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Coldheart, more commonly known as Coldie, is a warrior of BlogClan.


My current purrsona is:

Coldheart: A beautiful, slender, agile silver she-cat with big, energetic green eyes flecked with gold, a long, fluffy tail with a gray-blue tail tip and snow-white ears. Fey has white paws flecked with gray-blue flecks and skinny wrists, the right front one with a small scar, long legs with a small scar on her left back paw and a big scar near her tail tip, but barely visible. She has sleek, soft fur and a petite, strikingly pink nose.

She's listed on the BlogClan allegiances as Coldheart - slender light silver she-cat with green eyes, blue tail tip, and white paws.

Although fey is a Maine Coon, they do not have tufted ears or a ringed tail, and she is smaller than a usual Maine Coon, and her fluff is shorter too. However, she does have long whiskers, a broad chest, a finely shaped head, and slightly longer than usual ears. Her body fluff is a lot more shorter than her tail fur, like a Siberian's. She has 2/10 fluff, and feir tail fur has 10/10 fluff. Unlike a usual Siberian, they also don't have any stripes. But fey do have strong hind legs that are slightly longer than her front legs. She is elegant, and has long legs and body and vibrant eyes from her Russian Blue ancestry.

On BlogClan[]

I joined BlogClan on August 6th, 2020!

I love reading and giving feedback on articles, and I've commented on every article that comes out. I've also made a bunch. My first one got published in January 2021, on the 5th.

I'm mostly on the Tavern, the Art Page, the Say Hi page, the Hug Page, and the Allegiances Chat page. I love exploring the Blog, so you'll most likely see me everywhere! I usually go wherever the Recent Purrs take me, and I've took over Recent Purrs three times, once when I was hating Thistleclaw, and twice on the Say Hi page!

I made my own RP, called SnowClan, which is probably going to be cancelled due to inactivity and almost no spice. :C

I've attended a Gathering in 2020, where I was on the superior team, the Sparkling Seals! I hosted the first game on the first day, called Coldheart's NTA with a Twist, where I was filling in for Maplekit. I missed the second Gathering in June, 2021, but my team, the Cantankerous Clownfish, still won. I was also supposed to host a game, but since I missed the Gathering, I didn't. :C

On BlogClan, I try to be as active as I can. Members of the Blog are always welcome to strike up a conversation with me, or ask for help. I will gladly give any help I can to anyone!

On the Wiki[]

I joined the Wikia on November 25th 2020, and I'm sure glad I did! I love the Wikia and all its friendly members. I made my own page, and the spectacular Ebay coded it for me. A while later, after I found out how to code properly, I coded it myself. :P It took me a while, but eventually I learned how to code! Now I code pages for users to the best of my ability. I also am very active on the Wikia, and I like to edit pages and make fanfictions. If you have any question or need help with anything, I'm always glad to help! Just pop me a message on my Message Wall. :)


Overall, I try to be kind, caring, helpful and funny. I first start out to be shy and quiet, and then once I feel like I know you, I open up and become more friendly, sweet, silly, and caring, a little weeny bit bossy and talkative.

I hate to be excluded, and I'm very mad when I am. When I get angry, I am very annoyed and angry by everything, so it's best to just let me calm down.

It is said that I possess the qualities of cleverness, wisdom, wit, intellectual ability and creativity, as said all Ravenclaws possess. I am also stubborn, a bit rebellious and determined, and I do not like being told what to do.

I am very fierce and protective, and I care about those I love greatly and often put their wants and feelings before my own. I am a perfectionist, and always try to do everything to its fullest. I can be defensive, and sometimes I can seem a bit judgy or even harsh when I'm defending.

I have a ENFJ-T personality!


Just put in whatever you feel like putting in!

"This is a petition to remove viper from the Recent Purrs, any takers?" ~ Silverheart

"This is a response to Silverheart: Of COURSE!" *signs name in enormous letters* ~Willowsong

"For anyone who is new:

  • We have speedy moddos
  • If you want chaos go to the Hazelpage, happens every day
  • Goldi is the smol penguin overlord
  • Viper is the queen of tacos"

~ Daydream

[Rainie taking over Recent Purrs]

"Rainie’s coming for Viper’s crown." ~Poppypaw

"I MEANT COALPOPPY NOT COALPOOPY" Sunfur when he accidently put coalpoopy on NTA

"Ah yes, the floor here is made out of floor" Daydust when they see somebody pointing out something obvious

"I am a monkey" -Daykoblin (daydream)

"And it's depressing so I'm being a sad little dump right now." ~ Me talking about a song

”There has to be some Spottedleaf appreciation on here” ~ Casual Daydream tier lists






shoot its that hard to spell a word at midnight like kjdmjnf"

~ Dove on Discord


~ Coldie to Viper on Discord



~ Coldie about a Truth or Dare bot(now renamed Creepy Bot wants your secrets, as it deserves, thank you Thist) on the ArtClan server on Discord

"I think we already heard the creep say that"

~ Coldie about the Creepy Bot again

"Don't worry I luv creepy." - Mosskit/fire in answer to Foxi

'the floor here is made of carpet"-Snowpaw/storm

"ah,yes.we love the taste of frshly cooked floor"-Snowpaw/storm

"Wheee hamilton is best wheeeee" - Cloverkit

"fjkdjkfjsdfks cool" - Singing

"Ah yes, my father's height? He be 5'1. I be 4'9. His dad? 6'4." - Keek, who was trying to make sense out of foxes family genetics.



  • I like to read, sing to myself, write, draw, and take walks.
  • I love the beach, and winter and summer landscapes.
  • My zodiac sign is a Cancer and I am a Fire Pig in Chinese Zodiac Signs!
  • Lone Insert: She is an amaaaazing person to talk to. (Coldie edit: Aww thank you you are too! <33)
  • I have trypophobia, which is a fear or disgust of circles or holes.
  • My favourite colours are blue and pink, I can't decide which one I like more. ;)
  • If I could be in a Clan, I'd be in RiverClan because of my love for water or ShadowClan because they're proud, just like me.  I would want to be a deputy.
  • I am a Ravenclaw, and my patronus is a swan.
  • I'm 13 years old.
  • My favorite genres are mystery, fantasy, comedy, and magic.
  • I have nine cats! Seven kittens and two adults.
  • My favourite food is poutine.
  • I have a white dog with brown eyes who I named Crystal. Crystal is six years old.
  • My birthday is on July 3rd and my Clanniversary is on August 6th.
  • I have a huge pet peeve for incorrect spelling.
  • I love coding!
  • I use she/her pronouns, but I'm fine with they/them or fey/fem.
  • I've been on BlogClan for a year now!
  • My most least favourite Warrior cat is Thistleclaw.
  • My favourite Warrior cat is Spottedleaf.
  • I like to bike, play soccer and swim.
  • I speak three languages: English, Russian, and French.
  • My favourite desert is ice cream cake.
  • My dream is to become an engineer when I'm older.
  • I am bisexual and support LGBTQ+ rights immensely.
  • I love anime, and my favourite animes are My Hero Academia, Death Note, and Danganronpa. Please feel free to strike up a conversation with me about them anytime, I'd love to talk! :D


Please feel free to add yourself!



Willowsong (Willa)

duskpaw/ horsegal2

Ebay! :D

falling feather!! :D



Cheetah :)

Silverblood, formerly Loneheart/Twlightrose

Turtle who thinks that Burr is the most decent and the best Hamilton character :D (Turtlepaw/dapple)

Aquila!! :D



Riv :P

Flowie (or at least she hopes) (Coldie edit: You're a fantastic friend! <3)

Briarpaw/blaze (thinks maybe not as procrastination hurts her art)

Honeysplash <3

Redblaze should've added herself sooner

Ruffles the Cloud


Reedpaw (wish)


Moky! (monkeyfur)

Nilla bean! (Vanillapaw/spark)


JuJu! (Fallowheart)

Willowpaw/fur :DD

Shimmers (Shimmerpaw/storm)

Minnie !

Poppy :3

Freepaw :D

Springtail :D

Frogpaw :)

Flamewhisker ヾ(•ω•`)o

Whirlpaw :3

hollyfrost loves mha (holly) :D

(Sune) Rainystomp thinks ur a very fantastic coder! (Coldie edit: Aww thank you. <33)


Stormi <3


Dazzlepaw/Daze :3

Dandelionpaw :D

Sunny Cat


Tricklepaw ♡

Mintypaw <3

your adoptive little sis Snowwy(Snowpaw/storm)

Firemoon <3

Mossi :3 (Mosskit/fire)

Frosti <3 (Your coding apprentice!)

Mounty!! <33

Lilypawwwwww/foxxxxx (Foxiii) <3

Daydust, who is nervous to put their name here

Keeko, who could've sworn put foxes name here earlier today, but stand corrected. (Thriftheart)

Rabbitpaw! <333


Tell me what you think of me here! <33

Coldie is always ready to help and there when you need her. She is also an excellent coder and somehow doesn't get all annoyed with people constantly showering her with questions and requests. ;) l <3 her, and really hope she'll let me be her new apprentice ;) She's also helping me learn to code! ~Willa

(Coldie edit: Thank you so much, Willa. You're such a great friend and I'm so glad that I met you! <333)

Ahhhh hello Coldie! Coldie is great! She coded my page for me and taught me how to code. Many people ask and she always replies kindly. Ty Coldie! -Briarpaw

(Coldie edit: Thank you, Bri! You're a really passionate person and I enjoyed teaching you! <333)

Coldie is nice and amazing and means so much to the Blog! It wouldn't be the same without her! ~Daze ;3

(Coldie edit: Thank you so much, Daze! Same goes for you aksjdjfvjf. <33)

I love Coldie so much! She helped code my page and make it more bootiful than it was and I'm so happy! She went out of her way to help me and she is highly appreciated! ~Daze again ;3

(Coldie edit: Ily Daze. <3333)

Coldie is so kind and sweet and helpful, and overall fey is an amazing friend. The blog truly wouldn’t be the same without her! (Also they’re AMAZING at coding) —Juju

(Coldie edit: Thank you, Juju! You are an absolutely fantastic friend and I love you so muchhhh <33333)

Coldie is very kind and friendly! She is an amazing person and amazing at coding! -Dandelion

(Coldie edit: Dandelion aw thank you so much! <333)

OKAY OKAY OKAY WAIT no how can I get all that’s awesome about Coldie to fit into a few sentences? Ahhh Coldie is super sweet, helpful, kind and just all around a great person and friend. She’s really smart and great at coding, art, writing and literally hundreds of thousands of other things. The Blog would be empty without you Coldie! ~Free

(Coldie edit: Thank you thank you thank you, Freefle!! You're really sweet, and so kind. <333)

Coldie is a warm-hearted, kind, sweet, fun, clever, helpful, open-minded, honest, cheerful, cat ever, and is always patient even though people might bug her for coding <3333333333333333333333333 - Snowdrift

Wait you can do this?? Coldie is very sweet and fun. She is always willing to extend a helping hand to anybody and fills up lives with her warmth! She's clever and knows a bunch of stuff, and is nice to talk to! - Snowy ^^

(Coldie edit: Ahh thank you so so much Snowy! You're really thoughtful and such a great person. <3)

Coldie is so nice and welcoming and a wonderful coder! It's been really nice getting to know her and the wonderful person she is, but unfortunately, she will never beat me at <[[1]] because I'm just too good. Ily, Coldie! You are amazinng! -Drizzle/Nessi/Tricks, lol <3

(Coldie edit: It is the shocking and surprising truth somebody can beat me at <3, but if Nessi can we all know she has skills. ;) Love you, Nessi! <3333333)

Omg how did I forget to say awesome things about Coldie?!?! She's an amazing artist and person and we're lucky to have an awesome warrior in BlogClan!! Thank you Coldie for everything you've done for me!!!!!!!! <3333 -Minty :D

(Coldie edit: Aw, thank you to you, Minty, for everything you've done to me! You're a really bubbly, helpful and kind person and it's been terrific knowing you! <3)

Coldie has very good coding skills and really deserved to be a senior warrior!-Snowwy

Coldie is helpful, friendly, modest, sweet, generous, passionate, smart, cool, and very talented!! She makes AMAZING art, her articles are really fun and interesting to read, (She does a great job defending her favorite character and favorite ship, while remaining polite and kind to other people and their opinions) and her fanfictions are beautiful; extremely well written! Coldie is a brilliant member of BlogClan, I couldn't imagine it being such a great place without her! I hope she becomes senior warrior, because she deserves it so much! Also, Coldie is the BEST MENTOR EVER!!! -Mounty C:

Coldie is rsdtfyguh amazing and a very talented artist and she's so kind and an awesome friend<33333 I'm so glad she's on the blog!!!!!!!!<33 -Foxiii

I have never really engaged with Coldie, but I've seen them around a whole bunch! She is oh-so kind and generous and they are very easy to vibe with on my standards! She is amazing at coding and is very good at drawing too! I feel like the Blog would be rather empty if she ever left, and I would miss her greatly. I think I say this for all of us BlogClanners when I say we love you Coldie, and we are all proud to call you our friend! <3 - Keeko(Thriftheart)

SImply awesome, haven't interacted with them much, but they seem really kind, keep on being yourself, Coldie! -Daydust

Coldie is an amazing person and coder! I mean- have you seen her sandbox? - Rabbitpaw<33

Roleplays, fanfictions, and OCs[]


Glowfang's Decision - In progress

Frostshimmer's Guilt - In progress

Spottedleaf's Life: A.U. fanfiction - Coming soon!

Darkened Blood - In progress

Destruction - In progress

I have TONS of OCs, all in different Clans, but here are a lot of my favourite OCs and some of my favourite OC Clans.


Silverstar - pretty, large and muscular silver she-cat with a white tint on the top of her head, a black star mark on her forehead, a black nose and a scar across it, and amber eyes

Lionroar - orange tom with longer fur around chest, yellow chest and dark blue eyes

Iceshard - stunning dark silver she-cat with white ice-like stripes, and green eyes

Tigerstrike - handsome chocolate tabby tom with pale cream stripes, yellow eyes

Snakestrike - beautiful darkish brown she-cat with a white chest, nose stripe, and paws, chocolate dapples, and green eyes

Shicar - lean light silver she-cat with black stripes, white muzzle, long fangs, and ice-blue eyes

Petalflight - striking gray she-cat with patches ranging from dark-gray to light-gray and green eyes

Morningthunder - pale pink mackerel tabby she-cat with pale-orange stripes, chocolate speckles, and yellow toes, ears, and tail, green eyes

Moontuft - slightly fluffy(3/10 fluff) gray she-cat with pale gray and black flecks, white legs and blue eyes

Dockmoon - very pale greenish-gray she-cat with a blue-gray flower mark on chest, pale green eyes with darker gray flecks in them

Pantherpool - spotted dark brown almost black she-cat with brilliant green eyes

Cloudymoon - smokey-white she-cat with gray patches that look like full moons, blue eyes

Creampatch - golden she-cat with cream patches and green eyes

Halfsun - half black, half yellow she-cat with a red chest and one brown eye and one green eye

Spottedpool - spotted reddish-brown dark brown she-cat with a white chest, golden tail, and amber eyes

Jayflash - fast blue-gray tom with black streaks and blue eyes

Fallenberry - black tom with purple-black blotches and blue eyes

Aspenpaw - white tom with black blotches, long ears and brown eyes

Squirreltail - pale ginger she-cat with white toes, a ginger chest and tail-tip, a fluffy tail lie a squirrel's, and yellow eyes

Fireleaf - fiery mottled ginger she-cat with black stripes and golden spots, leaf-green eyes

Pouncenose - very energetic orange-and-white tortoiseshell tom with yellow eyes and a pinkish orange nose with brown spots on it, blue eyes

Bluelily - blue-gray she-cat with white flower marks and purple eyes, apprentice to the medicine cat

Icewind - white tabby she-cat with thin, ice-like blue-gray stripes and yellow eyes

Pinefoot - reddish-brown she-cat with pale red legs and green eyes

Iciclefrost - mottled white she-cat with a blue-gray heart mark on chest, blue-gray swirls, amber eyes and a long skinny tail

Copperfur - copper-coloured she-cat with golden tints and warm amber eyes

Pineprickle - green-gray she-cat with darker red flecks, a white underbelly and green eyes

(My first ever OC!)Silversnow - beautiful dark silver she-cat with light green eyes, white paws, ears and chest, fluffy tail

Firepaw - flame-coloured tom with yellow and red specks, pale ginger paws and green eyes.


  • FrostClan
  • SparkClan
  • SnowClan
  • FlightClan
  • DoveClan
  • FireClan
  • ForestClan
  • ShellClan
  • FlowerClan
  • SpottedClan
  • ShadeClan
  • SmokeClan
  • FeatherClan
  • LeafClan
  • PondClan
  • BrightClan
  • HeatherClan
  • DarkClan


Art of my characters

Gallery of my pets

~ Old coding by the incredible Ebay. <333 New coding by me, Coldie! ~