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BlogClan 2 Wikia


Fallowheart is a dark brown tabby she-cat with white paws and pale amber eyes. In the sunlight, her fur can look as if it has a gold or reddish tint to it.


I guess I would describe my personality as like kind of bubbly and also laid back, you know? Irl I can be kind of sarcastic, and on the Blog I can be sort of sarcastic, though I try not to be because sarcasm just does not work online *sigh*. When I’m with friends, I am very talkative and loud, but when I’m with people I don’t know, I become extremely quiet and awkward. I am much more emotional on the inside than the outside and I can get very uncomfortable in emotional situations in person. I get obsessed over random stuff at random times, usually different musicals but also books and tv shows and psychology stuff. I have taken the Myers Briggs test multiple times (as it has been one of my obsessions many times) and have basically gotten every introverted type :P But INFP-A fits my personality the most I think so I'm going with that one! Except for the stereotypes… oh gosh the INFP stereotypes… Spoiler alert most of them aren’t great and none of them are true for me.

On the Blog[]

I found BlogClan after seeing a link to Kate’s Blog as a source on wiki, so I clicked on it and started reading over every single spoiler page to see what others thought of the books. Then I saw there were other tabs besides spoiler pages, and I discovered the fanfic page. Everyone was just so kind and supportive on there, so I decided to make an account. I joined BlogClan on January 31, 2021, and I am very active and comment at least once a day. I have won two writing contests, and I placed third in the 2021 Summer Gathering Writing Contest (I was on the winning team, the Clownfish! CLOWNS CLOWNS CLOWNS!) In March 2021, I became Briarpaw’s mentor! She’s the best and an amazing friend and I love her <33


Eye of the Storm

The First Warrior

Rising Sun

Dreams of Mist

Darkest Shadows (in process)


Add yourself if you want! If you consider me to be your friend, then I consider you to be my friend! (Does that even make sense?)(Yes, of course it makes sense! <3 -Snaki)


Howlbreeze :D



Hi, hi, it's Briarpaw!




Frogpaw/storm! :)

Freepaw! :D


Cheetah :D


Hollyfrost loves mha (holly) :D




You thought it was Lone, but it was me, Twilightrose!

Dazzlepaw/Daze :3


Flamewhisker ( ur average polandball fan :3 )

Lil! <3


If anyone has anything to say about me this is the place for it[]

I love that you're my mentor JuJu like you're amazing -Bri (juju edit: aww ty Bri you’re amazing too and I love that you’re my apprentice <3)

Ehem I felt sorry I couldn't write more so here I am. JuJu is the absolute amazing. She's an amazing writer, an amazing artist, and an amazing friend. I think she's my closest friend here on the Blog and honestly she's so kind and nice. I remember I was really desperate for a mentor I began commenting in every available mentor's comment (There were barely any) and saw Fallowheart and frantically tried to explain myself neatly. When she chose me I was like AHHGHGHHHHHHSDJKGHSD! I'm so happy I chose to do that! Ily JuJu -Again Bri

JuJu is so kind and sweet, she's just amazing and make's the blog a better place <3 - Stormi (juju edit: aw, Stormi YOU make the blog a better place <3) (Stormi edit: I have no idea why I didn't say more?? JUJU IS LIKE THE BEST PERSON AND CAT IN THE WHOLE UNIVERSE AND BRI IS VERY LUCKY TO HAVE HER AS HER MENTOR. SHE COULD MAKE ANYTHING FUN AND A BETTER PLACE AND HER DOG IS ABSOLUTETLY ADORABLE & IS VERY INCREDIBLE JUST LIKE HER AKJSDH))

Juju is a fantastic person to talk to, and she is an absolutely amazing writer. She is a blessing to BlogClan <33-Lone/Twilightrose (juju edit: <333 thank you Twilight, you’re amazing)

Juju is SO nice and AWESOME! She went out of her way to make me my own wiki page and she is just the best and means a lot to BlogClan! ~Daze (juju edit: Daze, you’re so nice and awesome <33) Noo, you are! ~Daze :3

Warriors Stuff[]


Favorites (I have so many ships that I love, so here is the current list. This changes frequently, and they are in no particular order. They're all canon because I don't really have any headcanons, and the headcanon ships that I like haven't made it to my list of favorites yet)

Half X Jay

Spot X Stem

Leaf X Crow

Willow X Crooked

Pebble X Hawk

Ivy X Fern

Cinder X Lion

Storm X Brook

Least Favorites

Mothpool (don't kill me :P)

Thorn X Blossom

Jay X Briar

Ivy X Hawk

Gray X Fire

Spotted X Thistle


Favorite (no particular order)










Half Moon

Least Favorite



StarClan Yellowfang



There are probably more but I can't remember :P



The Last Hope

Literally all of The Broken Code

I haven't read Dawn of the Clans in a while but I think Path of Stars and The First Battle

Bluestar's Prophecy

Hawkwing's Journey

Crookedstar's Promise

Least Favorite


Spottedleaf's Heart

Redtail's Debt

Tigerclaw's Fury


- I am a speedreader (fastest time was 500 pages in 3-4 hours)

- I love history, and I want to be a history teacher one day

- I love writing, reading, singing, acting, and piano! Once a year I compete in a singing competition, and I actually won my division one year

- I am terrible at all sports including dancing, but that’s ok because I don’t like sports anyway :P

- My favorite shows are The Office, Friends, Criminal Minds, and Glee (seasons 1-2 only. Seasons 3-6 are awful)

- I am half Jewish half Christian

- My favorite food is sushi

- I am a dog person and I have a dog named Kelsey

- I have emetophobia (extreme fear of vomiting) and probably trypanophobia (extreme fear of needles and shots and stuff)

- I have ADD and I am the best at staring off into space

- I am overly competitive and apparently “aggressive” (the aggressive part is according to my little sister and one of my friends) about very stupid things but when it comes to actual stuff, I am happier when my friends get things than when I do

- Dark chocolate is the best chocolate fight me

- I am a grammar freak (but I make a lot of typos :P) and one of my worst pet peeves is when people say “prolly” or “probally” instead of “probably”

- I am an INFP-A (Assertive Mediator)

- My favorite books are Orphan Train and My Sister’s Keeper

- My favorite place ever is the beach (the ocean, to be exact)

- I used to be on the swim team, but I quit because the water was too cold

- I LOVE musicals and my favorites are Les Mis, Wicked, Mean Girls, and Dear Evan Hansen

Thank you Coldie for coding my page! <3