Emberpaw (Emberfang) is a black-and-silver tabby tom with pale blue eyes.

On the Blog Edit

Emberpaw (Emberfang) was on BlogClan since the 1st of November 2015, although he's been lurking since around July/August. He found BlogClan in March 2015. He participated in Name That Apprentice in the past, and has won Round 2 of the game alongside Stonestripe and Geckoflower. He has attended the December 2015 Gathering as a Hypersonic Hedgehog, the September 2016 Gathering as a Freewheeling Ferret, and has participated in the 2015 Holiday Fanfiction contest, submitting a poem. He also won first place in the Fanfiction Category in the Valentine's Day Contest of 2016.

Trailing Stars Edit

Emberpaw appeared as Emberkit in Chapter 17. When Kat shows up after temporarily leaving the Clan, he jumps onto her, but leaps off at Copperclaw's command to give Kat some space. Afterwards, he, Flowerkit, and Redkit bound up to Meadowpaw as she brings some prey to the nursery. Meadowpaw gives the prey to the kits, but tells them that they have to share it among themselves and the other kits, as well as give any leftovers to another cat. When Meadowpaw reminds them to leave some prey for the other kits, Emberkit reassures her that they will remember to save some. It is noted by Meadowpaw that the three kits are very energetic.

Trailing Stars Graphic Novel. Edit

Coming Soon.

Personality Edit

He's usually in a chill mood. He likes to talk with his friends on the Blog. He's usually talkative, sarcastic and relaxed.

Trivia Edit

  • He's a fan of Pokemon. His favorite Pokemon is Hydreigon.
  • His favorite cat in Warriors is Gray Wing.
  • His favorite Warriors book is Crookedstar's Promise.
  • His favorite villain in Warriors is Mapleshade.
  • His favorite Clan is ShadowClan.
  • He won first place in the Valentine's Day Contest with his fanfic, "Goosefeather's Brilliant Idea."
  • He's a fan of Undertale.
  • He has a calico kitten named Suzy.
  • He was the first to write a "______'s End" fanfic.
  • His personality type is ISTJ-A.