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Complicated purrsona: Hollyfrost is a sleek white she-cat with silver stripes, chest, underbelly, ear tips, ear tufts, and tail tip. She also has some holly berries with a leaf by her ear and hot pink scarf. Her tail is very fluffy as well as her chest. She also has sharp ice blue eyes.

Simple purrsona: Sleek white she-cat with silver markings and sharp ice blue eyes.


I like to consider myself kind, kinda brave, sweet, helpful, shy, scared easily, adventurous, caring, loyal, leader type, almost always happy, annoying (when I want to be).

BlogClan Friends

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JuJu! (Fallowheart)


Freepaw! :D

Willowpaw/fur :)

Dazzlepaw/Daze :3

Dandelionpaw :>

Ya Queen Soultra of the Lonehearts



Mossi :D

Mounty! :D (Mountainpaw/storm)

Dandelion! :D


My birthday is November 30th!

I'm actually supposed to be going to middle school but I had a late birthday so I had to wait.

I LOVE anime.

My favorite anime is My Hero Academia (MHA).

I almost fractured my arm.

My favorite MHA season is the sports festival/tournament arc.

My favorite warrior cat is Bluestar.

I've gone through many different cat AND wolf styles.

My cosplay TikTok is: @blakes_anime_and_cosplay.

My sister (lets just say her name is Flamesky) is a Bakugo kinnie while I'm a Deku kinnie-

Sometimes I play by myself and make stories.

Almost everything I listen to is Japanese music. 0-0

My Discord is: 💫kokichi oma💫#7878

I like FNaF (Five Nights at Freddy's) but I don't play it.

I like FNaF (Five Nights at Freddy's) but I don't play it.

I've made a Warrior cat play with my friends before.

I have SO MANY OCs.

Sometimes I stay up really late on school nights and text my friends on Discord.

I like to cosplay despite only having one.

My favorite color is pink!

I play Genshin Impact

I learn song lyrics easily.

My favorite song is Peace Sign from MHA.

The book that got me into reading was the Graystripe's Adventure manga.

I love drawing, though I can't that often because of school.

I play softball and basketball.

I used to play tennis.

I am very cringey I will not deny it.

One of my favorite foods is cheese. TvT

I love eating ramen.

My favorite subject is art (if that counts).

My friends say I have a crush when I don't. >:( (*cough* The one teasing me is totally not Springstorm *cough*.)

My OC Moonsplash is supposed to have a personality of Hawks and Bakugo from MHA mixed together.

shoyo hinata is my best friend,favorite characer and my comfort character,im also obsessed with him :D

i kin a lot of anime characters :D

i do digital anime journaling (i can't spell) on my sister's ipad.

my two favorite Japanese singers are LiSA and SPYAIR

I'm Making my own Manga! it's going to be called "When Two World's Meet"

I'm making my own danganronpa fangame! if you wanna join the discord server lmk! also go check out the wiki for it! it's called Danganronpa: Bleeding Truth

i recently got into DDLC (Doki Doki Literature Club)! My favorite character is Natsuki :D

IRL friends







(none are on BlogClan)

Other Fandoms

My Hero Academia (kind of- I love MHA but I heard the fandom is really toxic).

Anime (if that counts-).

Disney (if it counts).

Wings of Fire

FNaF (Five Nights at Freddy's)

Wolf Community

Roblox (does that count?).


Roblox Piggy


Blogclan 9.9

danganronpa :D

And others I cant think of right now :DD

My quotes/OC quotes

"Lets kill this world and let the anime overlords rule the world"

~ Hollyfrost/me

"Okay! Their names are Stupidkit, Dumbkit and Uglykit"


"I wanna go swimming when I'm an apprentice!"




"Shut up before I claw your ears off, this isn't a chat all day thing idiots, we're supposed to be exploring the territory! Sometimes I don’t understand you mouse brains"


"Do they ever shut up?"


"Shut up Lynxpaw"


"To Sunpaw's surprise, that shut them up."


"That's a Twoleg nest, don't go there unless I say"


"Uhm yes, listen to Moonsplash, heh"


"A Twoleg thingamabob? I don't even know what's happening in my life-"


"Quiet Root whatever your name is, I lead the way, not you, so be quiet, happy face"


"Quiet back there! Even a old Tribe cat could hear you from the mountains!"


"No no no!!!! Not like that you furball!"


"Perfect! The smol kit has learned some sense!"


"Shut up and let me show you! You darn nerd"


"i quit this normal world for underlings and im going to the superior haikyuu and mha world, see ya never unless you come with me 😃"


"people who want anime to be real,listen up:

anime IS real,we just don't know it,i know i might sound crazy but i believe it does. anything can happen if we believe hard enough. let's keep our attitude and thoughts this way so we can see them in the future! we can also make fanfic's,get merch,plushies, and anything we can do to keep our spirit's up that there is hope that their real. remember this even when you think it isn't true,we must keep our hope's up! let's even try to find our way into the anime world! it will work if we try hard enough,they could also appear in our dreams. we WILL make this a reality! all we have to do is believe! just like shoyo hinata says: "the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams", hanako-kun also says: "the one's with the most power are the one's who don't know how to give up". let's never give up and make this a reality!"


How I found BlogClan

So I was searching up some stuff about Graystripe (don't ask why-) and I saw a BlogClan article and read it, it was pretty good so I stayed around a bit, a few days later I got to join BlogClan! My first comment was February 15th 2021!

Around the Blog

You can either find me on the Anime discussion page, Art page, the Tavern, Hazelpage,and most recently, Fan Fiction page! But you can almost find me anywhere! :D

Some of my OC's and their clans (NOT ALL OF THEM)

Lilywhisper - WaterClan

Goldensky - LilyClan

Breezestar - BreezeClan

Flossstar -BreezeClan

Sunpaw - WaterClan

Lynxpaw - WaterClan

Honeysplash - WaterClan

Gibliheart - LilyClan

Evergreenwind - LilyClan

Roseflower - LilyClan

Goldenshine - WaterClan

Cinder - Rouge

Flame - Rouge

Cloudy - Rouge

Lily - Rouge

Moonstone - WaterClan

Brightkit - WaterClan

Cloudfrost - WaterClan

Featherstar - LilyClan

Gingerfur - BreezeClan

Snowpelt - BreezeClan

Duststorm - BreezeClan

Dawnpaw - BreezeClan

Duskpaw - BreezeClan

Fawnbreeze - LilyClan

Snowpool - LilyClan

Soft - Rouge

Creamflower - ShadeClan

Pumpkinstar - ShadeClan

Nightclaw - ShadeClan

Timberfur - LilyClan

Poppystar - MeadowClan

Oakpelt - LilyClan

Dawnstrike - LilyClan

Rootdance - WaterClan

Cinderstar - WaterClan

Applebelly - WaterClan

Birdstar - WaterClan

Lightningleap - LilyClan

Willowpounce - MeadowClan


MHA character(s): Ochaco Uraraka and Deku (Izuku Midoriya)

Warrior cat: Bluestar

Book: Bluestar's Prophecy

Anime: My Hero Academia

Clan: ThunderClan

Made up Clan: LilyClan, BreezeClan or WaterClan

My OC: Hmmmm either Cinder, Featherstar or Sunpaw

Color: Pink

Wings of Fire character: Tsunami

Piggy character: Zizzy

Movie: Hmmmmm I don't really have one

YouTuber: BFF squad

Piggy ship: Zizzy x Pony

Warrior cat ship: Bluestar x Oakheart

Song: Peace Sign from MHA

Opening: Peace Sign from MHA

Least favorite's:

mha character: DUMB MINETA!

warrior cat: tigerclaw/star

book: moonrise (so far)

anime: i don't really have a least favorite

clan: don't have one

one of my made up clans: mountainclan

oc: goldenshine

color: red

wigs of fire character: uhhhh queen scarlet i guess

piggy character: probably zompiggy

movie: don't have one

youtuber: don't have one

piggy ship: memory x angel

warrior cat ship: apparently people ship bluestar x tigerclaw/star????

song: don't have one

op: don't have one


featherstar's past -on hold

poppystar's faith - on hold

cinder's courage - on hold

the sun's wish - in progress

piggy: the journey begins; book #1 - on hold

piggy: the journey begins: doggy's story - completed!

warriors: the brightest star - on hold

piggy,the honest story,book #1 - on hold

warriors: the silent forest -on hold

my piggy universe - not started yet

creamflower's destiny - on hold

joined together - on hold

pebblecloud's path - on hold

shattered moon: the unknown land - on hold

connect the stars: #1: shining stars - not started yet

the rouges book #1: the exile - on hold

partners in crime (sondam) - in progress

im the mastermind (chihiro fugisaki) - not started yet


royal high to U.A

my piggy universe

Mha roleplay

your quotes!

feel free to add some of your quote's we've had in conversations!


Feel free to add fanart here!


do you have a question for me? if so, add it here and i'll answer it!
Q from Soultra: How have your favorite characters from Warriors (or from a certain anime) affected your personality?

Answer: how hve character's affected my personality? as far as warrior cats, bluestar is my favorite and i really love her! for anime, i guess my favorite anime characters affected me because i talk about them all day :D a specific character would have to be Kokichi Oma!

Mounty question: How did you choose the name Hollyfrost?




watching anime

making story's

zoom calls/facetime/discord call my friends


making tiktoks

Blogclan :)

and many others!


My pets

as i said before, i can't upload pictures, because i don't have a account, but i have a black and white cat named Sylvester, a white and brown dog named Minnie, a blueish gray pitbull named Junior, i had a black and tan Chihuahua (is that how it's spelled?) named Gizmo,but he went missing,i had a white and black spotted cat named dottie,who ran away, i had i think a main coon? if not idk what breed,but his name was maxwell, though he died at 9 months i think :( i had two black and white cats named skully and Chomosuke but my mom gave them away. i also had a dog named JJ but he died.

My favorite quotes

"it takes time, to create something big"

-from mha

"you can become a hero"

- from mha

"it's fine,why?because im here"

-from mha

"as long as im around,your the greatest"

-from haikyuu!!

"oh look it's union head!"

-from haikyuu!!

"ok kamado hbahjhhghcj, im going to beat you!"

-from demon slayer

"my name's not 'loser' it's tanjiro kamado!"

-from demon slayer

"no matter how much you regret or wish,if you couldn't do something in life,you can't do it after death either."

-from toilet-bound hanako-kun

"you know,you shouldn't have forced yourself.just be yourself"

-from toilet-bound hanako-kun

"the one's with the most power are the one's who don't know how to give up"

-from toilet-bound hanako-kun

"truly and deeply,thank you for giving,my life to me"

-from angel beats

"we have no choice but to accept the one and only life we're given,no matter how cruel and heartless it might be"

-from angel beats

"if i punch myself and it hurts,am i too weak or too strong?"

-from angel beats

"the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams"

-from haikyuu!!


If you have a new nickname for me add it here!





Deku Kinnie

Ochaco Uraraka


hinata kinnie


i currently have three articles published! one is called "some of my favorite warrior cats and why". another one is "defending characters: spottedleaf and bluestar'. and the other one is: "defending characters:spottedleaf by hollyfrost". i also have submitted many articles! i finished a colab article with willowpaw/fur! im also working on a article with reedpaw/wish,but its on hold until i start omen of the stars. if you want to make a colab article with me, i have a bunch of secret pages,so just let me know!

Anime chatting

hello fellow weebs and otaku's :D doyou ever need someone to talk about anime with? well you came to the right place! if you want to chat just put your blogclan name in this section and put what you wanna write, this is a example: 'hollyfrost(or holly): anyone alive?'. so yeah basically that and if you want to specifically reply to a specific person here's a example: 'holly: {insert name here}, {insert reply here}'. so yeah, lets have fun!!!

Holly: hi everyone welcome!!!!! if this get's too long than i'll make a page for it! anyway's what's up?

Her majesty, Souldust: First, I wanted to sneak in a compliment asdfhaskdfhasdfh Holly is a very fun person to talk to, and I really enjoy reading her comments on the anime age. Second, Hollyyyyy, may I have I have your thoughts on Bakugo :P

Holly: hello! sorry for the late reply! ty for the compliment :D and as for bakugou, he's actually one of my favorite characters :D