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On The Blog:[]

I joined Blogclan January 31, 2021 and am very active on it. You'll mostly find me roleplaying or playing games! I am in probably too many Rps, but can't get enough of them 😜. I am a warrior and my wonderful apprentice is Frogpaw! I am in two mini clans, LilacClan and EmberClan (which I think it's funny that I joined cause my name, get it? No? Ok, I'll stop). My favorite page is definitely the Roleplay Discussion Page, and you'll probably find me chatting with others while roleplaying at the same time! I have recently been looking for some adoptive family and if you'd like to be my sibling/half-sibling/cousin/child/any other things you can think of 😉 let me know on my message wall!


  • reading
  • swimming
  • writing
  • listening to music
  • texting with friends
  • playing board games
  • reading
  • drawing


  • spiders
  • bugs
  • people who trash the environment
  • judgy people


Favorite artist:[]

  • NF
  • Keeley Elise
  • Blixemi
  • The Score
  • Cavetown

Favorite songs:[]

  • Banana Bread (Cavetown)
  • Dreamin' (The Score)
  • Returns (NF)
  • Stronger (The Score)
  • Born For This (The Score)
  • Devil Town (Cavetown)
  • Change (NF)
  • Conversation With The Moon (Keeley Elise)
  • Outcast (NF)
  • All They See (Blixemi)
  • The Search (NF)
  • How Could You Leave Us (NF)
  • I Can Feel It (NF)
  • Light It Up (Keeley Elise)
  • Crushing Snakes (Ft. TAYA) (Crowder)

Fun Facts![]

  • I am super big on protecting the environment
  • I am homeschooled
  • I live in America
  • I get very anxious around new people irl, but talking on BlogClan doesn't bother me one bit
  • I joined BlogClan January 31, 2021
  • I have many fan-fictions! The First Lie is one! Please check it out
  • My favorite warrior cat is Hollyleaf!
  • My favorite ship is a tie between Holly x Fallen and Bright x Cloud!
  • My favorite warriors book is The Forgotten Warrior
  • I have never broken any bones!
  • I am currently reading The Five Kingdoms and I love it!
  • I have many siblings
  • I do calligraphy!
  • I am a Ravenpuff (Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff mix)
  • My patronus is a Great Grey Owl!
  • I LOVE dogs
  • My Zodiac sign is a Taurus

Percy Jackson![]

I'm the Percy Jackson's universe, I am a daughter of Hecate which means I'm semi-related to Circe which is pretty cool. I am a camp half-blood girl, not the Roman camp. My favorite characters are Nico and Leo. My favorite is Percabeth! They are so cute together! I have taken many (many) test and most have come back with me as a daughter of Hecate, so that's fun! I am part of a Percy Jackson roleplay on BlogClan, and I love it. I used to have a huge crush on Leo (didn't we all?) but I've gotten over that (thank goodness).


I made this section so I could share some of my favorite inspirational stuff, including quotes, songs, and pictures!

"Change is nature, the part that we can influence. And it starts when we decide." - said by Remy the rat in Ratatouille.

This quote sticks out to me because I struggle a lot with this type of stuff and even though this is said by a fictional character in a fictional movie, it is a great piece of advice.


Go ahead and add any quotes you can think of!

"It's like the spinning move, but with a sword!!!" - Juniperpaw (family irl)

"Hey, Alexa- I mean, Ember" - Juniperpaw when confusing my name with an electronic device

"Did you just cal me Alexa?!?!? I am not a dictinary!" - me like 3 seconds later

"The world would be so much better if all the humans turned into dogs." - me

"Is she a chicken?!?!?!" - me

"Why do people name things so ridiculously? Like, who thought it would be good to call it 'uranus'?" -me

"Maybe not evil, just maybe very very concerningly out of his mind." -Maplekit (family)

"Chikadee chikadoo chikadodadidaday" - Clover

"If... IF..... you put.. a cat on a bean- OH MY GOsH IS THAT BAKUGO-" -Foxi

"yassss,we love the taste of cooked floor"-Snowpaw/storm

"I'm getting old! Run!!!" -me when I realize I'm maturing

"OOOOOOOOO~" -Keeko literally any time foxes parents interact lol-

"DRAMA TIME!" -me while rping

"I'm innocent till proven guilty! You can't touch me! *Playful screaming as I run as fast as I can*" -me while playing tag

Q&A Box[]

This is where you can put me in a box (not literally, I just had a 'Tubbo in a Box' feeling that I wanted to do 😜) and ask me warriors/blogclan stuff! (Example: Who's your favorite warrior? Which clan are you in? Which arc is your favorite? How did you find BlogClan?)

Is this currently open? If so- Is Juniperpaw on the blog? (Just Wondering) - From Crowpaw/Flight :)

Ember: Ignore my previous response! I just realized what you were asking lol. Juniperpaw from the quotes is not on the blog, in fact, he doesn't even like warriors. He thinks it's weird and would rather play video games.

Hi Ember! It’s Turtle! I was wondering what other Blixemi songs besides All They See you really like! 🙃

Ember: I really like I'm Not Fine and One Not Two and all the rewinds! The only one that I don't like is Stride By Stride, it's just not my type of song 😊

Who is your favorite medicine cat? Which cat do you think is underrated? ~Mounty

Ember: My favorite medicine cat is Yellowfang! She has a great personality. For me, the most underrated cat is either Ferncloud or Brackenfang. Ferncloud went through so much, yet kept her kind and gentle personality. Brackenfang I just love cause hes great.


Feel free to add yourself!

Tricklepaw ♡

Frogpaw/storm :D

Mossi :3 (Mosskit/flame)

Minty <3


Blu! 💙💙💙



Your loyal cousin,Snowwy(Snowpaw/storm)



Lilypaw/fox (Foxiii)

Streampaw/splash (Stream!)



Your loving brother, Keeko <3


What People Say About Me[]

Go ahead and add feedback, good or bad!

Emberstream is wonderful and very fun to draw- Firepaw (Ember: Ty Firepaw!)

Ember always is kind and gives kind and motivating comments <3 - Bluespark (Ember: aww, thank you Blue! I try my best :D )

Emberstream is a loving, friendly, kind, brilliant, smart, and passtionate member of BlogClan!!! I'm so lucky to have E as my frined <33 ~Mounty who forgot to sign her name and just realized it now (Ember: Thank you so much!)

Ember is such an amazing friend and person and a huge awesome part to the blog. We're so lucky to haver, as s friend and on blogclan!!! -Foxi (Ember: Foxi, that means so much coming from you! Thank you!)

Where do I start this?? Ember is literally the BEST MENTOR EVER! She always has a kind word to say and I always enjoy talking to her! She’s a very fun and friendly person! :D She’s phenomenal at roleplaying; I've barely seen anyone else as good as Ember at getting into character when roleplaying!  I love reading her comments, they are always so supportive and nice! The blog wouldn’t be the same without her, and I’m so glad she’s my friend and mentor! <33 You’re awesome, Ember! <3333 —Frog <33333 (Ember: Thank you so much, Frog! I love being your mentor and I no kidding won the apprentice lottery by getting you! Thank you for letting me be your mentor!)

Ember is really kind and awesome! She’s generally a wonderful human. 💜 - Turtlepaw (Ember: You're such a wonderful human as well! Never change for someone else, Turtle 😉),

Ember is a really cool person and I'm so lucky to be her adoptive cousin!-Snowwy (Ember: thanks, Snowwy! I super lucky to be your adoptive cousin too!)


Please add any art that you've done of me! (For some reason, I can't)

Thank you so much Nessi for telling me how this worked, Driftie for adding the picture, and to the amazing Moons for doing the coding! (Nessi: No problem! <3)

Please read this before commenting![]

So, I can't comment on any articles and I've noticed some of you guys started commenting on my page. I really wish I could respond, but Google Docs doesn't allow me to. Anyway, it would help me a lot if y'all could just drop a message on my message wall as I will be able to chat and stuff on there! Thank you! - Emberstream

I had to make a new account! My new username is EmberstreamLovesHollyXFallen! It is not EmberstreamLovesHollyleaf anymore 😁