BlogClan 2 Wikia
BlogClan 2 Wikia
Forestflame is a member of the blogclan wiki, Halloweenclan and a bunch of other stuff


A dark tabby Ginger she-cat with flame-shaped shapes on her paws that are a sandy color. Her belly is white and so is her chest. Her eye color is blue, and she has a fluffy tail. Also the image is what she looks like >

On the blog[]

Forestflame can be found on the fanfic pages, and on the tavern. She writes her story there. But on the fanfic organization or on the fanfic page, that’s where fame is

On the wiki[]

Forestflame is very active on the banning game thread. She Roleplays Dusk Syndicate and on her secret clan Halloweenclan. You may even spot her on Corrupt a Wish. Maybe. Her friends consist of (add here!) Streampaw, A Stalker Thrush, The Leafiest Yuri, Cheetah, Spidey, Jinx, Rosepaw, CRATAR, Sandy, Cryssssstie, F L I G H T Y, Lone R Roscheete and more.


"filler quote" -person

“*Hairflips*” -Rose on livechat

"Forestflame is le FABULOUS LEADER of HalloweenClan and a great person!" -Lilypaw

(Thank you Lily!) -Fame

”Yeet” -Fame


  • this page was made by Streampaw
  • Forestflame lives in China
  • Most people don’t know her nickname.
  • Fame writes a Story
  • She was born on October 29, two day until Halloween. That’s why her clan name is Halloweenclan
  • Her sister may read warrior cats one day
  • She might get a cat 2019
  • She is currently visiting her cousin
  • Forestflame draws Fursonas
  • Fame loves to eat doughnuts
  • Her Favorite Animal is a Cat