Dark Petals is a fanfic written by Turtlepaw. It is the first book in a series called The HazelFall Books. It’s a story about Blossomfall’s love for Hazeltail.

Chapter one:

It had been three moons since Darktail. Blossomfall remembered those days all too well. The fear for her Clanmates she had felt.

But she also remembered the day Ivypool rejected her. That fear had been almost as bad as the fear of Darktail. She doesn’t like me that way! Blossomfall remembered thinking. Even three moons later, the pain of rejection still stabbed her heart like a thorn.

But now wasn’t the time to think about bad things that had happened three moons before.

Blossomfall opened her eyes. It wasn’t even dawn yet.

Oh StarClan, I won’t be falling asleep again, will I?Not with my thoughts swirling like a storm. Blossomfall knew she wouldn’t fall asleep again, so she got up. To her surprise, she wasn’t the only one awake.

Hazeltail sat in the moonlight.

“Hi, Blossomfall. You couldn’t sleep either?” the gray and white she-cat mewed.

“Yeah,” meowed Blossomfall.

“Want to go for a night hunt?” suggested Hazeltail. “Sure,” purred Blossomfall. A good hunt was just what she needed. “Okay,” mewed Hazeltail, “let’s go.” Nodding at Whitewing, who was standing guard, the two she- cats slipped out of camp.

“I’ve heard there’s plenty of good prey by the lake at night,” said Hazeltail.

“Let’s head there,” said Blossomfall.

They walked. “Whoa,” gasped Blossomfall.

The lake looked beautiful in the moonlight.

It looked like the moon itself was in the water.

“It’s beautiful,” gasped Hazeltail, pretty much saying what Blossomfall was thinking.

“I bet that’s what the Moonpool looks like,” mewed Blossomfall, still in awe.

Hazeltail twitched her tail. “I smell a squirrel,” she mewed.

“Let’s work together,” whispered Blossomfall.

Hazeltail meowed loudly, “SQUIRREL!”

Terrified as Hazeltail chased it, the squirrel ran behind a bush... where Blossomfall was waiting! Blossomfall killed it with a nip.

“Big squirrel,” commented Hazeltail.

“It’ll feed the elders,” said Blossomfall happily.

The current elders were her parents, Graystripe and Millie. While they weren’t mates anymore, they were still good friends. “Let’s head back,” said Hazeltail.

Blossomfall carried the squirrel. She had enjoyed hunting with Hazeltail. “Can we do this again sometime?” she mewed. “I’d love that,” purred Hazeltail to the younger she- cat. Blossomfall felt a warm, good feeling. Like she’d just eaten prey, freshly caught.

She wasn’t sure what it was, but she welcomed it.

End of chapter one

Chapter two:

Blossomfall opened her eyes. Hazeltail was curled up in the nest beside her. It was fun hunting with her yesterday. We’ll have to do it again sometime.

Blossomfall stretched, and walked out of the den. “Looks like I slept in,” she mewed softly to herself. The fresh kill pile was already full.

Her brother, Bumblestripe, was eating, but that was no surprise. He was just like Graystripe- always thinking of food.

Blossomfall nodded at Bumblestripe, who was now done with his prey and heading for the dirtplace.

Blossomfall sank her teeth into a squirrel. The very squirrel she and Hazeltail had caught, she realized. It still had a little bit of Hazeltail‘s scent.

Blossomfall purred as she remembered how Hazeltail had yelled, “SQUIRREL!” to scare the squirrel. Laughing quietly at the memory, Blossomfall began eating.

Hazeltail came out of the warriors den. “Hey, Blossomfall.” she said.

“Hi!” said Blossomfall.

Hazeltail grabbed a mouse, and, after gently licking Blossomfall on the head, meowed, “We got up late, huh?”

“Tired from our night hunt, I suppose,” said Blossomfall.

“Yeah, probably.” said Hazeltail, licking some meat from her muzzle.

Blossomfall’s heart beat faster as she thought of how Hazeltail had affectionately licked her head. She probably meant nothing by it. Just a kind gesture.

But Blossomfall wished it had lasted.

She liked Hazeltail. Hazeltail had been her mentor, but she and Blossomfall were so close in age, they were more like sisters.

But... Blossomfall wanted more. No. No. I am NOT doing this unrequited love thing again! Not after Ivypool.

But deep inside, Blossomfall knew she’d been feeling this way about Hazeltail for a long time.

What is UP with me and getting crushes on cats who don’t like me back? Blossomfall silently wailed.

One thing was for certain: Blossomfall couldn’t tell Hazeltail, ever.

I won’t risk having my heart broken again.

“Blossomfall? You ok?” meowed Hazeltail.

Blossomfall blinked. “Yes. I’m fine. Everything is fine.”

Hazeltail looked at her strangely. “Ok then. I’m gonna go hunting. Squirrelflight is sending out a hunting patrol. See ya.”

“Bye,” said Blossomfall.

She wanted to meep, like a kit. Hazeltail has no interest in me! Any cat can see that.

Blossomfall sighed.

Looking over her shoulder, Hazeltail mewed, “You sure you’re ok? You’re acting really weird.”

Worrying her mew would shake with emotion if she spoke, Blossomfall only nodded.

End of chapter two.

Chapter three:

Blossomfall was in a forest. It was night, and the moon‘s light casted a silver glow. She didn’t know how she got there. But she knew she had to find Hazeltail.

She saw her.

Hazeltail lay on the muddy ground, her gray and white fur covered in blood.

“Hazeltail!” wailed Blossomfall, running.

Hazeltail blinked at Blossomfall, looking dazed. “It’s too late. You can’t save me.”

Hazeltail closed her eyes. “No!” wailed Blossomfall. Her wail of sadness echoed through the night.

Blossomfall woke up. It was only a dream!

But then she heard cries of pain.


Blossomfall ran out of the den.

Thornclaw, Rosepetal, Mousewhisker, and Hazeltail stood in the entrance of the camp.

Hazeltail looked horribly hurt. She was covered in blood.

“What happened?” Blossomfall asked.

Thornclaw told Blossomfall, “We got attacked by a badger. Hazeltail is the most hurt.”

“Blossomfall,” said Hazeltail weakly, “I’m ok.”

No, thought Blossomfall, you’re not. My dream has come true! Hazeltail is hurt!

End of chapter three

Chapter four:

Leafpool and Alderheart walked on either side of Hazeltail, helping her to the medicine cat den. Jayfeather was already inside, sorting herbs that would help Hazeltail.

All of this was happening, and Hazeltail couldn’t be in greater care.

Yet Blossomfall still felt terrified. What would she do if Hazeltail died? Then she’d never know if Hazeltail loved her too...

The thought of never knowing made Blossomfall afraid. What if Hazeltail had loved her all this time, but was afraid to admit it, just like Blossomfall was?

Graystripe saw Blossomfall nervously pacing outside of the medicine cat den.

“It’s ok. Hazeltail will be fine. The medicine cats know what they are doing.” mewed Graystripe, licking his daughter’s ear.

“I know. But I’m still scared. I’m scared of so many things,” confessed Blossomfall.

Graystripe meowed gently, “Do you want to talk about it?”

Blossomfall nodded.

Graystripe sat down. “What’s troubling you, Blossomfall?” he asked.

Blossomfall confessed, “I love Hazeltail. I have for a while now. But I’m scared. I’m scared to tell her my feelings for her.

“I loved Ivypool too, and told her. But she told me while I was her friend, she didn’t have feelings for me,” mewed Blossomfall, her mew shaking.

”And Hazeltail. I WANT to tell her, but-”

”You don’t want to be rejected again.” said Graystripe.

“Exactly.” mewed Blossomfall.

“Graystripe? Do YOU think I should tell Hazeltail I love her?” asked Blossomfall.

Graystripe said, “Blossomfall. I can’t tell you the answer to that question. Only YOU know if you want to tell Hazeltail. I can give you advice, and I can guide you. But this choice is one you must make.”

“I understand,” said Blossomfall. “And I think I know what I’m going to do.”

“I am happy I could help,” purred Graystripe.

Blossomfall twitched her tail, and walked to the medicine cat den.

“Hi, Blossomfall.” mewed her sister, Brairlight. Brairlight’s legs were paralyzed, so she couldn't be a warrior. But she still helped the Clan! Right now she was sorting some herbs.

“Can I have a moment alone with Hazeltail?” mewed Blossomfall.

Leafpool looked up from where she was sorting herbs. “Sure. Come on, Brairlight, let’s go get some prey.”

“Ok,” said Briarlight, dragging herself out of her nest.

Blossomfall looked at Hazeltail.

“Hey,” said Hazeltail.

“Hazeltail,” mewed Blossomfall, “I have to tell you something.”

End of chapter four.

Chapter five:

”What do you have to tell me?” mewed Hazeltail.

Blossomfall took a deep breath. She could do this.

“Hazeltail,” she began, “I really like you. You’re my friend. But... I like you more than just a friend. I love you, Hazeltail, and I’d like to be your mate.”

Blossomfall held her breath, waiting for Hazeltail‘s reply.

“Blossomfall,” meowed Hazeltail.

Blossomfall was nervous. Actually, nervous didn’t even START to describe her right now.

Blossomfall was terrified.

Hazeltail said, “I always wondered if you... loved me too. Now I know.”

Blossomfall purred with happiness.

Hazeltail intertwined her tail with Blossomfall’s.

They stayed like that for a long time.

Hazeltail is my mate! thought Blossomfall excitedly.

She’d never been happier in her life.

End of chapter five.


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