Creampaw is a cream she-cat with white paws and green eyes. She has been on BlogClan since August 11, 2015.

On The Blog Edit

Creampaw is pretty active on the blog, mostly visiting the hug page, fan-fic page, NTA, and live chat. She is also part of the Chromatic Moles team at Gatherings. She also thinking of a a fan-fic that is currently unnamed.

Personality Edit

Creampaw can be a bit sarcastic and annoying with people she's comfortable with. She will also snap or be impatient when she's tired, annoyed, or something's wrong. Creampaw is quiet and shy around strangers, but always chatty with her friends. She always tries to cheer people up with humor or encouragement. Creampaw also tends to push away people when she's mad or upset, wanting to be left alone. Creampaw can also be quite impatient.

Trivia Edit

  • Her warrior name, Creamrose, was suggested by RaggedOak on Live Chat.
  • Creampaw has been on the blog ever since mid-July 2015, but started commenting in August 2015 (her first comment was on August 11, 2015).
  • As of October 2, 2015, Jetclaw became Creampaw's mentor.
  • Creampaw is editing Chapter 16 of the BlogClan book on BlogClan's history, written by Flo.
  • Creampaw has been a Warriors fan ever since July 2014.