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Other Names DD, Diamond
Relatives Russetwhisker(mother), Mudfoot(father), Purpleshade(older sister), and Loudkit(baby sister).
Affiliation BlogClan
Biographical information
Mentor None
Apprentice Formerly Poppypaw
Rank Warrior
Physical description
Gender She-cat
Breed Tuxedo
Fur Color Black
Eye Color Blue

Coldie made this page for Diamondclaw.

Diamondclaw, more commonly known as Diamond, is a Warrior of BlogClan.


Diamondclaw's current purrsona is:

Diamondclaw: A pretty, lean black she-cat with a white-tail tip and chest. She has striking blue eyes and a gray nose.

On BlogClan[]

Diamond came to BlogClan after I, Coldheart, pestered her into coming. She joined on a day I don't remember, and her first apprentice was Poppypaw. However, because Diamond became inactive, Poppypaw got a new mentor, and when Coldheart told her this, she was happy for Poppy.


Diamondclaw is a semi-sarcastic, funny person who loves joking around. She can be fierce and argumentative, and sometimes when she doesn't get enough sleep, she is cranky after. (Coming from personal expreience ;) )


- Diamond barely reads Warriors

- She lives with three cats and a dog

- Loves salad and greens

- Is 15 years old

- Birthday on October 16th

- Favourite colour is blue

- Loves running and weightlifting

- Likes some anime (specifically Danganronpa, My Hero Academia, Death Note.)


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