Applewood is a dark maroon tom with dark brown streaks running down his back. His fur is shaggy and has black and gray paws. He can also be considered a red tortoisehell Persian.


Applewood is a hyper, kind, and hard-working cat that just can't resist the sheer power of fighting his littermates! He can also have a very sharp tongue and can get very aggressive when people get on his nerves. He is also very bored and can get random a lot of the time. He is also known to be funny.

On The Blog Edit

Applewood has been on BlogClan ever since around October 5, but he still feels like he has been on for over a year. So how he got here is the question. Well he was just randomly looking around on the interwebs, and pop, out of no where, Applewood just clicked on "BlogClan." It took him a minute to look around the captivating website. He watched in awe as he saw hundred of Warrior fans in one spot. Wow! Without hesitating he started to comment. These days, Applewood hasn't been so active, only going on once or twice a week, for he is too busy. On BlogClan he like commenting on the Tavern, Name The Apprentice, Polls, and Name Generators.

Trivia Edit

- Fried Chicken!

- Likes judging houses

- Hates CTSC

- Likes vintage things/antiques

- Hiking is the best!

- Considers himself "cat expertise"

- Likes nature