The Gathering is an event held on BlogClan about every time Hazelburrow returns to the blog.

The Gathering takes place on the live chat on the blog, and the Gathering's Cbox has been used ever since the live chat began running. There are four teams, the Relatively Excitable Stoats, the Time Travelling Otters, the Freewheeling Ferrets, and the Neon Weasels. During the December 2015 Gathering, these teams were switched to the Swift-footed Shrews, the Chromatic Moles‎, and the Hypersonic Hedgehogs.

During the Gathering, the Gathering teams compete in contests, such as

  • Flame's NTA
  • Name this Warrior
  • A fanfic contest
  • A drawing contest
    • There are topics for the fanfics/drawings, and a time limit.
  • Many more