It cheetah by kat

Other Names Cheetah, Cheet, Cheety, Cheeto, Sparky, Yeetah, Flamin' Hot Cheetah, Cheez-it, Chester, Chest, Chesty, Cheetahpaw (former)
Relatives Mom, dad, stepmom, sister, stepbrother (often referred to as just brother), stepsister
Affiliation BlogClan and a heck of a ton of secret Clans that have long since went inactive
Biographical information
Mentor Plumeflake (former)
Apprentice Hawthornpaw, Lapisdapple (former), Rosesong (former)
Rank Senior Warrior
Physical description
Gender She-cat
Breed Bengal
Fur Color Tan with black spots and stripes
Eye Color Emerald-green

Cheetahspark is a small, sleek, short-furred bengal she-cat with a pale chest, belly, and emerald-green eyes.

On The Blog Edit

Cheetahspark became a part of the Blog on January 7, 2018. Since joining, she's written about six articles (though don't read them--they're awful), has written a lot of fanfiction (also awful), joined a few roleplays, and much more. While she was an apprentice, her mentor was Plumeflake. She attended the April 2018 Gathering, Summer 2018 Gathering, Discord 2018 Gathering, and BlogClan Wiki 2018 Gathering. She's super active, meaning that she doesn't have a life, but she enjoys it. Cheetahspark became a warrior on May 18, 2018. She's been hosting the available mentor/apprentice list for over a year now, and hopes to help as many apprentices find their mentors as she can. In April, Cheetahspark's chapter of Trailing Stars, Chapter 24, was published. On April 12, 2019, Cheetahspark became a member of the BlogTeam as Birthday Editor. On August 5, 2019, Hawthornpaw became her apprentice. She started running for senior warrior in June 2019 along with her runningmates, Rainshine, Frostfire, and Spidersong, and she was made a senior warrior on November 1, 2019.

Personality Edit

Cheetahspark can't exactly pinpoint what her personality is. It kind of changes randomly, and it's a bit different on and off of the internet. She is outgoing but can be socially awkward and shy at times, she tends to get annoyed very easily, and she loves to blurt out random facts about basically anything. Cheetahspark also tends to be sarcastic, but likes to joke around and have fun. She tries to be as friendly to new and old members of the blog as possible, and likes to connect with others over shared interests. She practically lives on the internet now (thanks a lot, BlogClan).

Trailing Stars Edit

Cheetahspark was featured in Chapter 23 of Trailing Stars as a warrior. She was shown to be helping an injured Hazelburrow to his nest.

Chapter 24 was in Cheetahspark's point of view. BlogClan was in disarray about how to deal with the badger that had been terrorizing them, and Cheetahspark spent the chapter torn between what was right and what was convenient. In the end, they released the badger, and Cheetahspark helped chase it away.

Vandalism of My Page Edit

And now I’m messing up your page but WHO CARES? Cheetah is soooo nice and sweet and caring and kind and fantabulous and friends with everybody! SHE IS THE BEST!! 


*stumbles in* oh hey. Cheetah is, like Spicy said, sweet, kind, fantabulous, awesome, and WEIRD! (but in a good way, :D) (and also Spicy was not auto correct XD) 

-Rosie (:P) 

Cheetah is awesome and nice and convinced me to like Doctor Strange again :P :P :P :P 


Cheetah is fantastic and I don't know what else to say. Her energetic comments make me laugh and the vibe she leaves in each comment is... amazing. :D

-Riv :)

Cheetah is awesome and funny and friendly and... everyone else covered what I was going to say! :P


Lol I'm not even sure if I'm supposed to edit this but CHEETAH IS AMAZING AND NICE AND FUNNY SHE IS THE BEST!1!1!1!1!1! :D




Cheetah is awesome!


Cheeto is cheetoier than chester cheetah and cooler than ice cubes with sunglasses. She also has an unhealthy obsession with straight up sugar packets and KFC chocolate chip cookies, but that's not important. She is an awesome person who is always there to have a weird talk with me and make me feel great. Now, I'm supposed to praise Cheetah's awesomeness, so I shall do so in the form of a song. *clears throat* OOOOHH CHEETTTOOO YOOU AREE SOOO AWWEESOOMMEEE!!!!! *everyone runs away screaming*

-Iris :P (who clearly can't code and make her text look like everyone elses :P )

Cheetah is a sPEEDY MOD!!!!!!!!


Cheetah is the slowest mod ever, because she has to get her hotpockets. She’s still very cool and amazing though :P <3


Cheetah is amazing, and awesome. and kind, and the best mentor EVER!


The fastest animal on earth is a cheetah. And Cheetah is a speedy mod. And also a kind, amazing, and wonderful BlogClanner, mod, friend, and Birthday Editor. <3


So like Maple is here to destroy the page font and tell y'all that Cheetah is awesome incredibly funny, smart, kind, and did I mention awesome ? Honestly I can't count the number of times that Cheeto has helped me out when I'm having a tough moment and I definitely can't count the number of jokes we have shared over our time as friends. Cheetah is the speediest of the speedy mods, and we all know that, even though some may try and deny the obvious truth. Now how am I meant to get this font ? I'm meant to be decent at coding for goodness sake. Anyway yeah Cheetah's awesome and sorry for breaking your page cheetah :P


(aww thanks guys <3 )

Trivia Edit

  • Cheetahspark's birthday is January 21
  • Her hobbies include reading, writing, horseback riding, drawing, singing, swimming, baking, and acting
  • She's a part of a ton of fandoms... don't be shy to ask her about them ;)
  • Her friends call BlogClan a warriors-worshipping cult
  • She has an unhealthy Flamin' Hot Cheeto obsession
  • She was BlogClanner in the Spotlight in August 2018
  • Cheetahspark is a member of the BlogClan Newsletter staff
  • There used to be a shipping section on this page but Cheetah deleted it because she has literally been shipped with every Blogclanner so she figured it was pointless

BlogClan Friends Edit

Add yourself and your page's link if you want! Don't be shy - everyone's my friend.

Libby (Libbypaw/tail)

Silv (Silverpaw/leaf)

Star (Starpaw/blossom)

Moon (Moonpaw/breeze)

Loudy (Loudfern)

Fallen (Fallenpaw/shadows)

Riv (Riverpaw/frost)

Leapy (Firepaw/leap)

Oakie (Oakwhisker)



Maple (Mapledrift)


Honey Nut Leafios (Leaf Lost in Blizzard)

Tacofiah (Ebonypaw/rain)

Spod (Spidersong)

Calmpaw (Calmlake)

Jinx (Lilypaw/whisper)

Aster (Asterpaw/flame)

Monika (Mistlepaw)

Rose (Rosepaw/song)

Lily That Shines Like Dawn

Wistep (Willowpaw/step)

Snowy (Snowystorm)


Frosto (Frostpaw/fire)

Crater (Craterpaw/lash)

Jazzy  (Jasminepaw/breeze)

Bramb (Bramblefire)

Snowy (Snowbreeze)

Spotty (Spottedspirit)


Rain (Willowpaw/rain)

Bracken (Brackenpaw/light)

Pasty (Pastelpaw/blossom)

Crystie (Crystalpaw/shine)

Bluebell (Bluebellpaw)

Flighty (Cheetahpaw/flight)

Sandy (Sandpaw/frost)

Shadow (Shadowpaw/moon)

Lappy (Lapispaw/dapple)

Rush (Rushfire)

Li-Li (Lifepaw/light)

Wint (Winterwhisper)

Moons (Moonpaw/stripe)

Clo (Shadowpaw/cloud)

Pine (Pineblossom)

Warriors Edit

Favorite Books (I love them all though):

The Prophecies Begin- Into the Wild, Rising Storm

The New Prophecy- Dawn

Power of Three- Dark River

Omen of the Stars- The Forgotten Warrior, The Last Hope

Dawn of the Clans- The First Battle, Forest Divided

A Vision of Shadows - Shattered Sky

Super Editions- Firestar's Quest, Crookedstar's Promise, Hawkwing's Journey

Novellas- Hollyleaf's Story, Thunderstar's Echo, Leafpool's Wish, Mapleshade's Vengeance

Favorite Characters:

Ivypool, Jayfeather, Alderheart, Sun Shadow, Violetshine, Graystripe, Firestar, Bumblestripe, Needletail, Sleekwhisker, Mistystar, Hollyleaf, Leafstar, Cinderheart, Feathertail, Brook, Gray Wing, Jagged Peak, Dustpelt, Crowfeather, Turtle Tail, Windstar, Crookedstar, Harestar, Fuzzball, (probably way more I can't think of)

Least Favorite Characters:

Rainflower, Star Flower, Tom, Breezepelt, Heathertail, Rowanstar, Ashfur, Hawkfrost, (probably way more)

Favorite Ships:

Jay X Half, Feather X Crow, Storm X Brook, Lion X Cinder, Holly X Fallen, Fire X Sand, Ivy X Fern, Gray X Turtle, Bumble X Rose, Crooked X Willow, Twig X Fin, Breeze X Heather, Alder X Needle, Tree X Violet, (more I can't think of)

Least Favorite Ships:

Bramble X Jessy, Ash X Squirrel, Leaf X Moth, Holly X Cinder, Night X Crow, Yellow X Ragged, Turtle X Tom, Storm X Moon, Shell X Rain, Thistle X Spotted, Sky X Anyone, Alder X Velvet, (again, probably more)

Quotes Edit

Add a quote if you want! I honestly don't know what these are. I think they're better without context.

"I always knew cows would be my undoing, but who would have guessed that Cheetah would play a part in it" - Sunny

"gah" - Me









"King  Goose is unsure of who he's married to, both Rainy and Breezey apparently said vows, Cheeto proposed to me at someone else's wedding, and I'm apparently bisexual on the internet" - Beechy

"Whats going on, Spidey and Cheetah have turned into potatoes" - Owly

"Welcome to our late night party, where sleep deprivation and memory loss are our friends!" - Me

"Ah yes, Spottedleaf, the tortoisesh*ck medicine cat of ThunderClan, loved by all, descendent of Spottedpelt, another well-loved tortoisesh*ck." - Rainie

"You really should kill people's eyes more often, it's actually really good fun" - Maple


"I ae tea" - Me







"two squiggles on both sidesssss" - Me

"insert kool-aid man voice OH YEAH" - ME

"i'll live off of hamilton and coconuts" - Me

"It iz the ultimate cookie :0 OH WONDERFUL COOKIE, YOU ARE TOO GOOD TO CONSUME" - Iris




"'Wow!' Random Character exclaimed. They looked around in wonder. "This place is so cool. I want to stay here forever!' They walked around aimlessly for about two seconds, and then proceeded to fall into a twenty-foot-deep hole. Head first. Goodbye, cruel world... And that was the end of Random Character." - Me

Fanfics/Blogfics Edit

(Ok all the ones I wrote are garbage and no one should ever read them but they're here anyway)

Seasons of Night (collab)

Magic From Afar (collab)

Guardians of the Multiverse (collab)

IceClan's Ruin

Petalheart's Tragedy

Frostfeather's Origins

Blinded by Rage

Second Chances

Stranger Danger



Featured in Beneath the Trees

Featured in Animal Survival

Featured in The Coffee Throne I and II

Featured in Dawn of Fire

Purrsona Edit

Cheetahspark is a small, sleek, short-furred tan she-cat with black stripes on her legs, tail, and face, and black-and-brown leopard spots on her fur. She has a pale chest, a pale, slightly spotted belly, a slightly lighter muzzle, and emerald-green eyes. Her breed is a bengal cat. Remember while drawing her that her design is completely flexible, and artistic creativity and liberties are encouraged!

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