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Hi and welcome to my page!
About Me
Favorites Favorite Colors: silver, blue, gray, light purple Favorite Animal: cats, also horses Favorite Warriors Character: Minnowtail Favorite Hobbies: reading, writing, drawing, coding
About My Purrsona Pelt - white with tan flecks Eyes - silvery-blue
About My Family Brightsun (mom) Darksmoke (dad) Prickledusk (brother) Nightlily (sister) Meadowkit (younger sister)


Brightkit is a soft-white she-cat with thick, fluffy fur and pale silvery blue eyes. She has a long, tufty, and feathery tail and tufted ears. She also has tan and light-brown flecks scattered around her pelt. She has ash-brown paws, which are a slightly faded color. She is very small and thin (her fluff hides this though), and has small, round ears. She has bangs, which are pure white and only tipped very lightly with tan, and often described to be "cloud-like". Her bangs reach just above her left (your right) eye, covering part of one side of her face. It is just as soft but more poofy and swept to the side. She has short, but sharp, silver claws, and is often seen with something teal on her right (your left) ear.


Brightkit is shy and very quiet and awkward when you first meet her. She lacks trust in others, and absolutely despises being social. However, if she warms up to you enough, you start to see that she is feisty, talkative, sassy, and isn’t afraid to talk back. She can be pessimistic, and a perfectionist. She attempts to be bold and bright, and she generally tries to be as friendly as possible to everyone. She is secretive, elusive, and lashes out easily. Artistic and creative, she loves anything involving creation. She takes constructive criticism—or any criticism, for that matter—terribly. She takes it personally, and 99% of the time she is left with 0 confidence, which is very low already. She isn’t necessarily afraid of anyone—she just isn’t sociable. She gets laughs both intentionally and unintentionally. If she is upset, she slaps it in everyone’s face. And she is also very aware that it isn’t right. She has trouble controlling her anger, as you probably know, and she has a ridiculously short temper. (Anger issues. I won’t even go into detail on why I’m such a spoiled brat.)


She enjoys creative things. Her life is mostly bland, however, she can multitask well, which helps when she is doing homework and drawing at once, which you could consider a hobby.


  • Her favorite song (as of February 11th, 2021) is Castle by Halsey..
  • Her name comes from her personality and eye color.
  • She is being quarantined.
  • She is a Pisces.
  • Her only talent is singing.
  • She has 5 family members.
  • She is tired.


Compliments only, please.

Brightkit is awesome and kind and i love her fanfics

Brightkit is amazing! She’s so much fun to hang out with and a very good friend! ~Captain (Bright edit: Thank you, Cap!)

Bright is super fun to chat with! And a fellow Ferncloud lover!!! Ahh-Guess who! (Bright edit: I know it’s you, Clo. >:D Am I fun to chat with? I may or may not be obsessed with Ferncloud to a slightly concerning level......)

Bright is super sweet and a great artist, and a very fun, bubbly person to be around. <3 -Moons (Bright edit: I think that my art is rubbish but oh well..... :P I am boring. Period.)

Brightkit is a really awesome person! She is so kind and sweet ^^! ~Goldenpaw

Minnowkit is a very bright, fun, and bubbly person! ~ Coldheart

Minnowkit is an amazing awesome person! Such an amazing part of the blog and a fabulous friendddd!!! <333 -Lilypaw (Foxi)



(Sorry to Moons and Turtle, I re-added you since my page was broken.)

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