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Birchfoot is a long-furred black cat with bright blue eyes, a long tail, and a white leg. They've been on the blog for over 6 years (they joined August 2015). they became a warrior on June 16th, 2016, and on February 4th, 2017, they became a Senior Warrior.

They became the Medicine Cat Apprentice after the 2017 BlogClan elections and a moderator in early 2019.


Birchfoot is rather shy and quiet around people they don't know; however, once they're with their friends they becomes a lot louder, and much more annoying. They value their friends a lot, and tries to be there for them when they can. They are fairly creative and loves to draw, write, and act. They're also very sarcastic in real life and frequently ramble about anything that comes to mind.

They also procrastinate everything, and because of that, ends up getting close to nothing done most days.

They love to talk about fandoms, whether it's to gush about a book/TV show/whatever they absolutely love, or to criticize/discuss certain problems with them.


These are old and I'm too lazy to fix all the pronouns. I still appreciate the sentiments <3

Turtlepaw Edit: Birchy, I’m fixing the pronouns. Hope that’s alright. <3

Yes that's totally fine and very kind of you <3

Birchy is an amazing person and friend, and I'm so lucky to know them. They have always been incredibly supportive, reliable, patient, empathetic, funny, I could go on for hours. <3 -Goldi

They’re super supportive and funny and I love every single thing about them <3 I could name all the little things they do that I find amazing and make me love them more but it would be a super long list. Still, Birchy is one of the most amazing people I know! -Flo

Birchfoot is really kind and always willing to listen and give advice. They’re great and kind and funny and - I could go on and on! -Snowy

Their wifey's amazing sparkly friend Lau is a Mary Sue!!!! Birchy is sooooo great and soooooo fabulous and they’d like to say that Laumas is the best ship EVAHHHHHHHH

“Birchy is super nice and kind and helpful!”~Turtlepaw/ dapple.

Birchfoot is supportive, and always interesting to talk to! There's never a dull moment with them around, I can tell you that much!-Rosette

Birchy is really nice, supportive and smart! They know a lot about history and i love thattttttt!!! I also want to thank them for being an awesome mod :DD -Foxii

On The Blog/Wiki

They joined the Blog on August 5th, 2015 as an apprentice, becoming a warrior in early 2016. As of September 1st, 2016, Gladepaw became their apprentice, but because they were removed from the Allegiances in December, Gladey was no longer listed as their apprentice when they were added on again. However, in April or March of 2017, Gladey returned and is listed as their apprentice once again.

As of July 2017, they became the Medicine Cat Apprentice, which meant that when the Allegiances were updated, they no longer mentored Gladey.

They went through a period of relative inactivity, where they lurked on the live chats and sometimes the discord, but refrained from commenting as frequently. If you scroll back through 2017-2018, you'll find the occasional posts by them, usually on the tavern, Hug Page, or some of the discussion pages. They're incredibly inactive on the wiki, but then again they've always been inactive on the wiki.

On the blog they just go by Birchfoot, but also has gone by: Mrs Frizzle, Siriusly Birch Lupin, I Love Bagged Milk, Birchy, Birch, Birchbee, Bir, Footy, FOOTY!!!!!!!!!!, Foot, Beety, Birchduck, Birch tht towers over cat!!, Birch tht towers over bagged milk, and many more names.

They consider themself to be friends with pretty much everyone on BlogClan.

In late January of 2017, Birchfoot started running for Senior Warrior and was made a Senior Warrior in February of 2017.

They joined the wiki on December 23, 2015, which is also their birthday. They lurked frequently on wiki chat and sometimes frequented the RPs.

(They've since become inactive on all of them, but if anyone is curious here's the list of their characters:)

Harry Potter RP

  • Birch - Hufflepuff, 5th year
  • Rain - Hufflepuff, 1st year
  • Lake - Ravenclaw, 1st year
  • Hawk - Slytherin, 1st year
  • Dot - Ravenclaw, 3rd year
  • Eclipse - Ravenclaw, 6th year

Icy's Kingdom RP

  • Lynx - Star Kingdom, Captain
  • Fox - Rose Kingdom, Princess
  • Jasmine - Rose Kingdom, Handmaiden to Fox
  • Lavender - Star Kingdom, Lady/Council Member
  • Cyclone - Rose Kingdom, Handmaiden to Amaryllis
  • Olive - Rose kingdom, Handmaiden to Rosalina
  • Jasper - Star Kingdom, Guard
  • Peridot - Star Kingdom, Servant
  • Seashell - Rose Kingdom, Lord/Council Member
  • Regulus - Star Kingdom (will join TC), Servant
  • Remus - Star Kingdom, Servant
  • Sirius - Star Kingdom, Servant
  • Ram - Sand Kingdom, Servant
  • Charybdis - Tide Kingdom, Princess
  • Scylla - Tide Kingdom, Handmaiden to Charybdis
  • Isla - Tide Kingdom, Guard

Wavey's BlogClan Academy RP

  • Zephyr/Breezeheart - RiverClan, Fourth Year
  • Phoenix/Hawktalon - WindClan, Sixth Year

Flame's Steven Universe RP

  • Turquoise - Crystal Gem
  • Topaz - Homeworld Gem
  • Tanzanite - Crystal Gem

Wavey's Percy Jackson RP

  • Alicia - Camp Half-Blood, Aphrodite's daughter
  • Tara - Camp Half-Blood, Apollo's daughter
  • Violet - Camp Half-Blood, Hades's daughter
  • Ben - Camp Half-Blood, Athena's son

Steppy's Anarchy RP

  • Doetail - FlameClan, Rebel

They would also like to take a minute to apologize to every single RP in which they made dozens of characters and then forgot to actually, like, be active on the RP.


Birch ref.png

(Art by Kat <3)


  • They love to draw and they're left handed!
  • They were once often shipped with Flowerstream and Sunny (Flirchy)
  • They love to read, listen to musicals, watch movies and TV shows and play games such as:
    • Percy Jackson, Magnus Chase, Wings of Fire, the Hunger Games, etc etc etc
    • Pride and Prejudice, Shakespeare plays, the Iliad/Odyssey, and a few other texts most people get forced to read in school
    • Avatar: The Last Airbender/the Legend of Korra/the Dragon Prince, Gravity Falls, 2018 She-Ra, the Owl House and probably more cartoons
    • Musicals like Anastasia, In the Heights, Come from Away, Phantom of the Opera, Little Shop of Horrors, Waitress, Sound of Music, etc etc etc
    • Dungeons and Dragons
    • Disney movies
    • Murdoch Mysteries, Elementary, Father Brown etc - all mystery shows
  • Their birthday is December 23 (same day they joined the wiki)
  • They're Canadian
  • They're an INFP
  • The coding on this page was done by Wollow (thanks, Wollow)
  • They're also very grateful for the art that everyone has drawn! It's all amazing :)