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Dovestream is a short-furred light gray cat with blue eyes and white paws, tail-tip, chest, and muzzle and underbelly with a dark gray stripe across xer back.
Dove goes by many different nicknames, given to xer by themself and friends from Blogclan. These include;

- Dove






Favorite songs

Who I am by Jessica Andrews

Light it up by Luke Bryan

Part of Me by Katy Perry

Roar by Katy Perry

Firework by Katy Perry

Be a Light by Thomas Rhett


Dove is very bubbly and talkative! Their personality type is ESFP as tested on March 1st of 2022. Extroverted and a little zoned out most of the time, mae loves making friends, drawing, and writing. Vel may not reply for days at a time due to them not noticing or forgetting to reply. Please remember that they have memory issues and tend to forget a lot.

Friends (Add yourself if ya want :3!)







falling feather









Waffle :D


Redblaze should have been here sooner

Cheetah also should have been here sooner

Larkie should have been here the soonest

How was Dawny not already on here?

Turtle who thinks Aaron Burr is the only decent Hamilton character! ~Turtlepaw/dapple


Honeysplash :)



Nilla! (Vanillapaw/spark)

Gracey (Called Gracie by Dove), Dove’s proud apprentice and friend (Gracepaw/blossom)

I second Dawny howbri??

Flamie the polanball lover

Moons <333

Lil who forgot to add herself.


Icee or Icepaw<3 (I would love to be your friend)

Mountainpaw! :)

Twixo(Snowpaw/storm) aka Snowo

Mossi who apparantly wasn't here before .3.

Ivypaw/shadow aka Swift!

History of Dovestream

Dove is so very old that all of xer history before BlogClan, they can't even remember---velvets memory is pretty bad as well. (Made by Stormi >:c /lh)

Dove joined Blogclan on September 3rd of 2019! Xe would peek around at comments while they were in math class, too afraid to leave one until that fateful day. Xe went inactive over the summer because they didn't have any other device except their school chromebook/PC. When mae came back, xe made plenty of friends, even remembering some of velvets old pals! Mae remembered Aquila, Plume((Currently named Owlnose.)), Viper, Bluebell, Fally, Peb, and Blackie.

Dove ran for medicine cat in the 2021 elections. They are also currently running for senior warrior with Lilybreeze and Meadowdawn. Vel has an apprentice, Gracepaw/blossom, and is happy Gracie is their apprentice. Bramblefire was xer former mentor, whom they annoyed in their dms and/or comments about random stuff. They have made so many friends over the time in Blogclan, and currently making more! Dove also mentored Aquila (Eaglepaw/flight) before vel knew the allegiances rank rules.


My birthday is the 13th of September!

I really enjoy writing and drawing.

My favorite color is violet!

Jayfeather is my favorite warrior cat :D

I love anime, but I'm really into Naruto and MHA rn.

I'm in progress of my first novel, Violet's Adventure.

I talk way too much lol

I'm genderfae, pansexual and taken!

I used to watch Doctor Who with my dad!

I'm from the USA, an ESFP and a Virgo

My gemstone is a Sapphire.

My pronouns are Xe/vel/they/mae, and I would like them rotated :D

I go to other sites, such as Silverpelt or my chat I made up, Stoneclan

I'm bullied constantly for "being old". (I'm 14 :P )

I am super old, the oldest thing EVER (Stormi you better explain)

get off my lawn (accurate <3)

((side note that the gallery below this is really messed up and I can't fix it h e l p ))

Art by me and my friends;

Cynthia Headshot.png

What people say about me

I'm weird and not very talented like all my friends are <3 - Me

Dove is my awesome Clanniversary buddy and a brilliant friend!! Xe is always so kind, inclusive and makes BlogClan a better place! I’m lucky to know xem!!!! ~ Aquila

Woah, I'm here, I need to find a way to explain the pure amazingness of CornClan's leader, Dovestar, but I can't, somehow. All I can say is they're old. -Dawny

Dove is an amazing person! Xe's fun and creative! Very kind! I'm extremely happy to know xer! ~ Briarblaze (also, my tablet kept trying to change to a French keyboard while I was doing this, lol)

Dove is possibly one of the sweetest and funniest people I know ! Xe is always great fun to chat to whether it's about Bramb's DND campaign, their book or literally anything. I wish I could still talk to them on discord but it's always lovely to see xem whenever BlogChat is open or just around and about on BlogClan. You're awesome Dove !!! - Maple

Dove issss very snazzy to say the least :P -Ebay

Dove is amazing, kind, talented and overall a wonderful person! Xe's always fun to chat to and I will forgive xem for being on the seals <3- Redblaze

I really like Dove! I like seeing xem on the Blog. Xe is a great drawer, and I love xer art style! ~Turtle

Dove is one of my best friends on the Blog and is also my Soul Sis/Waffle Pal :P (ily dovers) - Larkie

I love Dove's name and xe's really kind and friendly! -Brie cheese

3 words, everybody. (Or maybe 4) Best. Mentor/Friend/IngredientForTheMentorSoup. Ever! -Gracey aka Gracie, cheif of the Sleep Police

Most lit oldie ever - Stormi (GRR /j)

Dove is my wonderful ex-wife, friend and OLDEST buddy on the blog. She's very old. - Lil

Hiya your bestio frendo Icee here! Everyone acts like you are an ancient! I love your page!<333 - Icee

Dove is so sweet, friendly, funny, bubbly, kind, smart, and a bunch of other awesome sauce <333 They're such a cool member of the Blog and I'm so happy I got to know them! Also, their art is AWESOME! ~Mounty

Dove is cool <3-Snowwo

(I'm gonna cry :sob: Ily guys so much omg <33


Feel free to quote me here/my friends here lmao

"SUSSY BAKER" - Dove to xer friend December on a chat one night

"GET OFF MY LAWN!!11!!!!!1" - Dove over Discord to Stormi and Dawny

"Why are your quotes in caps?" - Pres, looking at my computer screen