and when College relinquishes her soul)