BlogClan 2 Wikia
BlogClan 2 Wikia
Darkwing is a sleek black she-cat with a white left forepaw, a bushy white-tipped tail, tufted ears, lighter undersides, and bright green eyes. She's got a scar on the right side of her lower lip and one along her right hind leg, and she has a french braid on each side of her tail!


Trying to successfully describe this is hard :P My personality type is ENFP-T, if that helps at all. I think I'm decently funny, I joke a lot and I love doing stupid dares that give me cool bruises to show off. Like jumping fences or running through my friend's creek in over-sized flip-flops. I'm also a pretty friendly and chill kind of person, I live for great social interactions :P

On the Blog[]

I don't think a day has gone by recently that I haven't at least checked the blog :P I comment a lot, mostly on the Tavern and the Art Page. (okay update from quite a bit after making this page, I do still check the blog pretty much every single day but like 99% of my comments are just on the Art Page because socializing is scARY sldskfjsdfkl)

On the Wiki[]

I... made this account a long time ago but forgot that it existed :P I'm gonna try to be a lil more active though


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  • I'm fifteen and a half, in tenth grade
  • My birthday's November 16 and I'm a Scorpioooooooooooooooo
  • My Clanniversary's May 29, 2016
  • I am 5'1" and an armrest for tall people
  • I play softball (pitcher or outfield, usually, but I do second base sometimes as well) and I used to play soccer (anywhere but goalie, I liked midfield and offense best)
  • I have a lotttttt of random scars and I still remember where each of them came from
  • My favorite book series include The Lunar Chronicles, Renegades, Red Queen, Harry Potter, Wings of Fire, and Warriors, and some of my other favorite books that aren't in a series are Doglands, There's Someone Inside Your House, A Dog's Way Home, and Silver
  • My favorite bands are The Neighbourhood and Mother Mother, and my favorite artist is Marina
  • My favorite songs are Buy the Stars by Marina and Ocean Breathes Salty by Modest Mouse, but I do really love a tonnnn of others
  • My favorite colors are green (any shade but mostly paler or darker desaturated ones), bright peachy orange, this specific oversaturated pinkish-red, goldenrod, the color of a swimming pool in broad daylight, and black
  • My favorite foods are steak, mac & cheese, strawberry milkshakes, this specific white chocolate and raspberry ice cream, hot chocolate, and either crinkle cut or shoestring french fries
  • My favorite dinosaur is a velociraptor because they are nasty little gremlins and I love them haha
  • My favorite season is autumn and my favorite weather's basically typical autumn weather, solid cloudy gray sky with light rain :P and having cool leaves everywhere makes the vibes even better so!!
  • I'm allergic to cats, dogs, rabbits, cockroaches, mold, dust, and a few kinds of pollen
  • I'm going to ignore the fact that I'm allergic to dogs because I plan to adopt lots of puppers when I'm an adult so I'll just get allergy shots or something if my body becomes upset, which it hasn't yet :P
  • I can wiggle my ears (one at a time or both at once), do the 'wave' with my eyebrows, raise each of my eyebrows one at a time, move my big or pinkie toe separately on both feet, twitch my right eye, touch my thumb to my wrist, flip my tongue over, and invert my elbows
  • I've been in three school musicals: The Wizard of Oz, in which I played as the coroner munchkin, a Winkie, a Jitterbug, and an Ozian; Annie, in which I played Woman 5 from Hooverville, Wacky the ventriloquist from the radio show, a servant, and an NYC lady; and The Little Mermaid, in which I was supposed to play a maid, a fish, and something else that I don't remember because they had to cancel it because of covid lskfjdslf
  • I have a pitbull/chocolate lab mix named Boo
  • I also have a bunch of plants, including a money tree named Chauncey, an orchid named Pollux, a ruby glow succulent named Kieran (though Kieran is dead now oops lfskdjf), an aloe named Alistair, another orchid named Asa, a peach tree named Kami, and a Carolina reaper named Javiere!!
  • My Hogwarts House is Ravenclaw (actually maybe Gryffindor??? no clue haha) (okay well I took another test and it says I'm a Hufflepuff now?? :P )
  • My wand is hawthorn and dragon heartstring and is about 11 inches long
  • I love thunderstorms, cloudy skies, rain, snow, and anything you could consider "bad weather"
  • I've been in the school spelling bee thrice
  • I don't like bacon
  • I started writing a blogfic a few years ago, Bloodlust, and although it kinda died for a year, I'm working on it again!! the prologue and chapters 1-6 are all on thereee
  • I broke my ankle when I was like 5 or 6 from running down the stairs
  • I broke my toe almost two years ago at my friend's Halloween party while we were all playing hardcore barefoot indoor soccer (it still hurts quite often, which is probably bad :P)
  • I talk in my sleep and if there are people near me who are awake and having a conversation I will unconsciously try to join in
  • Apparently I sometimes sleep with my eyes open
  • I also sleepwalked once because I stayed up till 5:30 am and I was supposed to wake up at 6 for a softball game and I unconsciously unplugged my Alexa on which I had an alarm so I could sleep more (I completely thought I was dreaming, but then I noticed my Alexa lying on its side on my desk, unplugged). That was a fun time
  • I draw with a Wacom tablet on my art program, Paint Tool SAI
  • I'm mainly working on two different stories right now; the first is called Hiraeth and also the one I've been drawing all those characters and scenes from, and the second is Bloodlust, which I picked back up a lil while ago! the chapters of the latter (well both of them really sdlfjkls) are coming out very very slowly rippp but I'm hoping that once I get back into writing often, it'll be updated much more frequently!!
  • My left thumb is a lil bit longer than my right one
  • I am tired

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say hello to my dog Coding by Moons <3