Frostfeather is a skinny white tom with light grey markings, a bushy tail, large ears, and ice blue eyes.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Not much to say here, i’m kind of an introvert, mostly talk to other older members. you might see me around discord sometimes

On the Blog[edit | edit source]

I used to be a pretty active person on the Blog, but left a while back. I’ve been to two Gatherings and did pretty good on the third NTA round until I hit another inactive streak. I was mostly on the Tavern, Hug Page, and Fanfics. I have since made efforts to rejoin, most recently on July 9th, 2019.

On the Wiki[edit | edit source]

Like the Blog, I was pretty active on the wiki, but I fell into an eternal pit of inactivity. I mostly chatted with people and read fanfics, and for a while was pretty active in the main roleplay.

Friends[edit | edit source]

I consider all of you my friends!

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • I joined the Blog on February 16, 2016, and the wiki on February 20, 2016.
  • I’m a freshman in high school
  • I have a black lab named Ellie
  • I’m an INFP and Hufflepuff
  • I play drums and piano (neither all that well) and am taking Spanish right now
  • My favorite shows include Star Wars: The Clone Wars, The Walking Dead, The Office, The Middle, Young Justice, and The Goldbergs
  • I like music a lot. I listen to it a ton, and some of my favorite bands include Fleetwood Mac, Twenty One Pilots, Bon Jovi, Queen, Linkin Park, and Green Day, but I’m open to song suggestions
  • That being said, my favorite genre by far is 70s/80s music
  • I also love nature, ice cream, waffles, fuzzy things, and animals.
  • On the flipside, I hate spiders (and most other bugs in general), heights, being in public, wet socks, and actually being productive
  • Besides the Blog and wiki, I have a Discord (danger noodle#8671) account that is linked to the Blog.

Trailing Stars[edit | edit source]

I made a brief appearance in Chapter 23, helping Cheetah drag Hazelburrow out of range from the badger fight

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