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Emberdawn by Darkpaw.png
Biographical Information
Other Names Apprentice: Emberpaw, Nicknames: Embah, Embix, Ember, Emb
Affiliations Current: BlogClan
Mentor Former: Copperclaw
Apprentice Former: Birchfoot, Iceflower, Viperfrost :), Mintpaw, Honeypaw
Rank Senior Warrior, Article Tsar
Physical Description
Gender Female
Fur Color Dark Ginger
Eye Color Blue


Emberdawn is a dark ginger she-cat with blue eyes.


Emberdawn is a kind member of BlogClan. She would gladly give any help she can to new members who ask her questions.

On The Blog[]

On the Blog, Emberdawn commented on all the articles that came out. She was also active on the Live Chat and became a Senior Warrior in June of 2017, 4 months after she starting running in February.

She became a BlogTeam member on May 2nd, 2017, alongside Russetfeather, Iceflower, and Cypresswind under the title Article Tsar. On April 12th, 2019, she joined the ranks of the senior moderators to oversee and help the new moderators that joined the team.

Trailing Stars[]

Emberdawn has made several appearances in Trailing Stars, namely in chapters 20, 21, 23, and 24. Someone add blurbs of her activity here because the OG Emberdawn is far too lazy right now.

In chapter 20, Emberdawn went on a patrol to gather herbs.

In chapter 21, Emberdawn continued gathering herbs with the patrol right next to a fox den.

In chapter 23, Emberdawn was briefly mentioned to be hunting constantly, trying to find food.

In chapter 24, Emberdawn briefly talked to Flowerstream and Iceflower and suggested using the badger as a scratching post.

On the Wiki[]

On the Wiki, Emberdawn was often in the Wiki chat and participated in the RPs in the Fun and Games section.

Emberdawn became a chat moderator for the Wiki chat on July 10, 2016. She became a Wiki admin on January 31st, 2018, and somewhat took over as the roleplay admin.


  • Emberdawn was often confused with the other Emberpaws on BlogClan when she was an apprentice.
  • Two of her three apprentices became BlogTeam moderators. As such, she has great expectations for her future apprentices and plans to take over the Blog by teaching them the secret Ember methods. It is the Dawn of the Ember Era.