Prequel to my one-shot,Into the Darkness,Home is about Robinpaw,who thought nothing could ever interest him more than ThunderClan.He was wrong.

Otherwise,Foxtail wouldn't exist.


“Robinpaw?"Snakepaw called after him.Her white fur glowed like pure moonlight in the dark forest shadows at twilight.“Where are you?"

Robinpaw stopped.“I'm over here!"He started to say,before the black she-cat clapped her tail over his mouth.

She mouthed the words Be quiet.

Terror and curiousity burned through Robinpaw's veins.The she-cat looked familiar,but he didn't know her.

“Follow,"she whispered.Silent as a shadow in the dark of the night,the black cat ran into the forest.Robinpaw couldn't keep up with her,relying on her scent to find her.

“Robinpaw!"Snakepaw called again.Then she didn't speak again.He assumed she gave up.

The cat stopped and turned to the apprentice.“I am Meekfighter.Now,Robinpaw,you must never speak of what you see here to any cat - understand?"

Breathlessy,nervously,Robinpaw nodded.He wasn't sure why: he was terrified.But he wanted to know more.This cat held her head high,her tail curling around her paws,the picture of elegance.And he couldn't place her name or her scent,but he felt as if he knew her.