-Chat mods are Birchfoot, Cypress25, HeartOfFlames, EosOfTheDawn, Flowerstream01, Hazzbo, Icestar22, JetravenEx, LuminaFaith2468, ShiveringRose, StripedStone, Sundance1, and Winterwhisper432.

-No bad language, inappropriate words, or spam allowed on chat. Space spam, repetitive letters, punctuation or emojis in a vertical line is considered as spam.

-Abuse towards another member will not be tolerated.

-No triggering topics (such as self-harm, bullying, political views, etc). Also, please do not bring up past drama.

-No leaking personal information.

-No linking to other Wikias or chat sites in main chat.

-Please be kind and considerate of all users. Please don't be rude or try to upset people.

-Absolutely no abuse of the PM feature. Send screenshots to an admin if someone is abusing the privilege of PM. This includes Multipm as well.

-If both or all parties of PM are tolerant of cursing, then through PM, and PM only, you may use language.

-No spoilers for a month after something is released and if someone says they haven't read/seen something, do not discuss it.

-No sockpuppetry. (Sockpuppetry is using different accounts to avoid a punishment).

-No impersonation of another member.

-All BlogClan chat rules apply to wikia.

If you are caught violating chat rules (Exceptions may be made depending on violations):

First offense: One verbal warning

Second offense: Second verbal warning and ejection from chat

Third offense: Ban from chat - 1 day

Fourth offense: Ban from chat - 1 week

Fifth offense: Ban from chat - 1 month

Sixth offense+: Moderators will decide

Thanks for reading!

-Mods Shiv, Fern, Sunny, Jet, Flo, Stony, Icy, Birch, Winter, Ember, Cyp, Josh and Flame.