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Cloverpaw/mist is fluffy, a dark gray she-cat with a white stripe on her back and mint-green eyes.


Cloverpaw/mist is a kind, smart, and honest member of BlogClan. She is willing to help anyone who needs it. She does make some mistakes, but she is quick to admit it.

On the Blog[]

Cloverpaw/mist is very active on the blog. She comments almost daily, and frequently visits the Allegiances Chat page, Name that Apprentice page, and Warriors Games Page. She joined on September 6 (Her local time) or September 7 (BlogTime), 2020.

What others say about her[]

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Cloverpaw is one of the best cats I know! She continuously makes the Blog a better place, just by her amazing, kind presence. ~ Coldie


Back when we had signatures, her signature was "Hollyleaf is part of the 3"

She used to be known as Lilypaw(stream), Cinderpaw/breeze, and Cinderpaw(pool).