BlogClan 2 Wikia
BlogClan 2 Wikia

Fawnspots is a long-furred, short, marbled tabby. She is a Manx cat, with deep green eyes and distinctive white markings on her paws, face, belly, throat, and chest. She has a few white speckles on her back and legs.


  • Her favorite animals are dogs, horses, and cats.
  • Her favorite color is yellow.
  • Her favorite character in Warriors is Firestar.
  • She has multiple rabbits, and two dogs, Bella & Citto.
  • She started reading Warriors around in the early summer of 2015.
  • She was formerly -Fawnwhisker- on the wiki, she is now Arrow32.
  • She has gone through many names on BlogClan, including Singing Wolf, Duskpaw, and Mistypaw.
  • She loves photography.