BlogClan 2 Wikia



Other Names Ging, SandyCat135
Relatives Streampaw
Affiliation BlogClan, Foodclan
Biographical information
Mentor none
Apprentice n/a
Rank kit
Physical description
Gender She-cat
Breed scottish fold
Fur Color light ginger tabby
Eye Color amber

Gingerkit is a soft-furred ginger tabby she-kit with amber eyes and one white paw and a nick in her left ear. She is also a scottish fold.

On the blog

Gingerkit rarely posts on the blog anymore, preferring to let her sister Streampaw to do it for her. She likes to read fanfiction.

On the wiki

Gingerkit made this page for the purpose of Streampaw teaching her how to code. Currently she has no account.


  • the word Gingerkit autocorrects to Think it(lol)
  • she is a member of foodclan under the name lemonkit (lemonwater)
  • Her original fursona was a ginger tabby and white she-cat named Gingertail, but after holding a poll on the warrior names page she changed it to gingerleaf