Fallenshadows is a light golden-brown, spotted tabby she-cat with pale green eyes.

Her old fursona was a long-haired, dark gray-black she-cat with an orange-dashed chest and blue eyes

Friends (Add yourself if you want to!)

Fallen is amazing, funny, kind, caring, smart, wonderful and a fantastic friend <3 ~ Shiv

Fallen is funny, kind, caring, and a great friend. She takes the time to make everyone feel better or good about themselves! ~ Moon

Trailing Stars Edit

Fallenpaw was mentioned to be on the patrol in Chapter 21. She was also mentioned in Chapter 24 as Fallenshadows and was noted to be arguing with Asterpaw.

Ships Edit

She has no ships as of recently. :-P

She has been shipped with Shiverfur(Shivallen/Dallaiber). :) She is laufully married to Shiv as of 8/3/2017.

Her other ships are:

Waffle X Fallen (Wallen)- Sunk

Fawn X Fallen (Fawnlen)_ Sunk

Fanfiction Edit

be warned these are all old and rather cringy :-P

  • Fireflies- This was a one-shot. It was written in first-person, and featured a NightClan apprentice, Icepaw.
  • Crimsonjag's Shadow- This is a novella, that is in progress at the moment. It features a StormClan warrior, Crimsonjag. It has been put on hold for now.
  • Whispers of the Ancient Spirit- Another one-shot, created for an art contest.
  • A Rose That No Longer Shivers Alone- a one-shot because I felt like it.
  • Out of the Darkness, Into the Light- a one-shot.
  • Wings- part of something that will probably be a trilogy.
  • I wrote some other things, but I don't remember what they were called. :P

Trivia Edit

  • Fallen does dance (Tap, Jazz, Ballet/Pointe, Street Funk, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Modern, and Contemporary)
    • She also goes to competitions.
  • She has three doggos.
  • She skipped a grade once.
  • She is fifteen and a junior in high school.
  • Her favorite book is Six of Crows (if you haven't you should go read it :) )
  • geese are great
  • She is not super active at the moment but she is working on it. ::P

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