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Falconstorm is a tan she-cat with brown patches and amber eyes.

Falconstorm is a warrior of BlogClan under Cakestar's leadership in the new territory.

Detailed Description

Falconstorm is a lithe she-cat, with long, muscular legs, a round, wedge-shaped head, and a long, winding tail. She wears a white captain's hat which sports a brass badge at the front, which is shaped like the letter M against a black circle, a black brim, and golden trimmings. Her eyes are a warm amber color and almond-shaped. Her fur is short, soft, and silky, and is primarily a tan color, with various brown patches throughout. The patches are on her forehead, on each shoulder, and a chameleon-shaped one on her back. She has two S-shaped patches on her chest, with the right patch looking like a normal S, and the left patch being a reversed S shape. Her back paws are also brown, and she has a long, brown tail.


Falconstorm is friendly, fun-loving, clever, playful, and mischievous, with a good sense of humour and a somewhat sarcastic side. Despite her playful nature, however, she has a more gentle, kind, and emphatic side, and cares greatly for those she loves. She is completely loyal to her friends and always cheers them up like Camilo would.


Falconstorm is the resident "theatre kid" of the Blog and loves to sing, act, and play the trumpet. She also writes and draws occasionally, and enjoys playing video games in her free time. However, she is most frequently seen roaming around BlogClan, as well as its sister Wiki.


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Below is a list of Falconstorm's friends.


  • Captain is truly amazing. She's caring, strong, honest, supportive, a wonderful person, and the greatest friend I could hope for. -Pinestripe
  • Captain is all-around amazing. She's kind to everyone, when they fall to when they get up - with her help. Captain helped me out when I joined the Blog and is a great friend! Keep being outstanding, Captain! ~Freepaw
  • Captain's great! She's really nice. -Bri
  • Captain is an AMAZING artist (you can't lie for so long), and super nice, kind, and amazing! - Stormi
  • She is a great mother! - Cloudy
  • Cap is really passionate about what she loves and is not shy to talk about it for awhile. She’s has an amazing sense of humour, and has long conversations with people no matter how new to the blog. She’s a really good person! ~Whirly
  • Captain is so amazing, funny and clever and her art's so cute!! She's also very kind and a fabulous friend!!!!! -Foxi
  • Cap is rlly nice also plz ignore my lack of spelling -Snowpaw/storm
  • Cap is an amazing person! She's a great friend and her art is good! - Clover
  • Cal (yes, I'm calling her cal) is so fun to talk to and has a beautifully charming personality! (She also has an amazing taste in ornaments and headpieces, lol). ~Nessi ♡♡♡
  • Captain is so creative, cool, friendly, funny, smart, empathic, and kind. She's someone who you can always talk to and she'll give you great advice and make you smile no matter how hard times are for you with her bright spirit and bubbly personality. Keep being the super duper awesome cat you are, Captain!!! <33333 ~Mounty
  • I sadly don't know Captain so well but I would love to get to know her better <3 After I read the comments I am 100% sure we will be BESTIO FRENDOS (That is my favorite line bestio frendo lol) -Icee
  • Captain is a great adoptive older sister!-Snowpaw/storm
  • Captain is a unique and fun member of blogclan! Her contribute to the TaigaClan roleplay is lovely, just like her! - Rabbitpaw/wing:>
  • Captain is my Blogclan mom and she is the most amazing mom that could ever live! She is caring, sweet, energetic, wise, and AMAZINNNGGG! She is my Bestio Mommo and that title is VERY hard to get, she is not only my mom but a very close bestio frendo of mine and she is absolutely amazing and awesome! ILYSMMMMMM<3 Love your loyal daughter, Icee <3
  • Captain is the awesomest person ever! She is kind and sweet and friendly and I am so glad to know her! - Frosti who is currently composing a vouch for you C:<
  • Cap is honestly one of my closest friends here on the Blog and makes on of the best sisters in the universe <3 She is my superstar sis if you will ;). Ngl tho I care for Captain so much that out of all the words in all 6,500 languages couldn't even come close to being enough to how deep my appreciation for CapCap is. Love you Fredstar <3 (P.S. I am coming for Gregory tonight so watch out ;;) ) ~Monty <3
  • Cap is a loving, mischievous person who is definitely Camilo. She loves others, and she never stops being herself. LOVE YOU CAP! -Cheetahheart
  • captain is legit the captain of amazingness -egg
  • Captain is one of the most wonderful people on the blog. She's gooder than good, and kinder than kind. There isn't a giant enough dictionary to name all the brilliance she carries. I could say things like generous and big-hearted. But she's made my life a whole lot better. Love you amazing mentor! -Sunflowerpaw
  • You want an opinion? I give you an opinion- BlogClan's very own Camilo Madrigal is in her own words 'beautiful, simply marvelous'. She has an amazing personality that's wonderful to be around, she's extremely supportive and patient (I mean she deals with my insane jokes and that takes a god-given amount of patience), and she's not afraid to take charge when the situation calls for it. BUT that's just the surface of all the amazing things she is. According to google there are 6,000,000 words in the English language and I can confirm that she's 600,000 times more wonderful than any of them could even come close to describing. I love ya to 3000 and beyond <3333 - I declare Camilo Madrigal if you don't know who this is then WHAT is the Wiki to do with you :P
  • I've probably said this so many times but I literally just couldn't do life or even live without you. Life without our conversations just wouldn't be worth living - you probably know who this is :P
  • Captain is absolutely amazing. I love talking to her about Hamilton and Encanto and everything else in the universe! She is awesome. She is CAMILO. 💛 - Turtledapple


  • General Trivia
    • Her birthday is on the 5th of September.
    • Her Clanniversary is on the 21st of March.
    • She is half Mexican and half Puerto Rican, with a bit of Corsican, Canarian, Spanish, and French.
    • She is a proud Christian.
    • She is an ENFP.
  • Favourites Trivia
    • Her favourite movie is Encanto.
    • Her favourite video games are the Super Mario games and Minecraft.
      • Her favourite Super Mario game is Super Mario Galaxy 2, with Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario 3D World, Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, and Paper Mario: The Origami King trailing close behind.
    • Her favourite holiday is Christmas.
  • Least Favourites Trivia
    • Her least favourite movie is Avengers: Endgame, followed by No Time To Die, both for nearly identical reasons.
  • Warriors Trivia
    • According to the "Which Warrior Cat Are You?" quiz on the official Warriors website, she is most like Firestar.
    • According to the "Which Clan Do You Belong To?" quiz on the official Warriors website, she would belong to ThunderClan.
    • According to the "Which Mythological Clan Would You Belong To?" quiz on the official Warriors website, she would belong to LionClan.


"Everything's edible, it's just that some things are only edible once. But, you see, we're immortal, so that doesn't matter.”

"Earlier today, I looked at a pile of trash and proudly proclaimed to my friends, 'Look, it's my life!'"