Brightkit is a white and cream she-cat with pale blue eyes.She has soft, thick, and long fur and a dappled pelt. She has sharp ears and a round face and wide eyes.

In real life, she is working on publishing her horror manga I am Really Done. She is fluent in Japanese and likes to listen rather than talk. She has a nervous habit of flicking her tail and is most commonly known as LazyKat, Katt, Katana, Kathaniel... Her favorite part of BlogClan is the chat and she talks to everybody but she is shy so she prefers not to call other BlogClanners by their nicknames. She does not own any pets. She discovered Warriors through a friend and she is currently reading Lost Stars. She is an introvert and mostly keeps to herself. She was going to write an article but she got lazy and decided to wait a month...😅 The warrior she is most like is Hollyleaf. She would probably be more of a rule breaker though and the one ship she came up with involving herself is Bright Chips (Brightkit X Potato Chips)

Hobbies Edit

Her hobbies are writing, reading, singing, and dancing. She is more tomboy than girly but she does some girly things. She enjoys anything creative and loves to get her hands messy Well, she is your typical creative third grader and is not afraid to try new things.

Personality Edit

Bright is an INFP-T, and rather passive aggressive but shy, soft-spoken, and quiet, and rarely speaks her mind. She’s very honest or at least tries to be, and a perfectionist. However, if you get to know her she’s loud, sassy and bold. She greatly dislikes talking in public, and is curious but nervous and not so confiden. She’s snarky if you really get to know her, and short-tempered. She’s an adventurer and has a very vivid imaginatio. Because of that, she’s quite quick to flee, but she is brave if it means for her friends.

Ships Edit

Bright briber (Brightspark X Justin beiber)

Brighthei (Brightkit X Abe Ryohei 😛)

Bright Chips (You Know That One Already)

Berncloud (Brightkit X Ferncloud)

Feel free to add more! I will greatly appreciate absurd ships 😛

Compliments Edit

just add whatever you think about me

Brightkit is awesome and kind and i love her fanfics

Brightkit is amazing! She’s so much fun to hang out with and a very good friend! ~Captain

Trivia Edit

  • Brightkit’s real life appearance is a very short pale-skinned girl with one blue, one dark brown eye and semi-long black hair that falls to her shoulders. She sometimes wears glasses.
  • Her blood type is O
  • She owns a collection of over 3000 pieces of Warriors merch
  • She has been reading the series for 2 months and a year now
  • She has a large family but Willowpetal (mom), Darkfrost (dad) and Greenkit (baby sister) are the only ones that are even relatively close so she chose not to add her entire family.
  • She sometimes comes up with THE most ridiculous Warriors theories (Ex. What if the imposter is Stormfur? (Yes I know he has amber eyes but there is more on that and I like Stormfur))
  • She wrote a BlogFic, Little Lilies, a while ago but somehow lost it
  • She has acrophobia
  • She prefers exercising rather than learning
  • She does not hate dresses, makeup and such but she is a tomboy and will not wear them without brutal force.
  • She considers herself to have extremely good luck
  • She is/was a model but sorta quit because being a model was way too hard for her
  • She is currently working on her second manga, “あなたと一緒に行こうよ”.
  • She has a great fear of rings, specifically the ones used for gymnastics
  • She loves coding but hates to learn it


Alright just feel free to add yourself

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