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Foxshadow is a long-furred cream she cat with splotches of orange brown and black with a white chest and tail tip with black socks and ears She has forest green eyes and an unusual narrow muzzle which is slightly longer than usual. A brown feather hangs from her ear with a green vine.

Her fursona reference sheet is to the right >>>

Foxshadow also has an alternate design nicknamed Foxi

A long-furred, cream she-cat with splotches of purpley orange and brown with a very light lilac chest and tail tip with dark purple socks and ears. She has green eyes and an unusual narrow muzzle which is slightly longer than usual. She also has a feather hanging from her ear with a gold chain.

Also Smol.

that reference sheet is here



  • : She joined Blogclan on the 16th of December 2015
  • : Her birthday is the 17th July
  • Her biggest passions are nature and art.

  • When she is older, she aspires to be a naturalist/conservationist and an illustrator

  • Some of her best friends on blogclan (and elsewhere) are Willowstream and Airwave

  • She does not have any pets, however she really wishes she does (;-;)

  • She lives in the UK

  • She  used to be homeschooled until she was 9

  • She used  to live in Scotland (I miss it so much)

  • She is vegetarian

  • She is obsessed with Fairy Tail

  • Some of her other fandoms include: Be More Chill, Camp Camp, Little Witch Academia, Hamilton, Warriors (duh), Steven Universe, Gravity Falls (;n;) and Heathers

Quotes that (probably) really need context :

"HAIII" ~ Foxi whenever she enters chat

"AAAA HAI WILLA" ~ whenever Willa comes on chat

"<£" ~ when foxi fails at the heart emojii on chat

"it's foxi the vampire runn" ~ everyone thinks foxi is a vampire after her operation

"Ahh frosty she's gonna drink our blood" ~ Shivy

"I'm not scared of vampires ecks dee" ~ Lau "But foxi is a scary vampire" ~Shivy

"my sister is87" ~ ...this is better without context

"i should go do a lesbian" ~ Ollie (sorrynotsorry Ollie)

"Seriously you are the best mashed potatoes" ~Lau

"my mouth is getting me ice cream from the freezer c:" ~ ...Foxi needs help

Some personal nicknames for people:

Flomingo (Flo)

Flama Llama (Flame)