Other Names Crystalkit (formerly), Crystie, Crystal Shining in Halloween Night, Yummy Thanksgiving Turkey Eater Crystie, Christmas Crystie Licking Yummy Choco Cream, Crystie Is Back To School, A Spring Crystie With Flowers, An April Fool's Crystie, Crystie Is Running For SW, Crystie4SW (thanks to Sandy :P), Crystie4MC 2019, Crystalshine75 (Wiki), Crystalstar75 (Scratch)๏ผŒCrystiee- (Toyhouse), Christina N. "Crystie" Shine
Relatives Mom: Willowsong

Dad: Falconblaze

Affiliation BlogClan, FlowerClan, OwlClan, MeowingClan, SandClan, ShadowClan, CheetahClan, CloudClan
Biographical information
Mentor Kat
Apprentice none ;w;
Rank Kit (formerly), apprentice (running for SW)
Physical description
Gender Female
Breed Norwegian Forest Cat
Fur Color Silver tabby with ginger-and-white markings
Eye Color Green

Purrsona Edit

Crystie is a soft, long-furred black tortie silver mackerel tabby and white Norwegian Forest she-cat with dark gray, silver and ginger stripes and ginger splotches on her head. She has a pink nose, misty light green eyes, a white belly, chest and paws. She also has a bushy, dark gray, silver and ginger striped tail and silver fur on her ear-tip.

On the Allegiances, she is list as a long-furred silver, ginger, and white tabby she-cat with light green eyes.

On the Blog Edit

Crystie is active (well not really now :P but you can still chat with me somewhere <33), you can always find her on the Tavern, Warriors Games Page and Fan Fiction page. Her best friends are Foxy and Sandy, her mentor is Kat. She ran a Clan Builder game and another game called Name That StarClan Kit. Now, she is the deputy of SandClan, and also a member of several other secret Clans. She wrote three articles now!

Crystalshine is running for senior warrior!

Personality Edit

Crystie is bright, sweet, caring and shy in real life. She is quite outgoing to her classmates and friends, and loves to chat and laugh and play with them. She seems strong and bold sometimes, but actually, she is not.

Crystie is always very emotional, and can be jealous and too confident easily.

On the Blog, Crystie is sweet, caring, funny and eneregetic. She is trying to be not annoying and wants to be friends with everyone. Same as irl, she likes to joke. Wait, she is also WEIRD :P

How I found Warriors Edit

My classmate, Briarpaw, was reading Warriors (Chinese version) in front of me. I asked her about it and she said it's AWESOME, so I told my mom and she bought the first series and I love it. Then my mom bought all of it! Now my bookshelf is full of Warriors lol :P

How I found BlogClan Edit

I was looking at a website (I can't remember which) and clicked "Kate's Blog". I thought it can't work in China but it did work and I LOVE it :D

How I found BlogClan Wiki Edit

Before I joined BlogClan, I already edited things on Warriors Wiki though I didn't have an account. One day when I joined BlogClan for half a year, I clicked Frosto's name on the Blog and her Wiki page just appeared. I added myself as a friend there, and I wanted an Wiki account then. On a weekend, I created an account called "Crystalshine75" and I started to create my own page- this page. It's really hard to edit these things at first. Bluebell told me how to code pages so now I can code!

Fandom Edit

Warriors Edit

  • Warriors OC/fursona: Crystalshine - long-furred silver, ginger, and white tabby she-cat with light green eyes.
  • Her favorite books are The Darkest Hour, Dawn, Long Shadows, The Last Hope, Path of Stars, River of Fire, Lost Stars, Crowfeather's Trial and Leafpool's Wish.
  • Her favorite characters are Squirrelflight (Squirrel x Bramble 4life), Ivypool, Sparkpelt, Rosepetal, Turtle Tail, Thrushpelt and Fernsong.
  • Her least favorite characters are Appledusk, Berrynose, Brokenstar, Thistleclaw and Tigerstar.

Harry Potter Edit

  • Harry Potter OC: Christina N. Shine - light-skinned girl with silky black hair and almond-shaped dark brown eyes
  • Her house is Hufflepuff! <3
  • Her favorite characters are Luna Lovegood, Ginny Weasley and Hermione Granger.

What Others Say About Me Edit

Add what you think of me! (Thanks guys <3)

"Crystie is very nice and sweet." -Gingie

"Crystie is very sweet, funny and kind :3" -Bluebell

"Crystie is super pawesome and a really good friend! She always plays my NTA and Clan Builders even when no one else does! She's also a really talented artist!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜" -Foxy

"Crystie is awesome! She's super nice to new BlogClanners. GO VOUCH FOR HER THIS INSTANT :P" -Sandy

"Crystie is kind and sweet, and a great friend! :D" -Bracken

"Crystie is super amazing and always ready to make new BlogClanners feel welcome! :D She is super kind and sweet!" -Shadow

"Crystie is super nice and sweet to me and our classmates in real life. She's shy, but very funny. I like her very much!" -Diamond

"I think Crystie is a great friend, she is kind-hearted, funny, and more ๐Ÿ˜€" - Squirrel

"Crystie is one of those people that makes me comfortable in BlogClan, kind, nice, funny, she's a friend that anyone would like!" -Flighty

"Crystie is really kind and sweet, and so easy to get along with! She's amazing ๐Ÿ˜ธ!" -Astie

"Crysie is COOLIO (why so cringe, Navy?)" -Navy

"Crystie is better then cookie" -Cherry

"Crystie is an amazing artist, a great BlogClanner, and an awesome friend! :D" -Ravey

"Go GIRL GANG! (From Harry Potter, :D)" -Splashy

BlogClan Friends Edit

Add yourself! <3 I'll be hurt if you saw this and did NOT add yourself :P

Foxy (Foxpaw/shadow)

Sandy (Sandpaw/frost)

Kat (Wolfsong)

Spotted (Spottedpaw/stream)

Bracken (Brackenpaw/light)

Laly (Lilypaw/whisper)

Spoto (Spottedpaw/spirit)

Frosto (Frostpaw/fire)

Owly (Owlpaw/feather)

Pasty (Pastelpaw/blossom)

Gingie (Gingerpaw/frost)

Plume AKA Plumeflake

Bluebell (Bluebellpaw)

Rain (Willowpaw/rain)

Smokey (Smokepaw/flare)

Diamond (Diamondpaw/heart)

Shadow (Shadowpaw/moon)

Snowy (Snowbreeze)

Aster (Asterflame)

Fox (Fox Trot)

Spidey (Spidersong)

Squirrel (Squirrelpaw/talon)

Maple (Maplepaw/drift)

Wint (Winterwhisper)

Flighty (Cheetahpaw/flight)

Fallen (Fallenshadows)

Astie (Asterstorm)

Raven (Ravenpaw/mist)

Navy (Star That Falls Through Navy Sky)

Cloudy (Cloudypaw/moon)

Angel (Angelkit/wing)

Lappy (Lapispaw/dapple)

Li-li (Lifepaw/light)

Silvy (Silverpaw/sky)

Rush (Rushfire)

Moons (Moonspirit)

Cherry (Cherrypaw/flight)

Clo (Shadowpaw/cloud)

Fyre (Firepaw/spring)

Misty (Mistystream)

Ivyla (Ivyleaf)

Aquila (Eagleflight)

Honeysplash/ Honey <3

Ships Edit

Foxtie (Crystie x Foxy)

Gistie (Crystie x Gingie)

Candy (Crystie x Sandy)

Bluecrystal (Crystie x Bluebell)

Cradow (Crystie x Shadow)

Coke (Crystie x Smokey)

Crlight (Crystie x Flighty)

Clysty (Crystie x Cloudy)

Cravy (Crystie x Navy)

Trivia Edit

  • Crystie lives in China.
  • Her birthday is on July 25th.
  • Her clanniversary is on April 15th.
  • Her mentor is Kat, they chat on DeviantArt! :D
  • She has a muscular, small, thick-furred white tom with one blue eye and one green eye. His name is Snowball and his birthday is on April 25th (yep Sandy's birthday!!).
  • In her fictions, she becomes Crystalstar, leader of ThunderClan.
  • She started to read Warriors when she was 8.
  • She joined BlogClan in April of 2018.
  • She plays Minecraft!
  • She loves playing soccer, though she doesn't play it for a long time.
  • She can speak Swedish.
  • Her fictional human name and pen name is Christina N. "Crystie" Shine.
  • She found many unclaimed secret pages.
  • She knows how to code pages. You can ask her if you want your Wiki page coded!
  • She likes reading, writing fictions, Scratching, playing the piano and skating.

Trailing Stars Edit

Crystalpaw was mentioned in Chapter 24, written by Cheetahspark, as an apprentice. She was shown to be hissing and lashing her bushy tail furiously.

Fan Fictions Edit

(*sigh* I cancelled most of them TwT)

Solo: Edit

  • Heathertail's Lie (That's her first novella, completed now! :D)
  • Fallen Snow (Her current fanfic, about ThunderClan after Lost Stars, in progress)
  • Friendship With a Ghost (She post it on the Oct. Fanfic Contest, completed)
  • Snowball (It's about her cat Snowball, completed)
  • Warriors: Two Mothers (A one-shot about Leafpool, Hollyleaf and Squirrelflight, completed)

Group: Edit

Gallery Edit

Note: almost all of my art here are really old, if you want to see my recent art, you can check out my Scratch! :P

Gallery of My Purrsona Edit More art of Crystalshine here! <3

Gallery of Things I Drew (ahhhhhh old art :P) Edit

Gallery of Other Things Edit

Current coding by Crystie

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