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Other Names Briarpaw, Briarcloud, Briar Weaving Beneath Clouds, Bri, Bestie Bri
Relatives N/A
Affiliation BlogClan, CheckerClan
Biographical information
Mentor Fallowheart
Apprentice N/A
Rank Apprentice
Physical description
Gender She-cat
Breed Egyptian Mau and American Shorthair mix if you had to say
Fur Color Light brown with white markings
Eye Color Pale green

Briarpaw is a small light brown tabby she-cat with white markings and pale green eyes.

On the Blog

Briarpaw joined BlogClan on November 8th, 2020. She has five articles published so far: Analyzing and Defending Leafpool and Crowfeather's Relationship, Defending Dovewing, My Opinion on Hollyleaf, Why I Hate Firestar x Spottedleaf, and Why I Hate and How I Would Rewrite Leafpool's Wish, all under the name of Briarshine.

Briarpaw can be seen in almost every page. She's won one name, Temperedsky, in the NTA. She submitted a name "Brittlesnap" in the same round and she loves the name. Brittlesnap Brittlesnap Brittlesnap

She had been looking for a mentor, and Fallowheart offered to be her mentor sometime in March!


Nobody will be able to pinpoint her personality, 'cause it's weird.

In real life, she's a sarcastic, friendly person who has several close friends. She's rather different from the others, but she likes it. Briarpaw likes sports and is a bright and bubbly person. She often criticizes life and likes talking to herself. Buuut if anyone else says negatively about life she'll immediately spring up to say Noo we should appreciate life!!

On the Blog, however, she turns more kinder and lovelier than usual. Her opinions are fairly unpopular so she often portrays herself as rude and unlikable. But I promise you she's nice. She wants to appear as cool and funny and approachable and it's her dream to be popular.

She's really chatty in both real life and internet life, and she loves to make friends. Her voice changes when she's called by the teacher. It gets very high, and she says extremely politely, "Um, yes?"


Do you think I have quotes?

We live life by mistake, and live eighty years or more or less. To fill the time, we try our best and work hard to be happy in that time. But because we are too intent on trying for more, we have no time to actually be happy. -Briarpaw anytime she falls moody

Oh, my god. Honestly? -You can probably hear this if you stalk her

Just because I'm not good doesn't mean others aren't.



Add yourself, if you want to! If you want to consider yourself as my friend I will, too! Wha

Ivyheart! Yes yes I added it she's my real life friend the only one who accepted her warrior name

There were Daisymuzzle and Swiftdust too

Moons <3




Willowsong (Willa)



Whirlyyy (Whirlpaw)

Silverblood, formerly Loneheart/Twilightrose

Hollyfrost loves mha (holly)

Dazzlepaw/Daze :3

Willowpaw/fur :)

falling feather!! :D



Flamieee (( Flamewhisker ))


Sunny Cat 🐱


Tricklepaw ♡

eggsnekk :D






Whatever you want to say about me. You can say "I think Briarpaw is very obnoxious" and I'll take that... as a review. <insert name here> I'll track you down though mwahaha

Bri is very passionate about everything, which is awesome. It shows you she really pays attention and cares. She is always honest, and she doesn't lie to sound nicer. She is dedicated to BlogClan and tries to make it a funner (is that even a word?) place for everyone! :) ~Willa (Bri edit: Aww thanks Willa!)

HIIIII BRI it’s JuJu here! Bri is the best apprentice a mentor can ask for. She is kind, caring, and you know puts up with me :P She takes the time to read and comment on every chapter of my fanfics, writes some pretty freaking amazing fanfics herself (y’all should go read her fanfic like RIGHT NOW because it’s soooo good. Seriously. Go read it. If you don’t I will track you down and read it to you myself) She is probably my best friend on the blog, and I love our multi-paragraph conversations we have almost every day <3 I’m so happy that I randomly chose her to be my apprentice because she’s seriously the best. Ily Bri!!! <333 ~JuJu (Bri edit: Like I totally remember the day you were like "Briarpaw will you be my apprentice"! ilyt JuJu like you're the b-e-s-t. ><)

Bri says her unpopular opinions make her rude, but I do not <333 I've always admired her bravery in not giving up those beliefs, and I love a person that makes others think for themselves-Silverblood, formerly Loneheart/Twilightrose (Bri edit: Aww do you? Thanks for the compliment! Ooooh your name by the way XD)

Briar seems like a great person and the Blog is very lucky to have her! ~Daze :3 (Ty Daze! I think you're a great person too!)

I love Bri, she's amazing! I love how she always stands up for what she thinks, and even if she may seem rude in doing that she's actually a very kind & sweet person(and this is coming from a person who can get very argumentative and defensive over certain things too). Love you <3 - Stormi (Bri edit: Thank youuu Stormi!! Hehe I do seem rude don't I! Anyways you're amazing and I'm heck glad you're on the Blog! Ily XD)

Bri is awesome! She's honest, clever, loyal, and kindhearted, and she's also a really talented writer, and comes up with great headcanons. Bri is a great person to talk with and the Blog is lucky to have her. ~Pinestripe (Bri - Aww thanks Pine! You're a great person to talk with and I'm so happy you're on the Blog!)

I like Bri. She has a very interesting personality in my opinion. I wish I can be confident and social like her. I can relate to her a lot because she is Korean like me. I think she is the only Korean blogclanner I know. We have similar taste in characters only some that are different. Hey [Redacted(Real name)]! Why are you in my room! I am not doing anything! Well, see you I have to hide from my nosy little brother. (Bri - Aw thanks for saying I'm confident and social! Hmm I think there was some page back in the Warriors Name thing? About somebody being Korean. That was nearly a year ago XD)

- Fawnleg

Bri is cool, social, clever, polite, sarcastic (in a good way!), funny, talented, friendly, confident, and a bunch of other awesome things. Bri is also kind, and makes sure everyone feels included, especially by commenting on articles, and politely stating her opinions about them. Bri is also a great debater! Have I mentioned how awesome she is? Hmm, I think I have, all right, moving on to her amazing creative names (Swiftdust!!) and her wonderful fanfictions (she's a really talented writer!), and I can't forget her great coding ability, all her pages are so beautiful! (Love the colors!) ~Mounty

Fan Fictions

Briarpaw is currently writing

  • The Bird's Fall

It can be found in Wattpad,, and the BlogClan Wiki. If any other copies are found, although they wouldn't be, on other sites, please report.

  • You Are My Everything (Fawnleg question: Did you got the title from the song in korean that has the lyrics You are my everything?)(Well, yes, I suppose? It wasn't directly from it but I did get some inspiration from it.)

You Are My Everything is a fanfic about Jake x Nutmeg by Briarpaw. It can be found on the BlogClan Wiki. If any other copies are found, please report.

  • Willowshine x Kestrelflight: Up In The Stars

Willowshine x Kestrelflight: Up In The Stars is a Willowshine x Kestrelflight fanfic by Briarpaw. It can be found on the BlogClan Wiki. If any other copies are found, please report.

  • Death Behind Feathers: An Evil Feathertail AU

Death Behind Feathers: An Evil Feathertail AU is an evil Feathertail AU by Briarpaw for Faithpaw's challenge. It can be found on the BlogClan Wiki. If any other copies are found, please report.

Warriors Preferences


  • Leafpool
  • Firestar
  • Graystripe
  • Sandstorm
  • Gray Wing
  • Sorreltail
  • Foxleap
  • Cinderpelt
  • Willowshine
  • Firestar x Sandstorm
  • Leafpool x Crowfeather
  • Dovewing x Foxleap
  • Jayfeather x Briarlight
  • Gray Wing x Turtle Tail x Slate
  • Graystripe x Silverstream x Millie
  • Brackenfur x Sorreltail
  • Ferncloud x Dustpelt


  • Jayfeather
  • Hollyleaf
  • Ashfur
  • Spottedleaf
  • Breezepelt and Nightcloud
  • Rainflower
  • Palebird (Palebird x Woollytail)
  • Needletail
  • Firestar x Spottedleaf
  • Tigerstar x Sasha
  • Dovewing x Bumblestripe
  • Squirrelflight x Bramblestar

She defends...

  • Leafpool and CrowLeaf
  • Firestar and occasional FireSand haters
  • Mapleshade's victims
  • GrayMillie and Millie
  • Bluestar and Moonflower
  • Dovewing
  • Lionblaze and queens


  • Brindleface and Redtail are Ferncloud and Ashfur's parents, with Sandstorm being the first litter.
  • Darkstripe is Willowpelt's son, with father unknown, and Graystripe's father is Whitestorm.
  • Webfoot and Whitetail and siblings.
  • Heathertail, Harestar, and Kestrelflight are littermates and their parents are Onestar and Whitetail.
  • Molepaw was Firestar's apprentice, and Firestar and Sandstorm trained Molepaw and Honeypaw together.
  • Briarlight liked Jayfeather romantically, and Toadstep liked Ivypool romantically.
  • Rosepetal had a crush on Foxleap, and Foxleap liked Dovewing.
  • Mistyfoot and Blackclaw were mates at a point. But when Mistyfoot's half-Clan heritage was revealed, Blackclaw left her, because he was a pureblood-lover or maybe because he wanted to protect Primrosepaw, Pikepaw, and Reedpaw.
  • Perchpaw, Appledusk's apprentice, was Shellheart's father.
  • Rainflower and Hailstar are littermates, and that was why Hailstar agreed to rename Stormkit.
  • Tallstar, Bluestar, and Yellowfang thought of Firestar as a son they never had, or able to keep. *Insert sob here*
  • Birchfall = silver, Tawnypelt = tawny
  • Graypool tells Bluestar stories of Mistystar and Stonefur growing up in StarClan.
  • Feathertail and Leafpool, and Silverstream and Millie are close friends in StarClan.


  • Briarpaw loves Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, HTTYD, BSC, Warriors, and many more.
  • She's a contradicting, weird person. (You know, likes and hates school at once?)
  • She's an Asian.
  • Briarpaw likes a lot of ships and characters, like Yellowfang, Dustpelt, Ferncloud, and Briarlight.
  • Her warrior name was taken account of many people. Finally, she decided on Briarcloud. The possible names were Briarshine(This was how she submitted her many, cringy articles), Briarwing(Her friends told her it was ridiculous and she was rather heartbroken), Briarfern, Briarfrost, and Briarcloud.
  • Her Tribe name was generated by Viperfrost, after she'd asked BlogClanners for suggestions. The names were all great.
  • She's a Ravenclaw and a Horned Serpent, and her patronus is a sparrow. Her wand is made of alder wood and a dragon heartstring core, 9 ¾" and slightly stringy flexibility.
  • She takes piano, violin, basketball, and coding lessons! Extra lessons from Coldie.
  • Briarpaw is an INFP-T. (Sometimes INTP)
  • You can find her on Wattpad as Leaf, as Splashy Splash, BlogClan Wiki as Raining Lily, and on BlogClan as Briarpaw.
  • Her prefix considerations were Cherry, Seed, Sorrel, Rain, Leaf, Splash, and Dawn.
  • The Warriors website says she's most like Graystripe.
  • Her birthday is May 23th.
  • Former page.


Feel free to add drawings of me!

~ Coding by Coldie!~ -Edited by Briarpaw-