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♡Lionesspaw (Currently)♡
Image Lionesspaw.png
Other Names Lionesspaw, Lionessfire, Lioness Prowling in Flaming Plains, Lia, Lioness, Ness, Nessi, and Caramel Mess
Relatives Lightningshadow (adopted mother), and a lot of unidentified siblings
Affiliation BlogClan, Apprentice Army
Biographical Information
Mentor None
Rank Apprentice
Physical Description
Gender Female, She/Her
Breed Norwegian forest cat, Maine coon mix
Fur Colour Golden with gold caramel markings
Eye Colour Bright green

Go ahead and correct anything from punctuation and grammar to different details that I got wrong. I'm really fine with it. ♡


My purrsona is a large muscular golden tabby with golden caramel streaks through her enormously fluffy pelt. She has a lion-like mane behind her large tufted ears, that smoothens as it goes down her neck, it has no streaks in it and is completely golden like her under fur. She has bright green eyes with large lashes and a large scar that goes down the left side of her face, starting from her brow, and ending at her bottom lip, nearly chin. She has golden caramel brow spots and ear tufts and has a golden earring and two studs above it on her right ear. Her chin has a spiky beard-like tuft that is about the length of her paw, including her forepaw. She accessorizes with a large golden blossom behind her left ear that has white streaks through it. She is most usually seen with either half-opened eyes and a slight smile, or half-opened eyes and a confident grin (eyebrows usually raised).


I'd say that I'm a nice and genuinely caring person who hates negativity. I'm very accepting and a good ear to lend if someone needs to vent. I am socially awkward and have social anxiety, but also have strong opinions that break me out of that stage whenever I see something that I don't think is right. I am playful when I read a playful situation but I am very serious when it comes to depression and sadness and stuff like that. I tend to do more for others than for myself because I am very sensitive when it comes to real people and their fragile feelings. I love to make friends and I try to be as positive as I can as much as I can. I also love to do random, stupid, and fun stuff with my friends; I'm a totally different person once you get to know me and I'm far more open and comfortable with my closer friends. I like to do fun things in nature, like swimming in lakes and springs, and jumping off stuff, and getting bit by things because I touch almost every moving thing I see, lol. I try to save most creatures that I see are in need: I've saved many bees, birds, lizards, and squirrels- stuff like that. My biggest source of happiness is when I make someone else happy or help someone in need! To sum it up, I'm nice, caring, accepting, positive, helpful, and sometimes calm with a mix of sometimes crazy and embarrassing.

♡On The Blog♡[]

I joined BlogClan on September 8th, 2021, and the wiki on September 20th, 2021. I am most active on Blogclan Art (complimenting, posting, and taking requests); The Tavern (saying hello, sharing thoughts, and talking off-topic about things while trying to reply to every comment I can); The Hug Page (comforting, giving advice, and being comforted); and sometimes the Say Hi Page (welcoming and saying hello to newcomers)!


Anyone and everyone is my friend, so feel free to add yourself! ♡


Bri :D




How was Gracey not already on here?

Nilla! <3 (Vanillapaw/spark)


Snowbreeze! ^^


Cheetah :D

Minty <3

Frogpaw/storm :D

Aquila! :)

Fluffkit UwU


Silverstorm ;D

Frosti!! <33

Nixxy!! 🖤

Whirly! (Whirlpaw)

eggsnek :D


Mossi :3 (Mosskit/fire)

Moonblaze! <33



Foxiiiiiiiiiiiiii <3 (Lilypaw)


♡What Is Said About Me♡[]

Feel free to add anything that you have to say about me here! ♡

From Lioness' first comment, she has been absolutely nothing short of wonderful. She's so positive, and friendly, and sweet, and ya know all around a great person and friend to everyone :) <3 ~Juju (Nessi edit: Aww, Thank you Juju! You are so sweet and I really appreciate your help with my page. You are so helpful and a truly amazing friend. <3)

Nessi is a AMAZING cat, and she is always positive, and her drawings are unBELEIVEABLE! - Nixxy (Nessi edit: Aww, thanks Nix! <3)

Nessi is amazing and reading her comments make me smile because they're so nice!! -Bri (Nessi edit: Thank you bri! You are so sweet and I appreciate you making me this page. You are so amazing and I'm glad to have met you. <3)

Lioness is literally soooo nice and is already such a wonderful presence in BlogClan! I love seeing her comments <3!!! -Potato (Lioness edit: Thank you, Potato! Your work always brightens my day and is so beautiful. Thank you for being the amazing person you are. <3)

Lioness is so nice and kind♡ and she has brought joy and brightness to the blog since she joined, i am so glad to have met her;D<3 ~Silverstorm (Nessi edit: Aww, thank you, Silvs. I love your kindness and love being your friend! <33)

Lioness is kind and amazing at drawing! Minty <33 (Nessi edit: Thank you, Minty! I love your drawings as well. They are so fun and full of emotion and beauty!)

Lioness' comments are always very sweet and thoughtful, it's no wonder she has made so many friends. She is also rather wise and full of good advice. :) - Aquila (Nessi edit: Thank you, Aquila! You are so sweet! I try my best to be as wise and giving good advice as much as I can. <3)

Ever since Lioness joined the blog she has been nothing but a kind and sweet presence. She is very very helpful plus a talented artist ~ Stormi (Nessi edit: You are too kind, Stormi! Thank you! I'm glad that you like my art! <33)

Nessi is one of the kindest, friendliest, loveliest, sweetest, most cheerful, wonderful, generous, and gracious cinnamon rolls/cupcakes/cookies/ members/friends on the blog! She has a heart of gold/diamond/whatever of the most value. She's an awesome (Should I say pawesome?) artist, a prodigy at art; her artworks are always dynamic, inspiring, breathtaking, full of life, and I absolutely admire her style <33333 She's also an amazing writer, I can't wait for the next chapter of her captivating fanfiction Darkening Blurr, everyone should check it out! Nessi always compliments everyone, it's no wonder she has so many comments, friends, and reviews! An example of her good nature is right below this section; you see she's put "Art Tips" for everyone! I don't think any other person on the wikia has put that on their page. She's always willing to take requests and contribute to the blog, and if she ever runs for senior warrior I would 100% vouch for her, I mean, come on, it's Nessi we're talking about here, someone who would make the blog an even better place than it is now! She deserves every bit of compliment she gets <333 She always makes my day. Her dog Bianca is a beauty just like her <333 Love you, dear Ness <333 Thank you so many times for joining, making the blog a better place, and being you - the spectacular person I adore <333333333 The blog would be drastically different without you <3 (I went over this again and great StarClan I've written a lot, that's just how amazing Nessi is!) - That one Gracey who uses too many <33333's (Nessi edit: Oh my, Gracey! I'm literally crying with tears of joy! My heart is touched and I'm so glad to have gotten such a wonderful thing said about me by you! You are the kindest and I'm so glad to have an amazing friend like you! It is an honor to hear something so beautiful from such a beautiful soul. Thank you. <333) (Gracey: I'm honored to hear you say such a thing about me. <333) (Nessi edit: I'm even more honored, Gracey. <3333)

Nessi is an amazing person who has LOVELY art and an even LOVELIER personality!!! She is such an awesome person and she is also much wiser than me (:P). She is so sweet and helpful, and she deserves 100000000000000000000% of all the friends she has (I mean, look at everybody who added themselves to the 'friends' section!) and the compliments she receives and literally everything else! She is a lovely presence on BlogClan, and I'm SO honored to know her! - Frosti (Nessi edit: Lol, thank you for the lovely compliments, Frosti! You are so kind and have amazing art as well! I really appreciate your kind words. <3)

Ness is such a great friend and so good at art! She's one of the people who make me feel so welcomed on BlogClan! Thank you!- I'm too insecure about who's my friend, so I won't put my name. (Nessi edit: Aww, thank you so much. Everyone is my friend, including you so it's okay to put your name. You seem really sweet and I would love to know who you are, just to make sure I'm on your friends and have added my own thing to say about you on your wiki page if you have one. I think you seem pretty amazing! <33)

Lioness is so caring, a great friend, and an overall wonderful person. Her kindness is amazing- she's always nice to everyone and willing to help others. I'm so lucky to know her and be her friend. <3 -Pinestripe (Nessi edit: Your words mean so much to me, Pinestripe. I'm so lucky to know a person as loving and as passionate as you and I'm really glad to have such a kind hearted friend. <333)

Lioness is an amazing person! She's kind, caring, nice, and frinedly. She always has such nice words to say to everyone and she always spreads her kindness with all the great comments she leaves. She is also an amazing artist and I'm so glad that I'm her friend! <3333 —Frogpaw/storm (Nessi edit: Your so sweet! Your kind comments brighten my day and I think you are so nice. I really enjoy being your friend! <33)

Where do I start this??? Nessi is so kind and caring, its hard to put into words. She compliments everyone's art and does amazing art herself. THANK YOU FOR JOINING THE BLOGGGGGG - Mossi (Nessi edit: You are so kind, Mossi. I really appreciate your friendship! And I'm still jealous of those nails! XD) (Mossi againnn: I appreciate your friendship, too! ;) lol)

It's so hard to say how ABSOLUTELY AMAZING NESSI IS She's a great friend, artist, and person like there's just so many great things about her, and I'm so glad I met her because, Nessi, you are so kind, smart, artistic and funny and a outstanding fabulous amazing friend juhygtfrdeiu keep being you, the whole blog loves you <3 -Lilypaw/fox (Foxi) (Nessi Edit: Aww, your so sweet, Foxi! Your an amazing friend and artist and I love your big personality! Thank you for the kind words. <33)

Nessi is very awesome and kind and im glad to know you and even more glad to be your adoptive sis on BlogClan! -your adoptive little sis Snowwy(Snowpaw/storm) (Nessi edit: Aww, your so sweet, sis! I appreciate your words! I'm glad to have you as a sister and as a friend. <333)

♡Art Tips♡[]

  • When dealing with eyes, or anything like that, use a symmetry mirror ruler that makes your drawing affect both sides
  • Do backgrounds on layers under your drawing so that there's no nasty outline around it
  • To have cleaner lines, draw quick lines over your sketch and erase excess or unwanted intersections of color (try to maintain the same thickness with every line)
  • Do the fur color on the bottom layer of your drawing so that you don't get a nasty pixel line and so it doesn't overlap the actual drawing and you could edit without interfering with the line art
  • Do final alterations at the end so that they don't get messed up during the process of fixing other details in the drawings
  • Let your hand range freely for nicer and smoother curves and don't try to follow exact lines or it could turn out squiggly (you could erase and undo as much as you need)
  • This is just something I highly admire about virtual art: you could erase and there will be no eraser marks, you could use any color that you would ever need, you could use bucket tool, and using a pen on a smooth gliding surface gives less hand cramps; it's truly genius!


Music is really important to me, and without it, I don't know if I would have made it through my depression when I was younger. Music is still important to me now, and brings up my positive mood and creativity! Here are my favorite artists. (Also, some of these songs have explicit lyrics so if you want to check them out then keep that in mind.)

  • Imagine Dragons
  • AJR
  • Arctic Monkeys
  • Jack Stauber
  • Twenty One Pilots
  • Post Malone
  • Blixemi
  • The Neighbourhood
  • Hozier
°(Some) Favorite Songs°[]
  • Burn The House Down by AJR
  • Stargazing by The Neighbourhood
  • Tiptoe by Imagine Dragons
  • I Don't Know Why by Imagine Dragons
  • Daddy Issues by The Neighbourhood
  • Bang by AJR
  • Cry Baby by The Neighbourhood
  • Take Me to Church by Hozier
  • Softcore by The Neighbourhood
  • Lost in Translation by The Neighbourhood
  • Reflections by The Neighbourhood
  • Scary Love by The Neighbourhood
  • Fallen Star by The Neighbourhood
  • Single by The Neighbourhood
  • Compass by The Neighbourhood
  • The Shining by The Neighbourhood
  • The Beach by The Neighbourhood
  • Cherry Flavoured by The Neighbourhood
  • Sweater Weather by The Neighbourhood
  • Alleyways by The Neighbourhood
  • warm by The Neighbourhood
  • Jealou$y by The Neighbourhood
  • Nervous by The Neighbourhood
  • icanteven by The Neighbourhood
  • Pretty Boy by The Neighbourhood
  • Silver Lining by The Neighbourhood
  • Over The Influence by The Neighbourhood
  • $TING by The Neighbourhood
  • Wires by The Neighbourhood
  • Baby Came Home by The Neighbourhood
  • Devil's Advocate by The Neighbourhood (I really love this band, lol)
  • Tobacco Sunburst by The Neighbourhood (how could I forget their most mellow and beautiful song??)
  • A Little Death by The Neighbourhood (I know the titles are a little weird but their music is so good)
  • Snap Out of It by Arctic Monkeys


  • I'm 13
  • My birthday is October 3rd
  • My astrological zodiac is a Libra and my Chinese zodiac is a rat
  • My spirit animal is the raccoon
  • My favorite color is green
  • I eat an unhealthy amount of mango mochi ball ice cream :P
  • I love fishing, snorkeling, reading, editing, photography, writing, exploring different cultures, horseback riding, and cooking/baking
  • I like to draw and would love to make you a drawing if you would like! (Also, my art style is all over the place so it's not copyright, it's just me trying something new :P)
  • I speak English, basic German, and basic Russian
  • I support LGBTQ+ rights
  • I love nature and isolation
  • I have two canine teeth growing in the same slot which I think is pretty cool
  • I have OCD, TMJ, and anxiety (both social and introverted anxiety)
  • I adore gentlemen cats and think that they are the most adorable little cuties ever ♡
  • My favorite season is Fall
  • I love drawing tattoos on me with a pen (I can't be trusted with a pen or marker or you will come back to me with a full body of doodles :P)
  • I love Marvel and my favorite superheroes are Iron Man, Captain America, and Spiderman
  • I'm writing a fanfic called Darkening Blurr with my wonderful team full of very talented writers (feel free to check it out)

♡Gallery Of Lionesspaw♡[]

Feel free to add and/or remove any art that you have made of Lionesspaw in this gallery! ♡

♡Gallery Of Old Purrsona♡[]

Drizzlepaw is my old purrsona and it would really hurt me if I didn't display their work after they did it for me! ♡

♡OC Gallery♡[]

♡Pet Gallery♡[]

Thank you, Bri, for making me this page! Thank you, Fallowheart, for the infobox and categories! Thank you, Gracey, for adding the image and caption to my infobox and for the kind offer of coding! And finally, thank you, Coldie, for the wonderful coding! (Galleries added by me!)