Heatherfrost is a light, dusty-tan, brown she-cat with greyish-blue eyes and a white splotch on her forehead. She also has a white splotch on her two front paws. She is strangely skinny for her age.

On the Blog Edit

Heatherfrost has been around since December 2014 and is quite obnoxious at times but always willing to be kind and is extremely welcoming to new members!


Heatherfrost can come off as arrogant, cocky, and not really caring about others. Although that is basically her personality in one sentence, she is filled with extreme guilt when she isn't selfless and when the time comes, she can really be helpful and kind and while doing so is often stubborn; although most of the time she's an egotistical jerk.

In Trailing StarsEdit

Heatherfrost *sadly* has not been starred in The trailing stars and currently isn't promised a role, but she is eager to be a writer and is in Jerry the Jar.