Hi! My name is Goldenpaw, although you can call me Golden, or any other nickname you have for me.

My likes: ice cream, Blogclan,friendly people, roleplays, Warriors, Divergent series, Wings of Fire series, Riordanverse, Harry Potter series (do i look like a bookworm yet??:P), and finally, the Hunger Games series. My favorite shows are Steven Universe (which ended *sniff*) and the Owl House. I am very interested in astrology, and my zodiac sign is Virgo. Also, all adorable OCS are automatically my CHILDREN.

My dislikes: Feeling awkward, waking up early, when people annoy me on purpose, horror movies, cheesecake, homework, feeling left out, and bad movies.

Fav warriors characters:


Moth Flight

Graystripe(that guy is such a bean)





Least favorite warrior cats:






I can be very awkward and not know what to say, which can sometimes make me look stupid. Usually, I'm pretty friendly and I'm super active on Blogclan. Usually, I'll be doing roleplays (seriously I love those things) or in the Tavern. I am an introvert (which probably explains why I'm on here so much). Usually, when I'm on Blogclan, I am less awkward, and I am artistic (i draw a lot of cat pics), truthful, and weird. I can be a bit scatterbrained and forget things. Also, I am too energetic for my own good.

In real life, I am a bit more reserved (ok a lot more reserved) but as I get to know people better, then I act pretty much like I do on the Blog.

My *Friendos* Edit

(You can add yourself on if ya want)

Honeysplash <3

Reddusk (Hewo, it me)


Aquila (Eaglepaw) ans cheesy ice cream


Turtlepaw/ dapple



Driftingpaw :D


Roleplays I'm in Edit

The tests (Torrent, Remorse, Stark , Ivory, Mars, and Amity.)

Darkwings Academy (Nova Rising)

Thunderblaze's Roleplay (Sunshadow)

Echoclan (Stormpaw) 

Harveymoon's Roleplay (Mistshadow) 

Crimsonstar's roleplay (Crystalspirit)

(I'm probably in more but my brain isn't letting me remember them)

How I discovered Warriors/Blogclan Edit

So one day I was bored, and I decided to go on Google Books and read a random sample. So I found the first book of Warrior Cats in my recommendations, so I decided to give it a try. I usually didn't read stuff like this, but I was looking for a new book series to read at the time. So I read the sample..and I loved it! I found the full books in my local library and finished the first series in about two weeks, and I've been reading it ever since.

When I discovered Blogclan, it was like 3 years after I found Warriors. I was bored(have you noticed a pattern yet), and so I went on the internet and searched up Steven Universe Articles (or something like that), and stumbled upon a Steven Universe discussion page on Blogclan. I joined in the chat, and then wandered off to explore the rest of this strange site called Blogclan. Apparently, it wasn't Steven Universe...but a Warriors website! After I checked it out, I was instantly hooked. I have been on this platform for almost a month now!

What other people say about me Edit

(there's probably not going to be much but eh) Goldenpaw is very nice and funny! i love talking to her in the live chat because i can bring my friends the pig squad, teacher coolio and schoolwork!- Honeysplash

Aah! There are so many amazing things about her!! She precedes to be kind to me, and make me laugh and smile. I don't know how she does it, but she's amazing every day. -Crookedmoon

Quotes from me Edit

Fandoms Edit


Wings of Fire


Harry Potter


Steven universe

Dear Evan Hansen

The School of Good and evil

(I am sorta interested in anime, but I don't watch it that much.)

Stuff about me Edit

I am in middle school (7th grade)

I am a hardcore Mothpool shipper

My favorite subject is literacy

I live in the US.

I have two younger sisters named Bouncekit and Jadekit.

My favorite animal is cats (why not), and snow foxes.

My favorite musician is Alec Benjamin

I make a lot of blue eyed OCS

I go on the wiki chat a lot but it's pretty much dead by now ;-;

My Harry Potter house is Ravenclaw

My Divergent faction would be Erudite

I use a lot of emoticons ( my favorite being OwO)

I don't have any pets (But i want to)

I am a perfectonist (I start drawing something, then stop because it sucks)

I can get jealous very easily

My birthday is on August 25

My favorite color is purple

My favorite type of art is sketching

I am a mediator (INFP) according to the Myer Briggs personality system.

ok thanks for reading this bye-

coding by Moons <3
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