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BlogClan 2 Wikia

Gracepaw, or Gracey/Gracie/Gracy/Grace, is an apprentice of BlogClan. They hope that you can get to know them better by reading this page <3

This page is still in progress. I'll try to update it when I can, but sometimes I don't have the time.

This page was coded by the wonderful, one and only Willa with the help of the coolest, charming celebrity Coldie and yours truly, Gracey!

⊹˙⋆ ༶ .⁺˖Life on BlogClan˖⁺. ༶ ⋆˙⊹[]


Gracey goes by any pronoun except he/him, and prefers they/them or she/her. Their gender is questioning, although they think that it's probably bisexual.


Gracey's first mentor was Crystalstorm, although (I believe) he hasn't been seen in a long time. Their current mentor is the one and only Dovestream, who ran for medicine cat in the 2021 elections. They are still an apprentice, and therefore have no apprentice yet.


Gracey is a big Warriors fan, and during the corona pandemic, when they had just gotten into middle school, and was lonely alone at home, they happened to be cruising the web, searching 'Warrior Cats' and 'Kate Cary' and whatnot when they happened to stumble across BlogClan. They were intriuged, and tried clicking the link, scrolling through several of the pages, and felt a sudden connection. They felt like they had to join and that this was the perfect site for them.

Gracey's first comment was on the Say Hi/Please Introduce Yourself page, on August 31st, 2020, which means that Gracey has almost been on the blog for over a year if they hadn't been inactive! Gracey started off with Blossompaw/sash, who is their best friend, as Gracepaw/splash. However, Bloomie the Cheezits Master (I think she was called that) went inactive for quite some time, although now she's back as Koalapaw. Gracey was often on many pages at once, and quickly became close friends with Dovepaw, who is Dovestream while xe was an apprentice, and Rainpaw (Formerly Rainsong but currently Raindance). They participated in Coldheart's clan, SnowClan.

There was a period of inactiveness, because they had to move away to a different place.

When they finally got back, they were on-and-off, because they weren't exactly settled down. Only around the middle of June did they become active. They happily became mentor and apprentice with their friend, Dovestream, who was now a warrior.

Currently, they run a game called Gracey's Games on their secret page.


Gracey has written a couple articles, with Bloomie/Koallee or alone. They are: Forest vs. Lake: Which One Rules? by Gracepaw and Blxssom, Some Things I Noticed About Appledusk and Harley by Gracepaw, and Worst 10 mates and fathers in the whole Warriors world by Gracepaw (meant to be Worst 10 mates and mothers in the whole warriors world by Gracepaw)

A birthday post has been created for Gracey. They have had no clanniversary posts on them.

⊹˙⋆ ༶ .⁺˖Life on the Wikia˖⁺. ༶ ⋆˙⊹[]

Gracey joined on July 7th 2021, as Gracey The SplashWing :D

Their second account is Gracey?WhoIsThat?? Which they just made because they couldn’t sign in.

Mostly they're active on their own page, their own fanfiction page, and their AU page.

The background for this page, made by Gracey, has double meanings:

  1. Changing from Gracepaw/splash to Gracepaw/blossom! (Fun Fact: The name of this page is meant to give off that hawaiian beach vibe, with the hibiscus, color, and font like some old treasure map, maybe? :P. Do you feel it?)
  2. From early morning to early dusk :) As much as I love the nighttime, the colors during the day are so pretty!

⊹˙⋆ ༶ .⁺˖Personality˖⁺. ༶ ⋆˙⊹[]

Gracey doesn't exactly know what their personality really is, but on the Myers-Briggs personality test they are a ESFP. On the Allignment chart they are Chaotic Evil. *cue the evil laughter* They think they can be a leader-type, proud, stubborn, and independent, but also very, very lazy. They also always love pulling pranks on their friends. Gracey tries to be sassy and funny, but personally they think they're spectacularly failing. They're an escapist and procrastinator... They're a multi-tasker (ugh I should get the record for the shortest focus period of all time). In real life, they're really prickly and defensive, but (probably?) a cinnamon roll underneath. They tend to be the younger sibling kind of person, as they're always getting headpats from taller peers. They think that are the "Storm before the calm."

⊹˙⋆ ༶ .⁺˖Purrsona˖⁺. ༶ ⋆˙⊹[]

»BlogClan Version«[]

On the BlogClan Allegiances, Gracey's purrsona can be seen listed as a night-black she-cat with aquamarine eyes and pale gray hind paws.

»Detailed Version«[]

Gracey is as follows:

  • Texture: Sleek but somewhat spiky-furred
  • Size: Little short in height, sort of plump
  • Fur and Gender: Night-black cat
  • Eye Color: Bright aquamarine eyes
  • Other Features: Pale gray hind paws, long, slightly brown and gold-tinted tail (like ombre, except it's barely recognizable), long claws, small scars around their neck from when a Twoleg kit forcefully tried to put a collar on (completely fictional).
  • Breed: They consider themselves to be a Bombay and Ojos Azules mix, because they are an almost completely solid black cat (Bombay) with blue eyes (Ojos Azules).

They think that they would look like this if their purrsona was a real cat:


⊹˙⋆ ༶ .⁺˖Q&A Corner˖⁺. ༶ ⋆˙⊹[]

Answering questions :D

  1. Q: What's your favorite animal? ~Willa
    A: Has to be a cat or a wolf. (Although, snakes are really cool too!)
  2. Q: Do your parents know you're on the Blog? -BRi
    A: Yes, but they don't know I'm on a LOT. But I get my work done so I'm pretty sure it's OK.
  3. Q: Do you have discord, and if you do, whats your tag? :D - Doveee
    A: Yes, it's Gracey#6207! (or maybe 🌊Gracey🌺Gracie🌺Grace🌊#6207. try both)

⊹˙⋆ ༶ .⁺˖Random Fun Facts˖⁺. ༶ ⋆˙⊹[]

  • Gracey loves writing. The one they're most into right now is Dark Gray Stripes (AU prompt) or Rainbow Colored Battlegrounds (also considering Rainbow Splattered Battlegrounds), which is one on race, and me wondering what if there were not just 'blacks' and 'whites' but also others of different colors. Also, they're re-writing a fanfic on warriors they made long ago, called Two Forests. They also have another fanfic currently in progress called The Dark Side of the Moon. And they're thinking about writing a new one, probably Briarsplash's Song or Shadestar's Hunt or Over the Mountains (gosh I have too many going on at once) aaaaaaaand there's also AU ideas like Solar Eclipse/Lunar Eclipse (SunfallXMoonflower, 2 versions from both of their perspectives) Blue Thrushes in the Forest (BluefurXThrushpelt, told from both in a single story), Stars of Thistle (Thistlestar/claw). All their fanfictions on that they have revealed to BlogClan is here and here.
  • Gracey's ethnicity is Japanese but they've lived in the USA longer; they used to live in the US but then they had to go back to Japan, where they currently reside
  • Gracey is a proud June Gemini 200%
  • Traits in "Personalities" make her Bellona's daughter, Artemis's Hunter, Hermes's daughter, and Loki's daughter.
  • Gracey is Slytherclaw, more towards Ravenclaw.
  • The only pets Gracey have ever had are two goldfish - named Swimmy and Ribbon
  • They can be a middle-schooler while going to elementary school, as well as be a 6th grader while being a 7th grader. ((So, where Gracey lives, it's different from the American/British school system, such as that school starts in April, students walk to school in groups, 6th graders are required to watch over the 1st graders, elementary ends at 6th grade, students have to pass a extremely hard exam to get into the best schools, there are cram schools, etc.))
  • Gracey thinks that Dove really needs some real sleep and will report her to the sleep police if they catch her sleepy-headed on discord again >:0000
  • Gracey is the valued sleep patrol chief since 2021
  • One of their most interesting conversations on the blog has been on the Rotations, page 24.
  • They use too many of:
    • Ahhh
    • <3
    • Dear/darling/marvellous
  • They have a lot of things they like and dislike! Here's the list, along with my RP characters-

Frostbite - Lean, shaggy-furred very pale gray cat with sharp, silver-flecked blue eyes, long, ugly gash going across inner side of front right leg, 2 gold loop earrings on left ear. (all pronouns) Scathing, cold, silent, observant, dry-humored, sharp, and quick-footed. He's always been a rouge. Sure, she's raided the clans a couple of times, and has a bad reputation, but fey're always one step ahead of the clans, meaning they can't be caught. Ey and Eclipse have an arranged marriage, as Eclipse's parents need the area leader, Frost's permission to be on the "safe haven for rouges", which also happens to be Frost's territory. Hir nickname is "Rouge" as ze sometimes comes back covered in blood.

Eclipsekit/shade - Long, soft-furred black she-cat with gold and white splotches with light blue eyes. (She/her) Witty, quirky, not big fan of physical contact, lone, prefers to keep to self. She's actually a spy for her rouge band leader parents, sent in as a part of a mission to learn more about the clans and their strategies. However, the Clans do not know this. She doesn't get along very well with her older brother, Brittlethorn, who is also part of the plan. The two look nothing alike as Eclipse is similar to her father while Brittle is in-between.

Lakekit/sight aka Swiftnose (the two are exactly the same, just different names and backgrounds) - White she-cat(s) with gray splashes (dual mask and flank), emerald-green eyes with a scar over right.

Wolfrunner - Fluffy dark gray she-cat with piercing amber eyes. Observant, intelligent, loyal, rebellious, realistic, logical, proud, likes familiar things, feisty, hot-tempered, fierce, stubborn

Clan: RiverClan Arc: Dawn of the Clans

Food: Curry, Chocolate (sweets in geneeral), or Sweet baked yam. It's a tie.

Cats: Larkwing (I dunno why), River Ripple, Night, (add later)

⊹˙⋆ ༶ .⁺˖Friends˖⁺. ༶ ⋆˙⊹[]

Don't be shy, add your name to this section! Gracey considers everyone their friend <3

⊹˙⋆ ༶ .⁺˖Thoughts on Gracey˖⁺. ༶ ⋆˙⊹[]

  • Well, they're a clumsy, weird person who manages to fail at everything in ways others haven't done :P They also have this strange habit of chucking Dobob off Lego planes but that's another chat for later -Gracey
  • Gracey is a really nice person who always tries to be positive, fun, and funny. <3 ~Willa (Tyyy <3)
  • Y'all, Gracie is awesome, and friendly and talented, you should totally give them a high five ;3)) -Dove (ur the best, best dreams to u) (
    • Stormi replying to Dove's comment ~ *Leaps up and gives Gracey le best high five in the history of high fives*
    • Replies with all four paws so kinda like a high-four-leg? I mean cats don't have 5 fingers.. WHO CARES ANYWAY??? NOT ME!!! *High-fives Stormi cause they can*
  • Gracie is the kindest most amazing friend with the kindest offers EVER! She is such a lovely person with such a warm heart and I appreciate her presence on BlogClan and the wiki SO MUCH! -Drizzlepaw ♡♡♡ (Thank you Drizzy darling, you just made my day :D)
  • Gracey is the kindest, most amazing person EVER! They make the best warrior names ever and they win a lot of NTAs on the game page AND have amazing art! (Check out their Mountainpaw art down there ⬇️) And their Gracey's Games are great fun! -Frosti (Awww, Frosti that's so sweet! You're an marvellous friend <3333)

⊹˙⋆ ༶ .⁺˖Gallery˖⁺. ༶ ⋆˙⊹[]

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