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Firemoon by Darkwing

Hi everyone! Welcome to my page!


sleek orange cat with red-ish brown paws and tail-tip, round blue-grey eyes


I'm usually on the tavern, the hug page, fan fiction organization, fan fiction, warrior names, and blogclan art! I also love to roleplay. I found the blog in 2020 when Lilybreeze (Lil) forced me to join. But I'm glad she did as I made a lot of awesome friends here!


You can find me on a ton of servers! The BlogClan Community is one of the many.

I'm the official Queen of Emoji Land (Lil approved, obviously) and I'm a moderator on a variety of fun severs! I'm a member of a bunch too, of course, and you can always invite me to join yours!

To friend me, just find me on the BlogClan communtiy server and send me a friend request. Trust me, I love friends and won't decline useless you aren't from the blog.


I have two pages: my main page (which you are viewing now) and my art page (where I place some of my art). Link to art page: Luna's Little Art Page.

I can help you make a page, though I can't code (sorry!).


  • My in real life friend(s) are Lilybreeze (Lil) & LillyBlarf (im awesome -- lil)
  • I'm fourteen years old (as of 2021)
  • My clanniversary is December 15th, 2020
  • My zodiac sign is cancer
  • I read, write, and draw
  • I'm part of EmberClan (leader)
  • I have three sisters (all off-blog)(nicknames: Splashkit, Quickkit, and Briarpaw)


ART! <3[]

I love these all so much!! <3