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Cloudypaw/moon is a mottled gray-pale-ginger-and-white she-cat with amber eyes

On the blog[]

I am active (I hope) and I'm most commonly seen at the hug page, or commenting at fan articles! I'm also leading my own rp Clan, CloudClan!

How I found warriors[]

I was at the library and I saw a book with a cat on it's cover and since I'm a crazy about cats I just grabbed that book. Then I read the back cover and was like 'I need to read it'. Then I realized it's the third book in the series, so I knew that Redtail died when I started to read into the wild. Oops!. Fan fact: after forest of secrets the books stopped translating to my language so I ordered them in English. In still doing so!

How I found BlogClan[]

I was just scrolling through the warriors wiki pages because I was bored, and clicked the 'random page' button and it leads me to a page of 'social media' and there was Kate's blog and it sounded super cool so I joined! I joined somewhere at December 2018 I think.

Trailing Stars[]

Coming soon


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Sandy 🥔

Crystie 😘

Flighty 😜

Shadow 😜

Bluebell 😺 

Raven 😺 

Lappy 😉 

Li-Li 🐈 

Another Moon 🌙 

What people say about me[]

Add what you think of me!

"Cloudy is really really awesome and is super good at drawing!" ~ Sandy

"Cloudy is awesome and so kind! She draws really well! <3" ~ Crystie

"Cloudy is kind, funny, and I saw her drawings! So good!!! BFF!💕💕🌈~ Flighty

"Cloudy is awesome and draws amazingly! :P" ~ Shadow

"Cloudy is awesome and the first person who read my stories on Wattpad, and I was so excited when I found she was on BlogClan! Great friend. <3) -Raven

(Cloudy edit: you really made my day all of you!)


Coming soon


Flighty X Cloudy = Clighdy

Shadow x Cloudy = Cladow

Sany x Cloudy = Slaud

Crystie x Cloudy = Clysty


  • Her birthday is on December 15
  • She's a crazy cat lover
  • She knows to ride on horses
  • She also knows to ride on skateboard
  • Gymnastics is basically her life
  • She runs a rp Clan on BlogClan named CloudClan
  • She also has her own rp discord server that has over 30 people!!
  • Loves to draw digital and non digital
  • Has an older brother and sister
  • Has a cat named Kesem that is older than her
  • Lives in Israel
  • Reads the warriors books in English
  • In homeschool
  • Loves every single one of you!!!


The new dawn - started writing on Wattpad I'll link it when I won't be lazy

Pebbletail's Choice - started you can say?

Darkness - it's an entry to a contest I'll link it soon.

Forestwhisper's path - I finished the prologue

Stormy paths - I'm in need of writers!

Gallery of Kesem[]

Well, here are random pictures of my cat, Kesem!

Gallery of my forsuna[]

Thank you![]

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