Hazelburrow is a handsome, hazel-colored tom with white legs and turquoise eyes.

On the blogEdit

Hazelburrow is the son of Kate. He is also a moderator, and organises the Gatherings. He is in charge of the Blog livechat. He is always kind to all members and seems to like the word "rude". He also is known for being a fan of Doctor Who. 

Trailing Stars Edit

Hazelburrow appears in Chapter 4 when he is found by Brightshadow with Kat. There is a tender moment when he is reunited with his mother, Cakestar.

He appears briefly in Chapter 6, when he has the idea to take food from Twolegplace. He is a part of patrol B and leads the cats to the Twolegplace he had seen.

Trailing Stars Graphic Novel. Edit

Coming soon.


  • He is an often shipped cat on BlogClan, having notably been paired with Dawnmist
  • He was one of the candidates to be BlogClan's deputy in the first elections, but lost by one vote.
  • His real name is Joshua (nicknamed Josh), and he is Kate's son.
  • He has been working on plans for Gatherings.
  • Waffleheart was once suggested to be his warrior name.