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Jasminebreeze is a tall white cat with cream points. Their eyes blue, though sometimes might be described as violet. They have long, soft fur and a bushy, squirrel-like tail.

Current Name - Jasminepaw/breeze Nicknames - Jasmine, Jazzy, Jas, Jaz

Old names - Lilysong, Robinfeather, Robinbriar, Robindawn, and Brookskies

On The Blog

Jasminepaw is usually found on the Tavern, and the Warrior Games Page. They usually play games, not hosts them, becase it is hard for them to keep up with it. On the Fanfiction Page, they have a fanfic, Darkened Dusk, and loves to write poems. They ran for SW a bit ago, but since they went inactive the run was cancelled.

Jasminepaw loves to write, draw, sing, and play instruments. They're planning on restarting Midnight, an old BlogFic, but they will when they have the motivation.

On the Wiki

>They used to be on many roleplays, but since going inactive, they have dropped them.

>Their account is Brook That Reflects Blue Skies, beacuse they changed it when they changed their name to Brookskies.


Jasminepaw is a happy person who loves to brightens peoples days. They can be stubborn or annoying some (most) times, but they love anyone and everyone. They love to tell puns and jokes. They aren't active, and when they do check the blog they tend to simply stalk it, rather than posting anything.


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Jasion (Jasmine x Onion)

Jasven (Me x Raven)

When i was robbie i was randomly shipped with win but i can't think of a ship name for that now so :P


They were shipped with Maple once (thanks Cheetah :P)

Flazz (Flighty just added that, but I was hopping to ship!)




"I exist apparently" ~Jas

"Sheshishion" ~Jas trying to pronounce decision

"I ALMOST MADE A SALT CHOKE!" Autocorrect killing Jas on Discord

"DON'T TOUCH MAH CHICKEN PATTIES!!!1!1!1!1" Jas on Discord yelling at their brother

"I NEED TO SHOE MY MOM" Jas on Discord

"Guy go check your wiki confustions


Confusions There" -Jaz misspelling confusions multiple times

"You’ll see when you check your wiki confusions" - also Jaz forgetting what they were typing and using the word confusions instead of notifications

Enter you favorite phrase I said!


" Now I'm thinking of "Robin With Flying Briars" and imagining a bunch of flying briars attacking someone :P" ~Frosty 2K17 when I told him I was changing my warrior name to Robinbriar

"Wow I sound so mature here. WHAT HAPPENED? " ~Dusky 2K17

"Don't abuse chat anymore!" ~Frosty 2K17 when we were slapping chat

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"Jazzy is the jazziest jazzer, a super duper uper friend, and a great bean.” ~Roseie

"Rose covered everything I was going to say :P." ~Lilypaw

Jazzy is a wonderful person, who knows more about Harry Potter than anyone I know! They're jazzier than jazz, and are an amazing writer, and an even better friend. ~ Iris


- They used to be lawfully married to Raven

- They love singing

- They are bad at spelling

- They are asexual and demiromantic

- Their favorite school subject is science and math

- They joined sometime between 2016 and 2017... I don't remember, really

- They're in high school

- Old names include: Lilysong, Robinfeather, Robinbriar, Brookskies, and considered changing their name again recently to something more gender-nuetral

-They are ngenderfluid, and use any and all pronouns. This page is written only using they, but don't worry about it.


I will ask to add or add pictures to the gallery, if you want a picture here please ask me first!