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Hello, in this page you can learn stuff about Howlbreeze.                                         



Howlbreezes's purrsona is a soft-furred dark brown and white she-cat with aquamarine eyes.

Howlbreeze can be very crazy, for example when she starts talking about Barney. She can be very indecisive sometimes.

Random Facts About Her[]

- She has 7 cats

- She owns The Power of Three: The Sight in spanish!

- The name she got from the official warrior cats website was Timberwillow

-According to the Warrior cats website the character she is most like is Ivypool and the clan she belongs to is RiverClan.

- Her favourite Warrior Cats are Mothwing, Mistystar, Graypool, Honeyfern,Thrushpelt, Squirrelflight, Sol, and Turtle tail.

- She likes potatoes (But she currently can't eat them :C)

-She likes Paddington Bear!

- She has a secret page!

- English is not her first language, but she has learned it all her life. Spanish is her first language!  

- She loves Gravity Falls and Studio Ghibli films. 

- Her zodiac is Sagittarius. 

- Her favourite color is purple. 

How she Started Reading Warriors/ how she found BlogClan[]

Honey started reading Warriors when she was in 5th grade because a friend told her that it was good. She loved cats already so she started. She loved it!        

She joined Blogclan the 4th of May 2020. Honeysplash became inactive in July or August, but she returned the 12 of December 2020.

Where Can You Find Her[]

Howlbreeze can be found anywhere, sometimes she is in The Hug Page and sometimes in the tavern.


- Playing guitar

- BlogClan!

- Drawing

- Exercise 

- Swimming

Clanniversary and Birthday[]

- December 11: Birthday

- May 4: Clanniversary


Honey Splash is a very kind cat! -Goldenkit

Honeysplash is very funny! I like to chat with her in the wiki chat and i have fun doing so! -Goldenberry

Honey is an awesome person and an awesome friend but Barney IS very creepy :P - Aquila

Howler is very friendly and a pleasure to be around! I get excited when I see her around the Blog. ~Captain

Friends! (you can add yourself if you like)[]





Aquila (Eaglepaw)


[2]Goldenpaw :)






Breezey :D (hey we have the same birthday!)



Nilla! (Vanillapaw/spark)



riv :p

ships []

I just h

ad to add this (this happened in the shipping discussion page)

Honey x Winnie the poo

Honey x Paddington bear

Honey x Barney 

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