Coldheart, more commonly known as Coldie, is a warrior of BlogClan.

Purrsona[edit | edit source]

My current purrsona is:

Coldheart: A beautiful slender lithe light silver she-cat with big, stunning, luminous, warm energetic green eyes flecked with gold, a long, feathery, plumy tail with a grey-blue tail tip and snow-white ears. Fey has small snow-white paws flecked with grey-blue flecks and skinny wrists, the right front one has a small scar, long legs with a small scar on her left back paw and a big scar near her tail tip, but it is barely visible. She has sleek, soft, silky fur and a petite, strikingly pink nose. Their eyes turn more emerald around water, and blue-green in the snow, then back to green flecked with gold elsewhere.  She's listed on BlogClan allegiances as Coldheart - slender light silver she-cat with green eyes, blue tail tip, and white paws.

Although she is a Maine Coon, she does not have tufted ears or a ringed tail, and she is smaller than a usual Maine Coon, and her fluff is smaller too. However, she does have long whiskers, a broad chest, a finely shaped head, and slightly longer than usual ears. Her body fluff is a lot more shorter than her tail fur, like a Siberian's. She has 2/10 fluff, except her tail fur has 10/10 fluff. Like a Maine Coon, she has a slight dip under her large eyes, and the fur there is pure white, but it is barely visible. Unlike a usual Siberian, she also doesn't have any stripes. But she does have strong hind legs that are slightly longer than her front legs. She is elegant, and has long legs and body and vibrant eyes from her Russian Blue ancestry.

On BlogClan[edit | edit source]

I found BlogClan when I was doing a survey on the Warriors website, and I wondered if it was real. I searched it up and sure enough, there was BlogClan! I joined on August 6th, 2020. My birthday is on July 3rd. My first apprentice was the amazing Moonpaw/pelt, and currently it is the awesome Cinderpaw/pool! I love reading and giving feedback on articles, and I've made a few. My first one got published in January 2020, on the 5th. My second one got published in January 2020, on the 11th. I comment on every article that comes out. I'm mostly on the Tavern, the Art Page, the Say Hi page, the Hug Page, the NTA page, and a few others. I usually go wherever the Recent Purrs take me, and I've took over Recent Purrs twice, once when I was hating Thistleclaw, and twice on the Say Hi page(I think). I made my own RP, called SnowClan. I claim quite a few secret pages, and use them for prizes. I like to draw cats, and I sometimes take requests. I've attended one Gathering in 2020, where I was on the superior team, the Sparkling Seals! I hosted the first game on the first day, called Coldheart's NTA with a Twist, where I was filling in for Maplekit. On the Blog, I try to be as active as I can. Members of the Blog are always welcome to strike up a conversation with me, or ask for help. I will gladly give any help I can to anyone! On the Warrior Games Page, I run a few games, called Coldheart's NTA, Name that Cat, The Cold Rotation, Coldheart's Scavenger Hunt, Mystery in ClawClan, and Guess that Cat!

Personality[edit | edit source]

Overall, I try to be kind, caring, compassionate and funny to my friends. I first start out as be shy and quiet, and then be bubbly, kind, caring, (a bit bossy) and talkative.

I like being around my friends, but when I am upset, I am mean to everyone. I like to boss troublemakers, often saying "Seriously, (someone's name)." When I am mad, angry, depressed or alone, I like to be surrounded by friends to cheer me up a bit but sometimes it's better to leave me alone. But when I am very mad, I become mean, angry, sullen, hidden and basically I snap at everyone - so let me recharge. I also possess the qualities of cleverness, wisdom, wit, intellectual ability and creativity, as said all Ravenclaws possess. I am stubborn, and do not like being told what to do. I don't like being left out, but you may not notice that I am upset if you do leave me out. I can be veryy fierce and protective. I am a perfectionist, and I care about those I love greatly and often put their wants and feelings before my own. I can be defensive, and sometimes a bit mean when I'm defending. However, I try my best to control my temper, be fair, and be nice. I have a ENFJ-T personality!

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Just put in whatever you feel like putting in.

"This is a petiton to remove viper from the recent purrs, any takers?" ~ Silverheart

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • I like to read, sing to myself, write, draw, take walks and be on BlogClan. I love swimming and soccer, and love the beach and winter-y landscapes.
  • I am a Fire Pig in Chinese Zodiac Signs.
  • I am a Cancer. I copied this from a Cancer thing. Strengths: Tenacious, highly imaginative, loyal, emotional, sympathetic, persuasive.(I think that described me purr-fectly. ;) )
  • Lone Insert: She is an amaaaazing person to talk to.(Coldie insert: Aww thank you you are too! *Virtually hugs.*)

Weaknesses: Moody, pessimistic, suspicious, manipulative, insecure.(Eh, I don't know about insecure(probably am because I don't like being in photos.) but kind of moody. )

Cancer likes: Art, home-based hobbies, relaxing near or in water, helping loved ones, a good meal with friends.(Sooo true.)

Cancer dislikes: Strangers, any criticism of Mom, revealing of personal life. (Sadly, you're right about that, homie.)

  • I am afraid of dots, circles, and holes. I am also a little scared of heights since I fell from a tree and fractured my collarbone.
  • If I could be in a Clan, I'd be in RiverClan because of my love for water or ShadowClan because they seem super cool and they're proud, just like me.  I would want to be a Deputy.
  • I am a Ravenclaw, and my patronus is a Swan.
  • I love the color pink, and my favorite animal is a cat. I love dresses, makeup and pretty shoes.
  • I'm 13 years old.
  • I have 5 cats, Muka, Pechenka (Russian name, meaning cookie), Vita, Moussik and Poussik. Muka might have kits again soon.
  • I have a white dog with brown eyes who I named Crystal.
  • My birthday is on July 3rd and my Clanniversary is on August 6th.
  • My 3 things I hate most in the world are dots, circles and holes, people saying bad words, and things that aren't spelled correctly.
  • I love coding!
  • I use She/Her pronouns, but I kind of prefer They/Them or Fey/Fem.
  • I've been on BlogClan for 5 months now!
  • My most hated Warrior cat is Thistleclaw.
  • My favourite Warrior cat is Spottedleaf!
  • Some favourite things:

Food: French fries!

Drink: Still figuring that one out. :P

Colour: Pink

Books: Every single Warrior book, Spirit Animals, Inkheart.

Animal: Cat and every feline in the world. <3

Warriors character: Spottedleaf, might change though :P

Warriors ship: SpottedxFire, TallxJake, MothxMicah, to name a few.

Seasons: Summer and Winter

Holiday: Probably Easter or Valentine's Day!

Friends[edit | edit source]

Please feel free to add yourself!

Ebay! :D

falling feather!! :D



Cheetah :)

Rosettestream/Loneheart <3

Turtle who thinks that Burr is the only decent Hamilton character :P (Turtlepaw/dapple)

Aquila!! :D



Riv :P

Flowie (or at least she hopes)(Coldie insert: Awww you're a fantastic friend!)

Briarpaw/blaze (thinks maybe not as procrastination hurts her art)

Honeysplash <3

Redblaze should've added herself sooner

Ruffles the Cloud



Roleplays, fanfictions, and OCs[edit | edit source]

I'm currently working on a fanfiction called Glowfang's Decision and I've signed up for quite a few fanfictions. I host a roleplay called SnowClan. I have TONS of OCs, all in different Clans, but here are a lot of my favourite OCs and some of my favourite OC Clans.


Silverstar - pretty silver she-cat with a white tint on the top of her head, a black star mark on her forehead, a black nose and a scar across it, and amber eyes

Lionroar - orange tom with longer fur around chest, yellow chest and dark blue eyes

Iceshard - stunning dark silver she-cat with white ice-like stripes, and green eyes

Tigerstrike - handsome chocolate tabby tom with pale cream stripes, yellow eyes

Snakestrike - beautiful darkish brown she-cat with a white chest, nose stripe, and paws, chocolate dapples, and green eyes

Shicar - lean light silver she-cat with black stripes, white muzzle, long fangs, and ice-blue eyes

Petalflight - striking gray she-cat with patches ranging from dark-gray to light-gray and green eyes

Morningthunder - pale pink mackerel tabby she-cat with pale-orange stripes, chocolate speckles, and yellow toes, ears, and tail, green eyes

Moontuft - gray she-cat with pale gray and black flecks, white legs and blue eyes

Dockmoon - very pale greenish-gray she-cat with a blue-gray flower mark on chest, pale green eyes with darker gray flecks in them

Pantherpool - spotted dark brown almost black she-cat with brilliant green eyes

Cloudymoon - smokey-white she-cat with gray patches that look like full moons, blue eyes

Creampatch - golden she-cat with cream patches and green eyes

Halfsun - half black, half yellow she-cat with a red chest and one brown eye and one green eye

Spottedpool - spotted reddish-brown dark brown she-cat with a white chest, golden tail, and amber eyes

Jayflash - fast blue-gray tom with black streaks and blue eyes

Fallenberry - black tom with purple-black blotches and blue eyes

Aspenpaw - white tom with black blotches, long ears and brown eyes

Squirreltail - pale ginger she-cat with white toes, a ginger chest and tail-tip, a fluffy tail lie a squirrel's, and yellow eyes

Fireleaf - fiery mottled ginger she-cat with black stripes and golden spots, leaf-green eyes

Pouncenose - very energetic orange-and-white toroiseshell tom with yellow eyes and a pinkish orange nose with brown spots on it, blue eyes

Bluelily - blue-gray she-cat with white flower marks and purple eyes, apprentice to the medicine cat

Icewind - white tabby she-cat with thin, ice-like blue-gray stripes and yellow eyes

Pineleg - reddish-brown she-cat with pale red legs and green eyes

Iciclefrost - mottled white she-cat with a blue-gray heart mark on chest, blue-gray swirls, amber eyes and a long skinny tail

Copperfur - copper-coloured she-cat with golden tints and warm amber eyes

Pineprickle - green-gray she-cat with darker red flecks, a white underbelly and green eyes


  • FrostClan
  • SparkClan
  • SnowClan
  • FlightClan
  • DoveClan
  • FireClan
  • ForestClan
  • ShellClan
  • FlowerClan
  • SpottedClan
  • ShadeClan
  • SmokeClan
  • FeatherClan
  • LeafClan

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Art of my characters[edit | edit source]

~Coding by Ebay and me, Coldie!~
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