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BlogClan 2 Wikia

Complete Fan Book of Cat Breeds in Warriors is a book that all the BlogClanners can join and write a part of it. In this book, we'll find out the breeds of the characters in Warriors.

This book is taken charge and mostly written by Meowing Aster (Asterstorm), Coldie (Coldheart), Crystie (Crystalpaw/shine) and Sandy (Sandpaw/stone).

On the Blog[]

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Squirrelflight (by Crystie)[]

Squirrelflight. Yes, the awesome Squirrelflight! Kind, determined, loyal, loving. Today, let’s talk about her breed!

In Firestar’s Quest, she is named by her bushy tail. Bushy means she is long-furred. There’s many breeds which have long fur, but only Norwegian Forest Cat, Maine Coon and Siberian fits her appearance. Maine Coon didn’t really fits dark ginger, so let’s kick it out from the list! :P Squirrelflight has short legs, Siberian have them too, but her colors fits Norwegian Forest Cat more, and maybe she is a Norwegian Forest Cat (Firestar lol) and Siberian (Sandstorm haha) mix! ;P

Hollyleaf (by Sandy)[]

Ah, Hollyleaf. She's an amazing cat, my favorite. Let's see what breed she is.

First, Hollyleaf is long-furred. That might make her a Norwegian Forest Cat, a Persian Cat, a Maine Coon, a Ragdoll or a Siberian Cat. Although she might not be a Persian Cat, because they have a round face and short muzzle.

Hollyleaf will probably be a Norwegian forest cat, because of her long legs. She probably won't be a Ragdoll, because Hollyleaf is black with no gray and white patterns, neither blue eyes.

She wouldn't be a Siberian cat because they are strong with large paws, and Hollyleaf doesn't.

I hope you enjoying reading my chapter of Hollyleaf's breed!

Bluestar (by Meowing Aster)[]

Possible breeds[]

  • Russian Blue (it is listed on the Warriors Wiki)
    • Nebelung (long hair Russian Blue)
      • Bluestar has long fur
  • British Shorthair
    • This breed is also famous for its blue coat
    • Bluestar has a broad face and a large body
  • Ojos Azules
    • Bluestar can't have blue eyes unless she contains this breed,

Gray Wing (by Sandy)[]

Gray Wing is sleek and broad shouldered. More coming soon

Yellowfang (by Ragen1776)[]

In the book it describes Yellowfang as a black she-cat with a flat face. There are two distinctive breeds she could be.

  1. Yellowfang is not a cat. She is actully a highly sophiticated AI

so I think it’s safe to say that Yellowfang Is a black exotic.

pictures coming soon

Brokenstar (by Malus)[]

Brokenstar is a flat-faced, dark brown tom with amber eyes. Since he is the son of Yellowfang, he is likely a exotic short hair cat.

Needletail (by Moon)[]

Needletail is a sleek, short furred silver she-cat with a white chest, green eyes, and a thick tail, as described by the Warriors wiki. However, silver is not an actual cat color, and instead is similar to coat colors such as blue self, chinchilla, silver shaded, silver tabby, blue silver tabby, etc. While researching short haired cat breeds, as Needletail is often described as short furred, I came across a single breed where “silver” was an acceptable color. This was the Abyssinian. Now, I understand that Abyssinians are almost always the ginger color officially called sorrel, red, or cinnamon, as well as the red ticked tabby. However, all major associations accept and show silver colors, except for the CFA.

Silver Abyssinians are the usual brown tabby, but with the base coat to turned to a shining, silvery white by the inhibitor gene, though I will prefer not to get into genetics. However, I find this interesting, because Needletail’s father is a dark brown tabby, and white a dark brown tabby is not a recognized color of the Abyssianian breed, it seems like the basis of any sliver Abyssinian, such as Needletail. Her mother, Berryheart, is black and white, which means that she probably has another breed of ancestry.

However, I also think that Needletail has Somali ancestry. While the Somali is a long haired breed, it is arguably a mere variation of the Abyssianian, or usuallly just refered to as the long haired version. While Needletail is clearly not long-haired, she does have the thick tail of a Somali cat. The FIFe, TICA, and GCCF in the United Kingdom all except silver colored Somali cats, making the Somali and Abyssianian the only two cat breeds I have come across where “silver” is a registered color. To be clear, they cannot be black and white, so Berryheart was not a Somali. However, that is a topic for another day. In conclusion, this leads me to believe Needletail - one of my absolute favorite warrior cats - is an Abyssianian, with Somali ancestry (for the most part).

Leopardstar (by Cloudy) []

Leopardstar is a very interesting character and I would definitely want a SE of her. Let’s see what breeds it is possible that she is. First of all, Leopardstar is spotted. Spotted cats are Bengal cats, one of the most adorable types of cats. Now we move into a more difficult thing. Leopardstar was also mentioned to be golden. The problem here is what describes a golden cat. Golden is something between brown and ginger, at least this is how I see that. If will look at Leopardstar’s oficial art we’ll see that she was simply shown as ginger tabby. But we go by Leopardstar’s written description, right? So Bengal cats can have shades of anywhere between gray (yes, there are some not purebred gray Bengal cats), brown, and ginger. So we can tell that some of them are golden, I guess. So it definitely makes Leopardstar a possible bengal. But Leopardstar was mentioned to have a winding tail. Winding means long. So here is the problem – Bengal cats are short haired. But here is the thing that saves us: Leopardstar isn’t purebred. Her mom is ginger and white (definitely not a Bengal) and her dad is brown spotted, so we can assume he’s bengal. That makes sense: Leopardstar got her Bengal gens from her dad, and the long fur from her mom. That’s it! Cloudy, signing out.

Tallstar (by Sundrift)[]


Tallstar is a large cat with a long, thin tail and short, thick fur.


WindClan cats are described to have good hearing, and they probably need to have thin, long legs to run quickly.

There are two candidates for his possible breed that I can think of that are tall, have long legs, large ears and a very thin tail that is long.

Cornish Rex

Tallstar is described to have a short but thick coat, and Cornish Rex cats have curly fur that looks thick. Cornish Rex cats are small-to-medium-sized cats, but that have very long legs which makes them look tall.

Oriental Bicolour/Shorthair

It could be possible for Tallstar to be an Oriental, as they tick almost all of the boxes, if not all of them. Oriental Shorthair cats have a short but fine coat that is quite thick in appearance.

I’ve even seen Tallstar being depicted as an Oriental in some fan-art!


Overall, either breed could belong to Tallstar because they have very long and thin tails and legs, which make them look tall and athletic.

Spottedleaf (by Coldie)[]

Spottedleaf's detailed description is this: Spottedleaf - small, lithe, soft-furred, dark tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat with large, warm, amber eyes, and white-tipped ears. Her coat is distinctively dappled and mottled with orange and brown markings, and she has a small, pink nose. One of her eyes is rimmed with darker fur than the other, and she has small white paws and a black-tipped, gold-and-brown-striped tabby tail. Possible breeds: tortoiseshell breeds: American Shorthair, British Shorthair, Persian, Cornish Rex, Ragamuffin, and Maine Coon. Let's eliminate Maine Coon, Persian, and American Shorthair. That leaves us with the British Shorthair, Cornish Rex, and Ragamuffin. I'm going to eliminate Cornish Rex because the Cornish Rex has veryyyyy short fur, and I don't think it's really soft. Spottedleaf doesn't have short fur, but she isn't said to have long fur either. I'm going to presume that she's a mix between a Ragamuffin and a British Shorthair. She must have British Shorthair blood in her because British Shorthairs usually have amber eyes.

Silverstream (by Coldie)[]

Silverstream's a sleek, soft, and thick-furred, slender, silver-and-black tabby she-cat with a finely shaped head, and bright blue eyes. So she's fluffy, so that means she can be a Norwegian Forest Cat, a Persian Cat, a Maine Coon, a Ragdoll or a Siberian Cat. She's probably not a Persian because Persian's have flat faces, she's probably not a Norwegian Forest Cat because they usually only have blue eyes if they have white pelts, and she probably isn't a Maine Coon because Maine Coons are super fluffy and have tufted ears. She has to be a Ragdoll because Ragdolls usually have blue eyes, and she could have Siberian blood in her because Siberian's could be silvers. Siberian's also look like how Silverstream might look. So, in conclusion, I think that Silverstream might be a mix between a Siberian and Ragdoll.

Tree (by Florie)[]

My first time writing this, not sure if it should look like this :3

Tree is known as a small, thickly pelted, muscular, bright yellow tom with amber eyes, and six toes on one of his hind paws. Okay let's ignore the six-toed part because it's not necessarily related to breeds. Okay, so, he's small, which means he might be a Singapura, Munchkin, American Curl, or Siamese cat. He might not be Munchkin because he is thickly pelted instead of fluffy, might not be Singapura because his tail's not blunt and might not be Siamese because he is muscular. He looks much like an American Curl on the official art, so I think he might be an American Curl.

Ivypool (by Coldie)[]

Ivypool is a slender, soft-furred, pale, silver-and-white tabby she-cat. She has white paws, a white belly and face, white splotches covering her pelt, a striped silver tail and silver tail-tip, sliced ears, and dark blue eyes. I'm guessing she has medium fluff, so like 5/10 fluffiness. I'm thinking she could be an....... American Shorthair, British Shorthair, or an Egyptian Mau. This is really narrowing it down, so I might be wrong. She could still be an American Shorthair, but I'll cross of British Shorthair because that doesn't seem like her, and finally, she couldn't be an Egyptian Mau because they usually have gooseberry green eyes. So she is probably an American Shorthair!

Graystripe (By Daydust)[]

Following the description of the official Warriors Wiki, Graystripe is very fluffy, with thick fur. He is also a big cat with stripes. Sounds like a Maine Coon! Maine Coons can be gray, but they seem too big and bulky for Graystripe, who appears smaller than a Maine Coon compared to Twolegs. It's still the closest I could find!

Update: just realised how similar the face shape and markings are with the Graystripe official art and the Maine Coon image I found. Looks like I was right!

actual Graystripe image

gray Maine Coon

Tigerstar the First (by Daydust yet again because I'm bored)[]

Tigerstar is described as a big dark brown tabby with huge claws, and also called a "useless lump of fur" (wow, Cinderpelt, dissing my fave villain like that)

It is very possible that he is also a Maine Coon like Graystripe, but it just doesn't fit. He's seen as mainly sleek with only slight bits of fluff, and he's going without the distinctive muzzle.

Yet another thing that hints at Maine Coon is the fact that Tigerstar is described with a thick-furred, fluffy tail that most Maine Coons have.

Tigerstar image

Tigerstar IRL???

Tigerstar IRL???

Alderheart (By Sune Rainystomp)[]

Ok so it's time to do my little kinnie Alderheart... so let's see...

I always like to picture him with a fluffy tail but we will have to read the warriors wiki.

It says Alderheart is a dark ginger tom with a white-tipped tail. Now i'm assuming he got the white from Squirrelflight's paw. And eyes from his dad. But that's not how genetics work... at least I don't think. Well, he must have medium fur. And warriors isn't perfect, either.

Well, he is not a munchkin because he isn't short. Nor a bobtail, nor a persian. So what is he? This one's a little tricky... I'm starting to think Abyssian but he doesn't have black on him, though not all of those cats do. But now I think I got it! Somali! They are perfect for him! Not too fluffy like a maine coon, and capable of having a white tail or tip... Hope you agree!

Dovewing (by Duskpaw)[]

So, Dovewing is described as a sleek, pale grey she-cat with green eyes and a torn ear. There are lots of grey cats, like the British and American shorthair, the Chartreux and the Russian Blue. Now, the British Shorthair is a grey cat, but has basically always amber eyes and a broad face, and Dovewing has neither so I don’t think she’s this breed. The American Shorthair has a good body type to be Dovewing, and has green eyes but almost all the photos I saw of them were tabbies so not Dovewing. The Chartreux has the correct body type and fur but almost always has amber-orange eyes except for one photo that I saw that could be Dovewing. Now, the Russian Blue has a good body type and fur colour, and has green eyes! So I think that Dovewing would be a Russian Blue or a tiny chance of her being a Chartreux!



Leafpool (by Briarpaw)[]

Leafpool is a small, lithe, pale brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes. She has a white chest and paws.

Being a brown tabby means you have darker stripes, spots or whorls (in Leafpool's case I'd guess stripes) on a lighter brown background.

Since we're not sure if she's striped or ticked or spotted or whorled here is a list of some tabby breeds that can be spotted or whorled or striped or ticked.

  • American Bobtail
  • American Shorthair
  • Bengal
  • British Shorthair
  • Cheetoh (Wait what)
  • Egyptian Mau
  • Maine Coon
  • Munchkin
  • Norwegian Forest Cat
  • Persian
  • Ocicat
  • Scottish Fold
  • Siberian
  • Sokoke

Let's try to cross some breeds of the list.

American Bobtails have bobtails. There are, I believe, several implications that Leafpool "swished her tail" or "brushed her tail against somebody's flank" which means she most likely wouldn't have a bobtail but rather a longer one. She can't be an Egyptian Mau because they usually have gooseberry green eyes.

Maine Coons and Norwegian Forest cats are normally large. Leafpool has been described as a small cat which means she wouldn't be likely to be a Maine Coon.

I also believe it will be safe to cross Munchkins out since Leafpool has never been described as short-legged when that's a common and most known trait of Munchkins! Persians and Scottish Folds are out because I don't think Leafpool has a flat face.

Leafpool is probably a short-furred cat since both her parents are and the official art suggests so, so Leafpool cannot be a Persian cat.


  • American Shorthair - large body, round face, short ears, easy-going, social
  • Bengal - Enjoys water, lively, short-furred, and mostly has leopard-like coloring and markings
  • British Shorthair - short muzzle, broad cheeks, looks a bit like Scottish fold, apparently
  • Cheetoh (Wait what) - an Ocicat and Bengal mix
  • Ocicat - Sweet and docile, strong body
  • Siberian - long-furred, big paws, short-legged
  • Sokoke - long-legged with short hair and typically has a tabby coat

Okay, I'm going to cut American Shorthair, Bengal, British Shorthair, Cheetoh, and Siberian cats. Ocicat, too. So I think Leafpool might be a Sokoke.

Mothwing by Fawnpaw[]

(Fawnleg: I was trying to do Leafpool but Bri did it first :( so I am doing Mothwing)

Mothwing is described to be a dappled golden tabby she-cat with amber eyes.

There is no specific golden cat breed, so here is the list of cat breeds that can be golden:

  • Norwegian Forest Cat-Long furred, water-resistant coat, have a long bushy tail
  • Munchkin- Can be long-furred or short-furred, have short legs
  • British shorthair- Medium long-furred, fluffy coat, have a medium-sized tail
  • Maine Coon- Long-furred cats, have muscular and robust bodies, the biggest cat breed in the world
  • Persian- Long-furred cats, round face and short muzzle, pure kittypet
  • Bengal- Short-furred or Medium-furred, hind legs are slightly longer than the front
  • American Bobtail: Can be long-furred or short-furred, have shortened tails, any eye color

We rule out Bengal because Mothwing is a long-haired cat. She isn't a Munchkin since she doesn't have tiny legs, and she isn't an American Bobtail because she has a normal tail. We rule out Persians as well because she isn't a pure kittypet because one of her parents is a wild cat. She is also not a Norwegian Forest cat because she does not have a water resistant coat. Not only that, she is not able to swim naturally as it shown in Return To The Clans that she almost got drown in a flooding building. Most Riverclan cats are Norwegian Forest Cat, but Mothwing isn't kin to Riverclan.

This lead us to two options; British Shorthair or Maine Coon. But because British Shorthair don't have dappled coats, we can eliminate British Shorthair as a secondary option.

This lead us to her being Maine Coon.

Do Maine Coon have dappled coats? Yes they can. Do they have normal tail lengths? Yes they can be long or medium. Mothwing is described to be a muscular tabby. Do Maine Coon have muscular coats? Yes.

Even though most Maine Coons are big, there are some small and medium Maine Coons result of mutations. It can weigh as little as 8 pounds. It is rare for a mature Maine Coon to be smaller than this though.

This is my reason for Mothwing to be Maine Coon.