Cheetahpaw or Flighty, is an apprentice of BlogClan. She is kind, and have been in BlogClan for 4 months!


Flighty is a golden she cat with one green eye and one blue eye, with unusual black spots across her pelt, and has a black tip on her tail.

How I found Warriors Edit

I FOund Warriors at the beginning of 6th grade, and my friend told me to read Warriors, and I officially know why people love it so much!

How I found BlogClanEdit

Flighy found BlogClan in late summer, and begged her parents to let her in BlogClan. She is a fan of Warriors, her fav character is Squirrelflight!

BlogClan friendsEdit

Don't be scared to add yourself in!


Shadow who is currently too lazy to add the link


The Other Cheetah



Smoke (Smokepaw/flare) ((Who is also too lazy to add the link.))

Ship namesEdit

  • Flightybell ( Bluebell and me)
  • Shlight ( Shadow and me)
  • Flandy ( Sandy and me...)
  • Crlight ( Crystie and me)
  • Smighty or Floke (Smoke and me


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  • My real name is Hannan
  • I am a Somalian-american
  • I went to Egypt for 1 year and half
  • I was born in Seattle Washington
  • My fav color blue, purple, gold
  • I have two younger sisters
  • I am the bookworm in the fam
  • I missed fifth grade and 4th grede, since i was away
  • I am a fan of music, ( Cardi b, Drake, Becky G, etc
  • I did had absence seziures, and i got took of medicine!
  • I' m the author of Dawnfire's Secret!
  • Roleplay: CheetahClan
  • I am a muslim, a believer of Islam
  • I want to go to Somalia, and AUSTRALIA!

Coding done by Sandy