These guidelines should be followed by moderators in addition to the regular chat rules.

  1. Be nonbiased and kind when resolving conflict between members, and make sure not to take sides.
  2. Be respectful of all members, and try to include everyone.
  3. Enforce the chat rules kindly, using the warnings at the bottom of the page as a guide, but if you feel that a situation is getting out of hand you should do what you feel is needed. Basically, try to avoid giving bans unless you feel that they're necessary. Kicks should be used first.
  4. Even after any drama has been dealt with, please make sure to report it to an admin.
  5. Talk to the admins or the other chat mods, if you're not sure how to best deal with any drama.
  6. You are not exempt from the chat rules. You have to follow those too.
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