Craterpaw is a Lithe Black She-Cat with Ocean-blue eyes.

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Other Names Crater, CRATAR (thank you Fame 😛)
Relatives None on BlogClan
Affiliation BlogClan, OwlClan, HungerClan, WeirdClan, BrushClan
Biographical information
Mentor The awesome SPIDERSONG
Apprentice None
Rank Apprentice
Physical description
Gender Female
Breed Ojos Azules
Fur Color Black
Eye Color Ocean-blue


I am very friendly. I love interacting with people on BlogClan. At school, nobody likes me, so here I know people like me (Middle school has been better though) I can be mean, sarcastic if people are being mean to me, but you don’t have to worry because no one is mean to me at BlogClan. I get upset very easily.

On The BlogEdit

I am very active on BlogClan. I check fan articles, but usally don’t comment on them. I play the Apprentice Naming Game, and have one point for Ebonystorm. I play lots of games on the Warriors Game Page, and see what's up on the Taven. I try and go on the Hug Page to give people advice and hugs. I read Fanfiction, and join Blogfics. My mentor is Spidey, the awesomest, best mentor ever. Don't deny it.

On The Wiki Edit

I am active on the wiki. I do almost every Roleplay, write and read many fanfics and blogfics.

Fanfics/Blogfics Edit

Written by me

A New Clan Rises: The New Clan’s Arrival right here. I abandoned that though.

Power Camp Signups here, and the story is here. And I'm procrastinating 😛

What Other BlogClanners Say About Me Edit

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CRATAR is such a nice cat person. They are always the first to join my RPs or threads, or even wikis, and they are so nice to everyone! - Lilypaw

Friends Edit

BlogClan Edit

IAdd yourself! I really don't want this to be sad! Even though it is 😭

Silv (Silverpaw/leaf)

Spidersong 😜😛

Cheetah (Cheetahspark)


Your mother, LALY

Riv (Riverfrost)


Rain (Willowrain)


Kevin C. Cucumber



Not On BlogClan (All of these people like warriors because of me 😉) Edit





Whitestripes (I wasn't thinking about the White Stripes when I did this 😛)



Warriors Stuff Edit

Books I Read

I'm currently reading Night Whispers. I have also read all manga, SEs, and novellas that take place before that, EXCEPT Thunderstar's Echo, Mapleshade's Vengance, Goosefeather's Curse, Pinestar's Choice, Spottedleaf's Heart, Tigerclaw's Fury, Graystripe's Trilogy 2, and Graystripe's Trioligy 3. I have yet to read 21 books until I am done with the series. But by then there will be more... (I have a list)

Top 10s Edit


10. Dark River

9. A Forest Divided

8. The Fourth Apprentice

7. Fading Echoes

6. Night Whispers

5. Outcast

4. SkyClan’s Destiny

3. Sunset

2. A Dangerous Path


1.The Darkest Hour

Least Favorite Books

10. I

9. Can

8. Not

7. Thing

6. Of

5. Anything

4. Except

3. #1 And #2

2. Bluestar’s Prophecy


1.Path Of Stars

Favorite Charecters

10. Micah

9. Moth Flight

8. Thunderstar

7. Mistyfoot

6. Silverstream

5. Feathertail

4. Squirrelflight

3. Hollyleaf

2. Brambleclaw



Least Favorite Characters (aka evil characters because I judge them if I was a warrior)

10. Blackstar

9. Leopardstar

8. Darkstripe

7. Scourge

6. Hawkfrost

5. Breezepelt

4. Sol

3. Ashfur

2. Brokenstar



Favorite Ships

10. FirexSand

9. FeatherxCrow

8. StormxBrook

7. CrookedxWillow

6. HoneyxBerry

5. LionxCinder (I found out they are mates and I’m like wow)

4. SandxPale

3. TallxJake

2. SquirrelxBramble



Least Favorite Ships


9. ThislexSnow

8. JayxStick

7. CrowxNight

6. SpottedxFire

5. SpiderxDaisy

4. AshxScourge


2. GrayxMillie



Favorite Warriors From Each Clan (They Might Not Be At Their Highest Rank I just like them best at that rank) Edit

ThunderClan Edit

Leader: Thunderstar

Deputy: Brambleclaw

Med Cat: Leafpool

Warrior: Hollyleaf

Appentice: Shrewpaw

Kit: Snowkit

RiverClan Edit

Leader: Crookedstar

Deputy: Stonefur

Med Cat: Willowshine

Warrior: Silverstream

Apprentice: Can’t think of one

Kit: Willowkit

WindClan Edit

Leader: Tallstar

Deputy: Deadfoot

Med Cat: Barkface

Warrior: Onewhisker

Apprentice: Gorsepaw

Kit: Finchkit

ShadowClan Edit

Leader: Nightstar

Deputy: Cloudpelt

Med Cat: Yellowfang

Warrior: Badgerfang

Apprentice: Uhhhh :P

Kit: Hopekit, Wishkit, Mintkit, or MarigolKit

SkyClan Edit

Leader: Leafstar

Deputy: Sharpclaw

Med Cat: Echosong

Warrior: Rainfur

Apprentice: Can’t think of one

Kit: same as apprentice

Trivia Edit

  • plays The viola
  • Plays percussion
  • loves to sing (Favorite bands: Twenty-One Pilots, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Phantogram, Imagine Dragons, And Grouplove)
  • in 6th grade
  • is 11
  • skipped most of 1st grade because I'm oo smart and still am the smartest kid in the grade (not to brag)
  • loves warriors (I bet you would of never guessed)
  • reads Harry Potter
  • totally called Graystripe a girl :P
  • lives in northern USA, Central Time Zone
  • has a cat named Luna. She is a F4 Savannah:

Luna caught the toy!


When my dad asked Luna to meow

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